New Sean Brown Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Sean Brown - 3SIXTEEN [Stream]

Rapper and producer Sean Brown has released the Brilliance-produced record, 3SIXTEEN, one of three new songs that appear on his Lucid Dreams In the Summer EP, available now for digital purchase at iTunes. This is... Read More


Sean Brown - Solitude (Interlude) [Stream]

Last heard Rollin through the clouds, Sean Brown returns to our pages in search of a little Solitude in this Interlude off of his upcoming project. Joey Castellani mans the boards for this banger, which is really two combined... Read More


Sean Brown - Rollin [Stream & Download]

Gather up whatever stash you may have in your possession, and proceed to Rollin with Sean Brown. Following up on last month’s JD Era-assisted Probably Don’t Know remix, the Booth fave’s latest Eric... Read More


Sean Brown ft. JD Era - Probably Don’t Know (Remix) [Stream & Download]

At the top of January, Los Angeles rhymesayer Sean Brown let listeners in on a few little-publicized factoids about himself on Probably Don’t Know, a bold and arrogant promo single that won positive reviews from our... Read More


Sean Brown - Probably Don’t Know [Stream & Download]

There’s always much more to an artist than they channel into their music. For example, you Probably Don’t Know that Sean Brown has MJ’s blood flowing through his veins. That’s just one of many... Read More


Sean Brown - Mascot 2 [Album]

Earlier this year, March to be exact, Sean Brown released Mascot, a 17-track free digital album. Now, seven months later, the Alumni Music Group emcee and producer has returned with the sequel. Included on Mascot 2, a body... Read More


Kris Flava ft. Sadat X, Mo The General, Richard Osborne, Norma Dean & Sean Brown - Prodigies (Remix) [Stream]

In late September, English beatsmith Kris Flava earned reader approval for Prodigies, a HaLo-assisted single that borrowed its hook from Brand Nubian’s 1990s classic, Punks Jump up to Get Beat Down. Looks like... Read More


Sean Brown ft. Futuristic - Going Through It [Stream]

Sean Brown‘s been Going Through It lately—and by “it,” I mean a frustrating cocktail of professional, social, romantic and financial strife. Rather than visiting a therapist (He is broke, after all.), he decided... Read More


Sean Brown ft. Math Allen - Wait Till We Get Home [Stream]

Later this month, reader fave and freestyle series alumnus Sean Brown is set to unleash the sequel to March street album Mascot. Our first taste of the forthcoming project comes in the form of lead single Wait Till We Get... Read More


Sean Brown - What a Feeling [Stream]

There are few things more wonderful than losing yourself in a skilled emcee’s bars. Today, you’ll be able to have that experience while listening to Sean Brown wax poetic about some of life’s other keenest... Read More


Sean Brown ft. Dave East - Nothing New [Stream]

Given Sean Brown‘s old-school sensibilities and values, there’s an element of truth in the title of his latest promo single, Nothing New. From another perspective, though, it’s dead wrong; when quality... Read More


Sean Brown - Cold Nights [Stream]

Sean Brown‘s last feature, Booth-exclusive freestyle The Top, showcased the emcee at his most bombastic and self-assured. On this newly-released loosie, we get to see the flip side of that Olympian self-confidence. Cold... Read More


Sean Brown - The Top [Stream]

Oft imitated but never equaled, the DJBooth Freestyle Series ran from February 2009 through June 2011. Its 250 total entries were the work of a veritable who’s-who of underground and emerging emcees, including rising... Read More


Sean Brown - Temporary [Stream & Download]

On a loosie featured last week, Alumni Music Group rhymesayer Sean Brown told us that he was a “King with No Castles.” But listeners shouldn’t get it twisted: despite his status as hip-hop royalty, the Los Angeles... Read More


Sean Brown ft. Mark Battles - King No Castles [Stream & Download]

Sean Brown may not reside in the palace of Versailles, but don’t get it twisted; the Los Angeles rhymesayer is hip-hop royalty. As he puts it on his latest promotional single, “I’m a King with No Castles.”... Read More


Sean Brown - Hop The Fence [Stream & Download]

As a kid, a fence meant something to jump over that made me look really cool in the process. On the flip side, emcee and producer Sean Brown is about to hop one out of necessity. On Hop The Fence, the Los Angeles artist is... Read More


KaliRaps x Rookie Cartrite ft. Sean Brown - Pray for Em [Stream]

Most rappers deal with their foes in one of two ways: either they lash out in anger, or ignore them entirely. KaliRaps takes a different route; on his latest single, he kneels down and asks the Lord to have mercy on them,... Read More


Sean Brown - Mascot [Album]

Rising emcee and producer Sean Brown has unleashed his latest collection of original material, the Mascot mixtape. The project packs 17 original jams from the Golden State up-and-comer, including reader-approved singles... Read More


Sean Brown ft. Gerald Walker & Mann - Good Ol Days [Stream & Download]

Sean Brown‘s previous features, Letter to God, Morning Sun and 100 Thousand, found the Golden State emcee offering a brutally honest account of his struggles in the personal, professional, spiritual and economic arenas.... Read More


Sean Brown - 100 Thousand [Stream]

Last we heard from Sean Brown, he was reflecting candidly on his personal and professional struggles on September’s reader-approved Morning Sun. Today, the Alumni Music Group signee returns with another serving of real... Read More


Sean Brown - Morning Sun [Stream]

On his debut DJBooth feature, October 2012’s Letter to God, Golden State emcee/producer Sean Brown prayed for the strength to stay away from the strip club and the power to spread positivity through his rhymes. While... Read More


Sean Brown - Whole Foods 2 [Album]

Buzzmaking emcee/producer Sean Brown is preparing to unleash his latest street album, Whole Foods 2. Coming on the heels of 2012 mixtapes The High End Theory and Whole Foods, the set packs a total of 14 original jams from... Read More


Sean Brown - Letter To God [Stream]

As an artist who’s found himself hoping to “inspire the world with his words,” Southern California spitter Sean Brown has quite the noble task in front of him.  With his candid debut, Letter To God,... Read More