New SkyBlew Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


SkyBlew ft. Faith Elle - The Quest for Dreams [Stream & Download]

SkyBlew‘s last DJBooth feature, September’s Ballad of Pigeon Man, saw him zooming in to focus on the minutiae of a life lived on society’s fringes. On The Quest for Dreams, his first release of the New Year,... Read More


Big Whiskey ft. Skyblew - Hide Away [Stream]

Fresh off the release of One Way or Another, which won a phenomenal 4.25-star rating from the Booth readership, Big Whiskey returns to our front page with another newly-selected single off his latest indie full-length. On... Read More


SkyBlew ft. D&D Sluggers - The Ballad of Pigeon Man [Stream]

There’s a lot to be learned from people who have achieved worldly success, but often the greatest wisdom is held by those who have fallen by society’s wayside. On Ballad of the Pigeon Man, his first official... Read More


JSWISS ft. Skyblew - We Live It [Stream]

For quite a while now, JSWISS has made a habit of celebrating his birthday with a brand new record. Not one to break with a dope tradition, the First in Flight State representative marks his 23rd year on this earth by... Read More


SkyBlew - Nefelibata [Stream]

Derived from “nepheles” (cloud) and “batha” (a place where you can walk), the Portuguese word “Nefelibata” describes somebody who lives in the world of his or her dreams, caring nothing for outside... Read More


SkyBlew - StreetLIGHTS [Stream]

Last we heard from SkyBlew, he was gazing skyward, marveling at the transformation of day into night on May 2013 promo cut Sun to Moon, Wow. On his latest single, by contrast, his eyes are fixed a little closer to the... Read More


SkyBlew - Sun to Moon, Wow [Stream & Download]

While it may vary from time to time, the distance between the sun and moon is about 150 million kilometers, which is equal to 93,205,678 miles. I’m not good enough at math to calculate how long it would take to travel... Read More


SkyBlew ft. CJ Suitt - The Digi Destined [Stream]

For many of our readers, the title of SkyBlew‘s latest effort will go over your head. Don’t worry, we don’t blame you. It was only after I entered The Digi Destined into the Google machine that I was... Read More


SkyBlew - The BackGROUND [Stream & Download]

Like most people, SkyBlew‘s experienced some hard knocks and accumulated a few regrets during his time on this earth. When it comes to the Carolina representative, though, The BackGROUND is less than half the story. The... Read More


SkyBlew - For A Minute [Stream & Download]

Often it’s the most thoughtful, seemingly mellow dudes who can really snap when pushed. Case in point, SkyBlew, the usually soulful emcee who shifts into banger mode for new release For a Minute. Producers The Cratez set... Read More


SkyBlew ft. Sam King - The Way It’s Gone Be [Stream & Download]

If you visited earlier today, you were treated to the world premiere of SkyBlew‘s The Way It’s Gone Be, leak numero dos off 2WordsTheTop and Famco Clothing‘s forthcoming compilation. Just in... Read More


SkyBlew ft. J. Capri - TheDreamSequence [Stream & Download]

Are you grinding your way to a lofty goal? Then SkyBlew‘s latest feature is dedicated to you. A bonus track off his forthcoming freshman set, TheDreamSequence finds the up-and-comer hooking up with fellow First in... Read More


SkyBlew - Excuse My Lateness (Premiere) [Video]

North Carolina representer SkyBlew premieres his subtly creative, often hilarious and undeniably fresh new video Excuse My Lateness on DJBoothTV. Directed by Depth of Sound, Lateness can be found on his latest album Above... Read More


SkyBlew ft. Lazarus & Small Eyez - Get on My Way [Stream & Download]

With his latest album’s release just days away, Skyblew isn’t simply going to sit back and wait. Instead, the First in Flight State representative is squeezing in another leak in anticipation of its arrival; Get... Read More


SkyBlew ft. Chelsea V. & Lazurus - Blizzard in NC [Stream & Download]

As much as we’d all like to believe that life is fair, success often comes the hardest to those who deserve it most; on his Booth debut and current single, Blizzard in NC, Chapel Hill resident SkyBlew reflects upon the... Read More