New Navarro Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Ikon - Pick A Side {Remix) ft. Navarro, Nick Astro & MFnMelo [Stream]

With so many quality emcees on Ikon‘s latest release it might be hard to Pick A Side. For his latest single, both a remix and DJBooth exclusive world premiere, the rapper/producer taps a few of his Chi-town brethren for... Read More


Scheme - The Dive [Stream & Download]

It’s been a minute since Windy City rhymesayer Scheme last blessed our eardrums with a solo feature; the reader-acclaimed Uneven Score hit the Booth in April. But, you know what? I can’t really blame him for... Read More


Na$im Williams ft. Scheme, Sulaiman & Doc - 61 Lilies [Stream]

If you celebrated the Fourth of July with a long day of drinking for America, you might be a little, uh, under the weather today. Still, for true hip-hop heads, the hunger for new music never stops. While you might not be in... Read More


Scheme - Uneven Score [Stream & Download]

As any aspiring emcee can tell you, the game is basically rigged. Often, the odds of getting noticed are stacked against you, favoring those who are backed by record labels and willing to take short cuts. Thankfully, there... Read More


Scheme - Grown Man Smoke [Stream & Download]

Grab your finest cigar and a glass of your best Scotch whiskey because Windy City rapper Scheme is heavily on his grown man tip on his latest single, Grown Man Smoke. Scheme puts one in the air and toasts to lesson’s... Read More


Closed Sessions ft. Alex Wiley & Scheme - Game Face [Stream & Download]

With the release of RubyHornet‘s next Closed Sessions LP just around the corner, Chicago emcee Scheme and Booth newcomer Alex Wiley are helping listeners get pumped up for the project with new single Game Face. Here,... Read More


Win Free Tickets to Reebok’s “We R Chi Shoecase” [Booth-Exclusive Giveaway] [Feature ]

Chicago, Ill. --This Sunday, February 26, Reebok will be presenting a star-studded showcase at Chi-town venue Reggie's. Hosted by Hustle SImmons, the vening will feature performances by Rockie Fresh, the LEP Bogus Boys,... Read More


Scheme - Life That I Chose EP [Album]

Some choose a life of comfort, other a life of crime. Some choose a life of shallow materialism, others a life of purpose. Chicago emcee Scheme has chosen a life of hip-hop and he chronicles the struggles and triumphs of his... Read More


Scheme ft. Astonish - Life That I Chose [Stream & Download]

Just how much does Scheme love his job? Since “a whole lot” doesn’t seem to do the answer justice, I’ll let y’all hear it from the man himself; on Life that I Chose, the title track and final... Read More


Scheme - One Helluva Night [Stream & Download]

Yesterday PM, I stayed in and caught up on my TV viewing. Scheme, on the other hand, had One Helluva Night. On his latest EP leak, the Chi-town emcee laces project collaborator Slot-A‘s head-noddably smooth production... Read More


Scheme ft. Astonish - Hello (What Up) [Stream]

Though Scheme‘s last feature saw him rolling Solitaire, the emcee is by no means immune to the charms of a fly female; on new single Hello (What Up), a smooth, sampled beat by project collaborator Slot-A sets the mood... Read More


Neak ft. Scheme x Sincerely Yours x Slot-A - Snotty Noze [Stream & Download]

Nothing says “ill” like a Snotty Noze. On his latest promo single, Chi-town fave (and freestyle series alum) Neak enlists fellow Windy City representatives Scheme, Sincerely Yours and Slot-A to drop bars so sick... Read More


Scheme - Solitaire [Stream & Download]

If you’re a DJBooth regular, Scheme is a most likely familiar name to you; the Freestyle Series alum has proven to his listeners that he has something to offer (just check the Booth-approved Theme Music). If this is your... Read More


SxStPatricksDay [Wiz Khalifa Live At Fader Fort] [Feature ]

You know that feeling when your stomach is churning and you realize you're extremely hungry yet aren't even motivated to get up? Oh, wait, that's called a hangover right? Well bad decisions run amuck in these Austin skreets... Read More


Closed Sessions ft. Fashawn, Buff1, Scheme - Theme Music [Stream]

Chicago based record company Closed Sessions, whose forthcoming LP and accompanying documentary are set for release on March 15, has released the DJ Babu-produced single Theme Music.  Featuring verses from Booth regulars... Read More


Scheme - A Pleasure Spittin’ [Stream & Download]

The 177th entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Scheme, the Chi-town native who brought us Broke back in early April. On his brand new, previously-unreleased A Pleasure Spittin’ freestyle , the... Read More


Scheme Spits “A Pleasure Spittin’” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Scheme, the Chi-town native who brought us "Broke" back in early April, has stepped into the Booth with the 177th entry in our Freestyle Series. On his brand new, previously-unreleased "A... Read More


Scheme - Broke [Stream]

Some up-and-coming emcees skirt around the topic of their bank accounts, while others flat-out lie about their finances (or lack thereof). Booth newcomer Scheme, however, is not ashamed to admit that he knows exactly how it... Read More