New Sean Falyon Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


El Prez - Society ft. Sean Falyon [Stream]

It’s been nearly a year since El Prez was last featured in the Booth, but the Inglewood rhymesayer has joined forces again with his PrezSport running mate, beatsmith Jansport J, for a freshly-minted record off of the... Read More


Jack Freeman ft. Sean Falyon & Damon Harris - Spotless Mind [Stream]

2004 Spike Jonze drama Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind envisions an alternate present in which individuals grieving a breakup can choose to have their brains scrubbed of all memories related to their ex. Apparently... Read More


3 Shots With: The Bender (ft. Jean Grae, Jarren Benton, Wax & More) [Feature ]

RefinedHype started "3 Shots With" mostly so Nathan S. could drink with interesting people; mission accomplished. In Season One he had the pleasure of sitting down - and boozing - with Wax, Jarren Benton, Thurz, Justin Hunte... Read More


Sean Falyon - STAY UP [Stream & Download]

Given that this feature is going live in the afternoon, I have no idea why you’d already be contemplating hitting the hay. On the off chance you are considering turning in ultra-early (or live on the other side of the... Read More


Sean Falyon - December EP [Album]

Sean Falyon continues his quest to indeed be everywhere hip-hop lovers are with the release of his new EP, December. Coming on the heels of his recent free-release, SFBE III, December features eight tracks of bradn new,... Read More


Sean Falyon - SFBE III: Do Me No Favors (Free Re-Release) [Album]

Sean Falyon says he's everywhere, and it's true. You can't turn around in this game without running into the bearded emcee, and as proof of his tireless work ethic, Falyon's right back on his grind with the release of his new... Read More


Sean Falyon - Humble [Stream]

If you’re expecting Atlanta by way of Philly rapper Sean Falyon to hold back tears as he rattles down an extensive list of things he’s grateful for then you’re going to be in for quite the surprise on... Read More


Sean Falyon - Mouthful of Lies [Stream]

The higher you climb, the more powerful the enemies you attract. Still, Sean Falyon doesn’t pay his critics any mind. As the Philly rhymesayer puts it on his latest single, “They got a fist full of dollars and a... Read More


Sean Falyon ft. Shawn Chrystopher - We On [Stream & Download]

While Sean Falyon‘s last feature, Mouthful of Lies, polarized Booth readers, Sean Falyon hasn’t lost one iota of confidence. On his latest mixtape leak, the Philadelphia repper states with utter self-assurance,... Read More


Sean Falyon ft. Jason Caesar - Back Seat Oven [Stream]

I know what you’re thinking: “Back Seat Oven? That sounds incredibly f**king unsafe, not to mention uncomfortable.” Well, according to a Google search, there were people crazy enough to install a full-size oven in... Read More


Sean Falyon - Hold Up [Stream & Download]

Sean Falyon‘s stock may be rising, but you won’t ever catch him slippin’ or trippin’. On new single Hold Up, Grad A Muzik of Trap Goin’ Ham fame crafts a minimal, percussion-driven beat to back... Read More


Sean Falyon - SFBE Riot [Video]

Sean Falyon‘s everywhere, especially if there’s a Riot going down. For more from the heavily bearded emcee simply stay breathing and I guarantee he’ll be hitting a city near you soon. (Freestyle over 2... Read More


Sean Falyon - RIP (Rest in Paradise) [Stream & Download]

When reusing one of the most famous beats hip-hop has ever produced, a rapper must use extreme caution because people can easily take it as blatant biting or superior case of megalomania. However, sometimes such a historic... Read More


Sean Falyon ft. STS & Nikki Jean - The Fix [Stream & Download]

Been fiending for new music from Sean Falyon? You’re in luck—the Booth fave (and freestyle alum) has come together with fellow Philly/Atlanta dual representative STS (also a freestyle alum) to bring you The Fix.... Read More


Sean Falyon ft. Jackie Chain - Just Landed [Stream & Download]

Since his last Booth appearance, Sean Falyon‘s apparently been in outer-space, searching the vastest reaches of the galaxy for fresh musical inspiration. Today, the Philly repper returns, with out-of-this-world trunk... Read More


Sean Falyon ft. Rockwell Knuckles & Vandalyzm - Word Gets Around [Stream & Download]

Hey, did you hear about Sean Falyon‘s latest mixtape? Luckily for those who didn’t get the memo, the freestyle series alum’s making sure Word Gets Around by stepping into the Booth with a newly-leaked bonus... Read More


GhostWridah x STS x Sean Falyon - Future Presidents [Stream & Download]

What’s changed in the game since ‘96, when an enterprising young emcee by the name of Shawn Carter announced (in the words of his Big Apple neighbor, Nas), “I’m out for dead presidents to represent me.”?... Read More


Jon Hope ft. Sean Falyon - Bills [Freestyle] [Stream & Download]

As the industry continues to produce songs about clubbing, popping bottles and having your own G5 pilot, Jon Hope brings us back to reality with his new freestyle, Bills. With the help of Philly rapper Sean Falyon and a... Read More


Sean Falyon - Fighting to S.O.S (Dear Philadelphia) [Stream]

Sean Falyon wasn’t kidding when he named his recent mixtape Be Everywhere; it seems like every time I turn around I’m hearing a new track from the epically bearded heavyweight emcee. In addition to a DJBooth freestyle and... Read More


Sean Falyon Spits “Falyon in the House” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Sean Falyon, the Philly-bred, Atlanta-based emcee last featured with Freddie Gibbs/BoneCrusher-assisted album leak "All I Know," has stepped into the Booth to bring us the 140th entry in our Read More


Sean Falyon - Falyon in the House [Stream & Download]

The 140th entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Sean Falyon, the Philly-bred, Atlanta-based emcee last featured with Freddie Gibbs/BoneCrusher-assisted album leak All I Know. On his brand new, exclusive... Read More


Sean Falyon ft. Freddie Gibbs & BoneCrusher - All I Know [Stream]

Movie soundtracks usually do a great job of matching a track to every scene. For example, Kanye’s music would be great for a scene where perfect 10 girls walk into the party, or Soulja Boy would be “you”-ing in the... Read More


Sean Falyon ft. Lloyd - Attention [Stream]

Sean Falyon’s trying to get America’s attention, and he’s succeeding. Falyon, an Atlanta-by-way-of-Philly rapper who sounds like a mix between Rick Ross’ voice and Jim Jones’ timing, but with his own sarcastic tone,... Read More


Sean Falyon ft. Playboy Tre & Scar - Wonderful Life [Stream]

Feeling a little down in the dumps? First-time featuree Sean Falyon‘s here to put things into perspective with the latest single off his forthcoming full-length. Wonderful Life finds the Philadelphia-bred, Atlanta-based... Read More