New Shome Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Shome ft. Dillan Ponders - Kill Bill [Stream]

The two entries in Tarantino’s Kill Bill series could hardly have been more different: the first featured nonstop stylized action, whereas the second was dominated by endless conversations. Lucky for our readers, the... Read More


Jerm 9V ft. Shome - Enigma [Stream]

When an emerging artist is introduced to our pages, he or she often feels like an Enigma. It’s the job of a Booth debut to help us dispel that shroud of mystery and get a little insight into what makes him or her tick.... Read More


Shome - Get It All [Stream]

Shome‘s first Booth feature, November 2011’s Positive Vibes, saw him struggling to stay optimistic while dealing with the ups and downs of the hustle. Two years and change later, the New Orleans representative... Read More


Shome ft. C-Plus - Positive Vibes [Stream & Download]

Feel like you could use some Positive Vibes? Well, couldn’t we all. In any case, you’ve come to the right place. Shome‘s latest EP single and first Booth feature is all about optimism in the face of... Read More