New Shaun Boothe Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Rich Kidd ft. King Reign, Shaun Boothe & Richie Sosa - Represent [Stream & Download]

If Shad‘s Flawless contribution to the project hasn’t convinced you that you need to check out Real Frequency‘s forthcoming compilation album, then try Represent on for size. Here, T-Dot’s Rich Kidd... Read More


Shaun Boothe ft. STS - 1 2 3 [Stream & Download]

Recently heard demonstrating his Phone Sex skills on the inaugural leak off his Booth-hosted mixtape, T-dot fave (and freestyle series alum) Shaun Boothe takes a less intimate but equally dope approach on follow-up 1 2 3.... Read More


Shaun Boothe - Phone Sex [Stream & Download]

Though Twitpics, webcam chats and dirty World of Warcraft sessions have largely replaced Phone Sex as a proxy for old-fashioned physical intimacy, Shaun Boothe prefers to kick it old-school—even if it means occasionally... Read More


Shaun Boothe ft. Cyhi Da Prynce - Let Me Go (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Almost exactly a year ago, Shaun Boothe stepped into the Booth with Let Me Go, a bittersweet meditation on self-medication. Today, the T-dot repper returns with the official remix of the Nineteen85-produced, Lykke Li-sampled... Read More


Shaun Boothe ft. Kim Davis - Do It For You [Stream & Download]

Last summer Shaun Boothe was on a hell of a roll in the Booth. From an exclusive freestyle to the Talib Kweli assisted Concepts and more, the Toronto native was lighting up our ratings like Wiz lights up joints. And... Read More


Shaun Boothe - Let Me Go [Stream]

For most rappers, flight is something to strive toward, a metaphor for success and the fast life they have long dreamed of achieving. On his latest single, Shaun Boothe turns that trope upside-down – literally. Let Me Go... Read More


Shaun Boothe - One Yes [Stream & Download]

The 159th entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Shaun Boothe, the Toronto native known for his Unauthorized Biography video series, as well as cuts like Talib Kweli collab Concepts. On his brand new,... Read More


Shaun Boothe Spits “One Yes” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Shaun Boothe, the Toronto native responsible for YouTube's popular Unauthorized Biography video series, has stepped into the Booth to bring us the 159th entry in our Freestyle Series. On his... Read More


Shaun Boothe ft. Talib Kweli - Concepts [Stream]

Since I have no clue how to begin this track review, I’ll let you all in on a little trade secret: when writers bring up the topic of writer’s block in their work, they’re never just being clever. It’s... Read More


Shaun Boothe - Unauthorized Sean Combs [Stream]

Due to some, shall we say outlandish, behavior in recent years, many critics have called Sean Combs a sellout, but today rapper Shaun Boothe will let you be the judge. On his new track Unauthorized Sean Combs, Boothe draws on... Read More


Shaun Boothe Raps the Unauthorized Biography of Jimi Hendrix [Video] [Feature ]

Toronto, ON -- Back in January, Shaun Boothe brought us a special fourth installment of his Unauthorized Biography Series, in which he gave his rapped take on the life stories of both Martin Luther King, Jr. and... Read More


Shaun Boothe Raps the Unauthorized Biographies of MLK, Jr. and Barack Obama [Feature ]

Toronto, ON -- Thus far in the Unauthorized Biography series, Toronto emcee Shaun Boothe has rapped the lives of cultural icons James Brown, Muhammad Ali, and Bob Marley. For the fourth entry, Boothe changes his formula to... Read More


Shaun Boothe ft. Amanda Diva - Music Man [Stream]

The life of a musician is a very busy one; between studio sessions and frequent live shows, little time is left for loved ones. Just ask self-proclaimed “3D emcee “ Shaun Boothe, (who was introduced to the Booth by way of... Read More