New Sean Rose Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Sean Rose - Violets Are Blue [Stream & Download]

Yesterday, Sin City buzzmaker Sean Rose unleashed his latest project, an EP consisting of two brand new records. One-half of the bite-sized street release, Violets Are Blue features the indie emcee delivering braggadocious... Read More


Sean Rose - Extraordinary [Stream]

Imagine spending the morning and afternoon smoking blunts while counting your money, heading out to drop some jaws at your local club in the evening and going home with a dime piece at the end of the night. Sounds like a... Read More


Sean Rose - Filthy [Stream]

Hip-hop lingo might be a little strange to those not down with the rap lexicon. Words like “sick,” “nasty” and “crack” might spell trouble to some, but those adjectives are all... Read More


Sean Rose - I Need You [Stream & Download]

“Like an addict need drugs, like a stripper need ones, like a church need nuns,” Sean Rose needs this hip-hop sh*t. Newly-released single I Need You, the Sin City representative’s first feature since July... Read More


Sean Rose - Apesh*t [Stream & Download]

From H.A.M. to Hard in the Paint, hip-hop has given us no shortage of ways to describe the feeling of truly losing your mind, but for his latest release Sean Rose cuts to the chase: simply put, he just needs you to go... Read More


Sean Rose - Can You Hear Me Now [Stream & Download]

Having invited fans to Feast [Their] Eyes on his last mixtape single, Sean Rose shifts his attention from sight to sound on follow-up Can You Hear Me Now. Here, Cam‘s low-key sample work sets the mood as the Sin City... Read More


Sean Rose - Feast Your Eyes [Stream & Download]

Whether you’re a fan or a hater, you’re formally invited to Feast Your Eyes on Sean Rose‘s freshness. The latest single off the Sin City representative’s forthcoming street release, the record finds... Read More


Trade Voorhees ft. Sean Rose - D [Stream & Download]

“D, motherf**ker, D! Learn to speak English first, all right?” On the first Booth feature from Trade Voorhees, a freshly-released standout off his latest mixtape, the up-and-coming rhymesayer takes inspiration... Read More


Sean Rose - Plenty of Love [Stream & Download]

If you’re among Sean Rose‘s supporters, you can rest assured that the feelings are mutual. On the latest single (and first video) off his DJBooth-sponsored street album, the Vegas repper shows Plenty of Love to... Read More


Sean Rose - OVERDRIVE [Album]

Las Vegas emcee Sean Rose has come together with The DJBooth and C’est La Vie to bring listeners his latest street release, the OVERDRIVE mixtape. The project features 14 original records from the up-and-coming... Read More


Sean Rose ft. Fastlane - Passport Music [Stream]

Whether Passport Music actually becomes the soundtrack to your global travels depends in large part on where you’re traveling to. For example, if you’re waiting in line to have your passport stamped in Uzbekistan, or just... Read More


Sean Rose ft. Shawnna & Aja - Tomorrow [Stream & Download]

On his last feature Sean Rose declared himself to be Fearless, but today he proves it on Tomorrow, making its world premiere right here, right now. After all, not many rappers would be brave, and confident, enough to jump on... Read More


Sean Rose - Fearless [Stream & Download]

Though many aspiring rappers are motivated by visions of a bright and Beautiful future, the ugly process of getting there tends to eliminate the faint of heart. Fortunately for Sean Rose, the Sin City repper has the... Read More


Sean Rose - Beautiful [Stream & Download]

Fresh off hooking up with Booth fave Gilbere Forte’ for collaborative EP SMMERTME.SUNSHNE.NGHTFALL, Sean Rose makes his return to the solo spotlight with a fresh promo single. The soulfully braggadocious Beautiful finds... Read More


Sean Rose & Gilbere Forte’ - Here We Go Again [Stream & Download]

“Here We Go Again” is typically an expression of exasperation, but don’t be deceived; the lead single off Sean Rose & Gilbere Forte’‘s forthcoming collaborative set is decidedly fresh. With... Read More


Sean Rose ft. Gilbere Forte’ - Downtown [Stream & Download]

Now that we’ve officially graduated from “jacket weather” to “coat weather” up here in Minne-ap (I know, the rest of you are still rocking tank tops, no need to rub it in), there’s always the temptation to... Read More