New Sean Price Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Songs in the Key of Death: Keeping Sean Price’s Legacy Alive [Feature ]

Sean Price would have slapped me for bullshitting, so I won't bullshit. I took Sean Price for granted while he was alive. Like any east coast '80s baby raised on underground hip-hop I had been listening to... Read More


Gangrene - Sheet Music ft. Havoc & Sean Price [Stream]

Gangrene, the duo of Oh No and The Alchemist, has released visuals, directed by Jason Goldwatch, for Sheet Music, a standout selection from their newly-released album, You Disgust Me. The record features Mobb Deep rep Havoc... Read More


Sean Price - Planet Apes [Stream]

Last week, the world lost Sean Price at the age of 43. While P is no longer with us, his music will live on forever. Joining an already impressive catalog later this month will be Songs In the Key of Price, a short 8-track... Read More


Mac Miller - Pet Sounds ft. Sean Price [Stream]

Mac Miller, fresh off the release of GOOD:AM lead single 100 Grandkids, has unveiled Pet Sounds, a Nottz-produced record that features the late Sean Price. The record was recorded shortly before he passed. Duckdown Records is... Read More


Sean Price, Rapper & Godfather of Giving No Fucks, Dead at 43 [Feature ]

P! Sean Price was found dead in his Brooklyn home this morning at the age of 43. While the cause of his death has yet to be confirmed, a statement released by his longtime label, Duck Down Records, reports that he... Read More


Statik Selektah - Top Tier ft. Sean Price, Bun B & Styles P [Stream]

Statik Selektah has worked with hundreds of artists over the course of his career. On the latest single off his forthcoming studio album, the renown producer, DJ and tastemaker recruits three familiar names, all of which... Read More


Black Milk ft. Sean Price & Guilty Simpson - Scum [Stream]

It’s very easy to greet every new Black Milk release with excitement, he has consistently suppressed our every expectation by being one of the most compelling creators despite criminal under-appreciation. It’s... Read More


Diabolic ft. Sean Price & Vinnie Paz - Game Time [Stream]

The lead single off Diabolic‘s next full-length, featured on our front page last week, found the indie phenom and fellow Long Island repper R.A. The Rugged Man demonstrating why the local cops know them as... Read More


Illa Ghee ft. Sean Price - Speak to ‘Em [Stream]

Though Illa Ghee has made appearances on Booth-approved joints by Boaz (Psycho Killa) and Sketch (Trouble Comin’), the Brooklyn veteran still doesn’t have a solo feature under his belt. Today, he makes his... Read More


Skyzoo x Torae ft. Sean Price & Guilty Simpson - All In Together [Stream]

Beef is entertaining, to be sure, but there are few things more beautiful than seeing two or more talented emcees check their egos long enough to go All In Together on a joint project. Skyzoo and Torae‘s forthcoming set... Read More


DJ Prince ft. Sean Price - Shottas [Stream]

If the Phantom of the Opera grew up in a Dancehall in the Bronx, right around when Kool Herc was throwing his famous house parties, his work would probably sound a lot like DJ Prince‘s latest release, Shottas. Borrowing... Read More


ONYX ft. A$AP Ferg & Sean Price - We Don’t F**king Care [Stream]

A few weeks back, ‘90s hip-hop icons Onyx grabbed the game by the shoulders and told it to Wakedfucup on the lead single and title track off their next studio album. We in The DJBooth hit the snooze button on that one,... Read More


Sean Price & M-Phazes - Land of the Crooks EP [Album]

Veteran B.K. emcee Sean Price and Australian beatsmith M-Phazes are now offering their new collaborative EP, Land of the Crooks, for full stream via The DJBooth.Available for purchase via iTunes, the project packs four... Read More


Willie The Kid ft. Sha Stimuli & Sean Price - Delirium [Stream]

Willie The Kid‘s latest feature may be titled “Delirium,” but it ain’t the Michigan emcee who’s afflicted with an acute confusional state; it’s the people foolish enough to stand in his way. As for... Read More


Sean Price & M-Phazes ft. Roc Marciano & DJ Devastate - Murdah Type Thinkin [Stream]

The most effective songs are the ones that have a vibe that influences you to think or feel a certain way. The latest collab from Sean Price and M-Phazes is one of those cuts. M-Phazes’ aggressive, unrelenting... Read More


Sean Price & M-Phazes - Dump in the Gut [Stream]

Later this month, NYC mic-murderer Sean Price and Australian beatsmith M-Phazes (both longtime Booth faves) will be taking listeners on a journey to the Land of the Crooks. As a foretaste of what you can expect on their debut... Read More


One Dae ft. Sean Price - Abu Ghraib [Stream]

Many rappers in the contemporary hip-hop game suffer from a chronic lack of bars, but One Dae‘s got more of ‘em than Abu Ghraib. If you don’t believe me, just take a listen to the latest single off his... Read More


Termanology ft. Sean Price & Lil Fame - I Rock Mics [Stream]

Termanology’s latest feature is entitled “I Rock Mics.” Also, the sky is blue and grass is green; tell us something we don’t already know, Term! While the Beantown native doesn’t need to say so,... Read More


Eddie B ft. Sean Price & Termanology - The Warning [Stream]

Considering stepping to NYC buzzmaker Eddie B.? Well, consider his debut DJBooth feature your Warning; it’s the last one you’ll get before he lyrically annihilates you. This freshly-minted mixtape single finds... Read More


Sean Price, Billy Danze & Maffew Ragazino ft. DJ Babu - Land of the Crooks [Stream]

More than 25 years after Jeru The Damaja dubbed his borough “Land of the Crooks” on classic single D. Original, Manhattan keeps on makin’ it, and Brooklyn keeps on takin’ it. (OK, I mixed my old-school... Read More


Boaz ft. Sean Price & Illa Ghee - Psycho Killa [Stream]

When it comes to this rap sh*t, Boaz is a Psycho Killa. Last glimpsed Gettin’ After That Money on a September 2012 LP inclusion, the Pittsburgh representative and Rostrum Records signee has returned to remind us just... Read More


Statik Selektah ft. Sean Price & Mac Miller - 21 & Over [Stream]

Hold up! This feature is restricted to listeners 21 & Over so, before you hit “play,” please hold a form of photo ID up to your webcam. Got it? OK, now step back a few paces so I can see your face. All right,... Read More


Sean Price - Bar-Barian [Stream]

When it comes to rocking the mic, Sean Price is a f**king warrior—a Bar-Barian, if you will. You can blame that terrible pun on the veteran emcee, who adopts the appellation on the latest single off his forthcoming solo... Read More


Bobby Capri ft. Sean Price - Tunnel Vision [Stream]

According to all-knowing source Wikipedia, Tunnel Vision is the loss of peripheral vision resulting in a small, circular field of vision, which makes it impossible to see anything but where you are immediately looking; it is... Read More


Mic Handz ft. Sean Price - Stay Givin It Up [Stream & Download]

Were you feeling Mic Handz’ style back in June, when he introduced himself with the Rock-assisted All I Know? Then smart money says you’re also going to dig his latest effort. Not only is Stay Givin’ It Up a... Read More


Sean Price - Genesis of the Omega [Stream]

When you’re kicking off an album as epic as Sean Price‘s latest set, a simple English title just doesn’t suffice. That’s why the Heltah Skeltah vet decided to go with the Greek-infused Genesis of the... Read More


Sean Price ft. Freddie Gibbs - Remember [Stream]

The sheer amount of new music that passes through my headphones on the daily means that, if you were to ask me in the evening which new records I’d listened to just hours ago, I’d be lucky if one or two specific... Read More


Sean Price ft. Pharoahe Monch - BBQ Sauce [Stream]

BBQ Sauce may typically be reserved for fall-off-the-bone ribs or succulent grilled chicken, but if New York City emcees Sean Price and Pharoahe Monch want to scatter it on their rhymes then we’re perfectly fine with... Read More


Sean Price - Mic Tyson [Album]

Emcee Sean Price has returned to the solo grind with junior album Mic Tyson, his first studio album since 2007's acclaimed Jesus Price Supastar. The set features 15 original cuts (plus three bonus tracks!) from the... Read More


JR&PH7 ft. Sean Price & Skyzoo - Until It’s All Said and Done [Stream]

Although production duo JR & PH7 hail from Germany and Denmark their latest cut Until It’s All Said And Done is further proof that the beatsmith duo have a firm grip on the pulse of American hip-hop. Until... Read More


La Coka Nostra ft. Sean Price - Electronic Funeral [Stream]

If you know La Coke Nostra you know what to expect from new standout selection Electronic Funeral; bubblegum raps so soft they make Justin Bieber sound like Tupac. Nah, I’m just f**king with you, once again the... Read More


Mike Beatz & Adonis ft. Guilty Simpson, Sean Price & Killah Trakz - I Love You [Stream]

Normally when a group of slightly intimidating rappers release a song titled I Love You I tend to get a little nervous. But despite it’s title something tells me that we’re in good hands with Mike Beatz and... Read More


AWKWORD ft. Sean Price, The Kid Daytona & The Incomparable Shakespeare - Bars & Hooks [Stream & Download]

If you tuned in for AWKWORD‘s first Booth feature, Doctor Doctor, you already know that the Big Apple repper’s all about his Bars & Hooks. On feature numero dos, the latest single off his forthcoming... Read More


AWKWORD Previews Video for New Single “Bars & Hooks” [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- In anticipation of the release of his "Bars & Hooks" mini-film, Big Apple emcee AWKWORD has released a behind-the-scenes slideshow featuring snapshots from its creation. Directed by Andre Ward (for Across... Read More


Gods’illa ft. Sean Price - Saviours & Punishers [Video]

Gods’Illa provide some gripping black and white visuals to accompany their contemplative banger Saviours & Punishers, bringing along the always hardcore Sean Price while they’re at it. Download Saviours &... Read More


Gods’Illa ft. Sean Price - Saviours & Punishers [Stream & Download]

I don’t want to say they saved the best for last, but the latest release off Gods’Illa‘s new project at the very least is on par with previous releases like You Don’t Have to Be a Star and Everybody.... Read More


The Academy ft. Royce 5’9”, Sean Price, K-Solo & Bronze Nazareth - Let’s Go [Stream]

If Samaryda, the inaugural leak off The Academy‘s forthcoming compilation album, wasn’t star-studded enough to get you amped for the project, then you’re a hard individual to please. Nonetheless, you may... Read More


Wu-Tang Clan ft. Ghostface Killah, Sean Price & Trife Diesel - Laced Cheeba [Stream]

Having earned rave Booth reviews for album leak 225 Rounds, the legendary Wu-Tang Clan return to ignite further anticipation for their sixth studio album with another fresh record. Thanks to the production work of Noah Rubin... Read More


Random Axe - The Hex [Video]

In the latest visuals from rap group Random Axe, the three MC’s take a little time out of their day to participate in some of their favorite hobbies: torture, murder, and some illegal gambling. The music video, which... Read More


Tone Spliff ft. Sean Price, Irealz & Baby Blak - Most Recognized [Stream]

Tone Spliff may be new to the Booth, but those who take a listen to the upstate N.Y. producer’s latest album leak won’t forget him anytime soon. Most Recognized is a smooth, self-produced Chipmunk-soul banger... Read More


Termanology ft. Sean Price & Ghetto - Another Level [Stream & Download]

On the latest leak off his forthcoming Cameo King II mixtape, Boston mainstay Termanology tells the game what his fans already know: he’s on Another Level, far above the competition. Producer ATG provides awn... Read More


Sean Price ft. Meyhem Lauren & Roc Marciano - How the Gods Chill (Remix) [Stream]

The new remix of the infamously dirty Sean Price’s current digital single, How the Gods Chill, transforms the original rock-ish track into a classic, east coast lyrical showcase. Producer Nick Woj creates a gritty, sampled... Read More


K. Sparks ft. Sean Price & Julius Francis - Keep Movin [Premiere] [Stream]

UPDATE: “Keep Movin’” is no longer available to stream.If K. Sparks weren’t already so busy, I think he could make some extra scratch teaching courses in time management and efficiency. As those... Read More


Statik Selektah ft. Lil Fame, Saigon & Sean Price - Critically Acclaimed [Stream]

Critics take note: Statik Selektah and his crew are prepared lay the smack down on anyone who dares award them less than an A+, 5-star, one-hundred-percent great review.  Fortunately for all who want to keep both their... Read More


Black Milk ft. Pharoahe Monch, Sean Price & DJ Premier - The Matrix [Stream]

Tronic is shaping up to be the sonic equivalent to what Tron was to video game nerds in the early 80’s.  On The Matrix, the second Booth-featured cut off the new album due out in stores on October 28, Black Milk morphs... Read More


XL ft. Sean Price - Credibility [Stream]

In today’s hip-hip industry, skill on the mic does not necessarily translate into success. While what you can do certainly factors into the makings of a career, who you are is equally important. 50 Cent wouldn’t be... Read More


Sean Price - Jesus Price Supastar [Album]

Sean Price only makes ignorant hip-hop, and he’ll break anyone in his way. Price’s new album Jesus Price Superstar is a fitting title for a man who might feel as if he’s been resurrected. Price, rapping under the name... Read Full Review