New Shane Eli Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


DJ Katch ft. Shane Eli - Up All Night [Stream]

Fresh off linking up with Izza Kizza on early July’s reader-approved Let Me In, Frankfurt, Germany’s DJ Katch bounces back with another party-ready promo single—this one featuring the guest flows of a certified... Read More


Shane Eli ft. Jason Caesar - Die Alone [Stream]

In his Pensées, the French philosopher Blaise Pascal wrote, “We are fools to depend upon the society of our fellow-men. ...[T]hey will not aid us; we shall Die Alone.” Following February’s Prelude to a Kill, the... Read More


Shane Eli - Prelude to a Kill [Stream]

With the kind of work Shane Eli‘s been producing, it’s only a matter of time before he gets on—that is, if his breakthrough comes before his equally imminent break down. On Prelude to a Kill, the first song... Read More


League of Extraordinary Gz x Shane Eli - The Plug EP [Album]

Austin supergroup The League of Extraordinary Gz and L.A. producer Shane Eli have joined forces for their new collaborative EP, The Plug. Over the course of eight tracks, The Plug features a wide range of instrumentals and... Read More


The League of Extraordinary Gz - Strange Things [Stream & Download]

Strange things are happening every day, for those with eyes to see them: police officers get away with murder, mind-expanding drugs carry hefty prison sentences while deadly poisons are available at the corner store, petty... Read More


The League of Extraordinary Gz - Hankuri [Stream & Download]

UPDATE: Click “Watch Video” for the brand new visuals to Hankuri. Mobile users can scroll down. It’s undeniable. Some songs are just “cooler than Freddie Jackson sippin’ a milkshake in a snow storm,”... Read More


Big Whiskey ft. Teknique, King Mez & Shane Eli - Black Out [Stream & Download]

When you come to consciousness somewhere other than your bed, without any memory of what you did to get there, odds are the answer’s not going to be anything good. Booth newcomer Big Whiskey is the exception to the... Read More


The Road to A3C: Shane Eli [Feature ]

The DJBooth is proud to announce that the Shane Eli will be rocking on our stage for this year's A3C Festival in Atlanta. Born in Canada and raised in both the Bahamas and L.A., Shane Eli is a producer, rapper and... Read More


Re-Produced Profile: Shane Eli [DJBooth Interview Exclusive] [Feature ]

On July 30, The DJBooth will be releasing the latest installment of Re-Produced, an exclusive EP series in which three hand-picked producers will put their own spin on a record by a reader-approved artist. Number two in the... Read More


Rittz to Resurrect Hip-Hop on Summer “The Revival Tour” [Feature ]

White Jesus: Revival creator and Slumerican representative Rittz is set to embark on a 30 stop national tour that will take him from Florida to L.A. to NYC and everywhere in between. In addition to Rittz' well-proven live... Read More


Sean Fresh ft. Shane Eli - Ghetto [Stream]

Recently heard collaborating with Booth-acclaimed rhymesayer K. Sparks on inaugural leak Love With a Friend, Sean Fresh has returned to our pages with another exclusive world premiere featuring a reader fave. Contrary to what... Read More


The Road to SXSW: Shane Eli [Feature ]

The DJBooth is proud to announce that Shane Eli will be rocking on our stage for this year's SXSW music festival in Austin. Born in Canada and raised in both the Bahamas and L.A., Shane Eli is a producer, rapper, songwriter,... Read More


Shane Eli - That Sh*t Cray [Stream & Download]

No, Shane Eli‘s latest feature isn’t a(nother) N*ggas in Paris freestyle. On the contrary, new promo single That Sh*t Cray finds the Los Angeles fave taking loose inspiration from The Throne‘s mega-hit as he... Read More


Shane Eli - When We Were Kings [Stream & Download]

Click “Listen Now” above to watch Eli’s “When We Were Kings” video. If the dictionary were to inexplicably start using pictures of rappers to illustrate abstract nouns, then you’d see... Read More


ReverbNation Presents: The Flip - Shane Eli [Album]

The DJBooth joins forces with ReverbNation for their new mixtape series, The Flip, giving artists the chance to create original tracks over instrumentals from today’s most versatile producers. First up is L.A. producer... Read More


Shane Eli - Us vs. Them (W.A.R.) [Stream & Download]

With the #Occupy movement continuing to gain steam and the global political mood seeming to grow more turbulent with each passing day, remaining neutral is no longer an option. On newly-released promo single Us vs. Them... Read More


Shane Eli - When No One Cares [Video]

L.A. emcee/producer Shane Eli reveals some seriously intense visuals for album standout When No One Cares. For more be sure to check out Eli’s breakthrough project, I Can Do Better, available for free stream and direct... Read More


The Road to A3C: Shane Eli [Feature ]

DJBooth is proud to announce that the Shane Eli will be rocking on our stage for this year's A3C Festival in Atlanta. Born in Canada and raised in both the Bahamas and L.A., Shane Eli is a producer, rapper, songwriter, music... Read More


Julius Francis ft. Shane Eli - Sweet Tooth for Love [Stream & Download]

Last summer, Cali fave Shane Eli enlisted singer Julius Francis as hookman for album leak One Day. Let it not be said that the freestyle alum forgets a favor—more than a year later, Eli joins Francis on Sweet Tooth for... Read More


Shane Eli Unveils “I Can Do Better” Instrumental Tape “Better Beats” [Feature ]

Since L.A. based producer/songwriter/rapper Shane Eli released his entirely self-produced album I Can Do Better fans and artists have asked for the project's beats. The wait is over, Better Beats: The ICDB Instrumentals is... Read More


Shane Eli - Better Beats: The ICDB Instrumentals [Album]

Since L.A. based producer/songwriter/rapper Shane Eli released his entirely self-produced album I Can Do Better fans and artists have asked for the project’s beats. The wait is over, Better Beats: The ICDB Instrumentals... Read More


Shane Eli - When No One Cares [Stream & Download]

Though you wouldn’t know it from the Booth fave’s usual positivity and drive to succeed,  Shane Eli is well-acquainted with the self-perpetuating feelings of loneliness and desperation that take hold of... Read More


Shane Eli - Have Mercy [Stream & Download]

If you’re looking for music that will shut your brain off and allow you to simply wild out, might I suggest taking the Cowabunga bus to Racksville? But if you want music that will reward you with repeated listens, who... Read More


Shane Eli - I Can Do Better [Album]

In most cases, the words "I can do better" are riddled with resentment and regret for an action that felt uncharacteristic, even foreign. You're making up for lost time, or pausing to reflect on a moment where everything was... Read Full Review


Shane Eli Releases Sophomore Set “I Can Do Better” for Free Download [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Los Angeles phenom Shane Eli has released his much-anticipated sophomore set, the FLüD Watches/ I Can Do Better. The follow-up to last year's The Push, the project features 16 fresh... Read More


Shane Eli - I Can Do Better [Album]

Reader-acclaimed up-and-comer Shane Eil has hooked up with and FLüD Watches to bring listeners his highly-anticipated sophomore set, I Can Do Better. Hosted by DJ Skee, the project features 16 fresh new tracks... Read More


Shane Eli ft. Playboy Tre & Rittz - Let’s Ride [Stream & Download]

Good things may not always come to those who wait – if the damn thing wasn’t on track for release (knock on wood), I’d make a Detox joke here – but Booth favorite Shane Eli isn’t about to leave his loyal... Read More


Shane Eli - Exclusive SXSW Interview [Video]

In mid-March, emerging artists and hip-hop heavyweights alike gathered in Austin, Texas for the 25th annual South by Southwest festival, which included an all-star showcase sponsored by (Click here to read our... Read More


Shane Eli ft. Jason Caesar - The Night Is Young [Stream & Download]

To say that Shane Eli‘s last feature made an impact would be an early candidate for Understatement of the Year. How is the Cali phenom ever gonna follow up the (dare I say) classic When We Were Kings? Well, he’s... Read More


100 Miles & Walkin’: The SXSW Diary (Day One) [Feature ]

Life lessons are made walking the streets of Downtown Austin. The last story I may even have of the March music festival is that a promotion company behind the YouTube takeover of music videos essentially locked out many of... Read More


Shane Eli - I Love You (Kinda) [Stream & Download]

As we’re all (some of us painfully) aware, tomorrow is the day when romance reigns supreme and couples everywhere get to trumpet their affection for one another while singletons look on wistfully. If you’re... Read More


Shane Eli - Bo Jackson [Stream & Download]

Like Vincent Edward “Bo” Jackson, who achieved All-Star status in both baseball and football, rapper-producer Shane Eli boasts the rare combo of versatility and outstanding talent – and, unlike the sports legend, who... Read More


Shane Eli ft. Ezekiel Sugarwater - Who Am I [Stream & Download]

Considering that a knack for narrative is one of the hallmarks of a top-tier emcee, it should come as no surprise that The Push emcee Shane Eli‘s latest effort (a Booth-exclusive world premiere!) comes with an... Read More


Shane Eli Explores “Grey Area” in New Video [Feature ]

Los Angeles, Calif. -- West Coast buzzmaker and freestyle series contributor Shane Eli is back with the official video accompaniment to his first Booth feature, reader-acclaimed single "Grey Area." Directed by David A. Wong,... Read More


Chris Mathien & Shane Eli - Route 66 [Stream]

I’m pretty sure that no one’s referred to the Internet as the “information superhighway” since 1999, but now I’m almost tempted to revive the phrase – let’s just say that, with the Booth’s... Read More


Shane Eli - I Wonder [Stream & Download]

Shane Eli‘s reader-acclaimed debut full-length, The Push, has been available on our mixtape page for a minute now, but unlike, say, a gallon of milk from your local supermarket, good music stays fresh no matter how long... Read More


Shane Eli Gives Fans a “Taste of What’s to Come” [Video] [Feature ]

Los Angeles, Calif. -- Shane Eli, the West Coast up-and-comer (and freestyle series alum) who recently teamed up with DJBooth to drop debut full-length The Push (available here for free streaming and download!), is back with... Read More


Shane Eli - The Push [Album]

Los Angeles-based hip hop artist/producer (and exclusive freestyle series contributor) Shane Eli has hooked up with to bring fans the exclusive release of his much-anticipated independent debut album, The Push.... Read More


Julius Francis ft. Shane Eli - One Day [Premiere] [Stream]

DJBooth is all about bringing people together. Think of us as the Olive Garden, only with less stale breadsticks and more fresh tunes. And better service. Uh, on second thought, I’m not sure that analogy works at all.... Read More


Shane Eli Spits “The Adventure Begins” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Shane Eli, the California native who earned reader acclaim for cuts like "Happiest Regret" and "I'm a Winner," has stepped into the Booth to bring us the 180th entry in our Freestyle Series. On... Read More


Shane Eli - The Adventure Begins [Stream & Download]

The 180th entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Shane Eli, the California native who earned reader acclaim for cuts like Happiest Regret and I’m a Winner. On his brand new, exclusive The Adventure... Read More


Shane Eli - I’m Different [Premiere] [Stream]

Since Shane Eli‘s made his Booth debut back in mid-April, we’ve heard the Los Angeles rapper/producer craft everything from hater-baiting bangers, to mellow reflections on racial identity, to uplifting... Read More


Shane Eli ft. Kamilah Gibson - Happiest Regret [Premiere] [Stream]

Have you ever experienced a long night of drinking that resulted in uncertain feelings about the sketchy details from the night before? I’m not talking about waking up with Mike Tyson’s tiger like in The Hangover, I’m... Read More


Shane Eli - Haters [Premiere] [Stream]

After a streak of Booth-approved smashes like I’m a Winner and Taste of What’s to Come, it’s hard for me to imagine that fast-rising L.A. emcee/producer Shane Eli has many haters hoping for his downfall, but on his... Read More


Shane Eli - Taste of What’s to Come [Premiere] [Stream]

With his last feature, the prophetically titled I’m a Winner, Shane Eli made clear that Grey Area and Knuckle Up were only the beginning of a bona fide hot streak. On mixtape leak numero cuatro (another world... Read More


Shane Eli - I’m a Winner [Premiere] [Stream]

With the rave Booth reviews he garnered for previously-featured cuts Grey Area and Knuckle Up, Shane Eli has every reason to feel like a champ – but even the highest praise from outside parties is no replacement for a... Read More


Shane Eli - Knuckle Up [Stream]

On his Booth debut, featured last Thursday, Shane Eli reflected on the difficulty of carving out a personal identity, particularly when one resides in the Grey Area at the center of an racial and cultural divide. As... Read More


Shane Eli - Grey Area [Stream]

By my estimation, Kanye West has said some of the dumbest and some of the wisest words ever spoken; falling squarely into the latter category is the statement, “Everything I’m not made me everything I am.” Knowing... Read More