New Skyzoo Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


10 Best Skyzoo Songs to Help You Appreciate His Lyrical Genius [Feature ]

The era of rap blogs being a fundamental foundation for music discovery was the best of times for young hip-hop enthusiasts. Blogs made it possible to find artists that radio didn't care about, the superb underground... Read More


Hip-Hop and the Huxtables: Rap’s Relationship With The Cosby Show [Feature ]

“Jammin on the 1.” Theo Huxtable told Stevie Wonder this is the phrase he would recite at a party. To my young ears the line sounded old, dated, the kind of phrase that would sit in the company of “Jive... Read More


Word Is Bond: Watch 007-Themed Rap Cypher Inspired by New Bond Film “Spectre” [Feature ]

What else can be said about James Bond that hasn't already been stated? The man is a legend amongst legends, and his women, cars, clothes and gadgets have been the envy of just about every living man over the... Read More


Ace Clark - Who Am I ft. Skyzoo [Stream]

Update: The Aip & Chimp-directed visuals for Ace Clark’s Who Am I? single have been added. “Who Am I?” asks Ace Clark on his latest single and inaugural Booth feature - also a world premiere release.... Read More


Skyzoo on His Best Verses, Songwriting Process [Feature ]

We like our music to fit inside in pre-fabricated boxed, for it to conform to established storylines, and writers can be more guilty of easy categorization than most. If it's loud and from the South than it's... Read More


Skyzoo - See A Key (Ki) ft. Jadakiss [Stream]

We’ve been staying plenty busy bumping Skyzoo‘s Music For My Friends album since its release yesterday, in addition to hearing him share his thoughts on lyricism. In case you need even more of an excuse to cop the... Read More


Skyzoo on the Return of Lyricism, Rapping Along With Jay Z & More [Feature ]

I've had the chance to interview a lot of rappers, more than I could possibly count, and I'm pretty good at counting. One of the great things about talking to that many people is that you learn just how much there is... Read More


Skyzoo - Music For My Friends [Album]

After years of mixtapes, freestyle series and collaborative projects, longtime Booth fave and Brooklyn emcee Skyzoo has released his third studio album, and the follow-up to 2012's A Dream Deferred, Music For My Friends.... Read More


Skyzoo - Hands Folded Together ft. Elzhi [Stream]

Skyzoo has been super busy as of late. In addition to dropping two records off his forthcoming LP, he has appeared as a guest on Booth-featured records from !llmind, Cyrus The Great and Ace Clark. Today, the focus is back on... Read More


Skyzoo - Luxury ft. Westside Gunn [Stream & Download]

Skyzoo behind the boards?? On Luxury, the first official single off of his forthcoming Music For My Friends album, the longtime Booth favorite not only blesses us with his lyrical talents but flexes production chops as well... Read More


Cyrus The Great - Great Expectations ft. Skyzoo & Joyner Lucas [Stream]

Cyrus Tha Great is gearing up for the release of his upcoming King Kong Ain’t Got Shit On Me project, and today the former Film Skool Rejekt brings us the a new offering from the project - also his first DJBooth... Read More


Infuze, Father Dude & !llmind - BBHM$ ft. Skyzoo, KING Z3US, Yung Fusion & Emilio Rojas [Stream & Download]

Rihanna‘s Bitch Betta Have My Money, like most of her singles, has been wildly popular and already spawned countless remixes. Today we have another reworking, BBHM$, courtesy of producers Infuze and !llmind, together... Read More


Skyzoo - Suicide Doors [Stream]

Longtime DJBooth favorite Skyzoo has unleashed the first single off his upcoming solo album. Suicide Doors, which is produced by D.C. native MarcNfinit, finds the Brooklyn native in vintage form. “I wanted this record... Read More


Diamond D ft. Talib Kweli, eLZHi & Skyzoo - Where’s the Love [Stream]

Today marks Diamond D‘s first appearance on our pages, but it just doesn’t feel right to call him a newcomer; the man’s a living legend. Regardless, if you’ve been sleeping on the industry vet’s... Read More


M-Dot ft. Skyzoo, Revalation & Krumb Snatcha - Chances & Change [Stream]

Thanks to the project’s abrupt release—the first and, to date, only single hit our front page on the eve of the set’s arrival—there are doubtless many hip-hop heads still sleeping on M-Dot‘s new,... Read More


DJ Prince ft. Skyzoo - False Alarm [Stream]

There’s a lot of hype floating around. As a result, it’s tough to find something of substance and worth our time. What if it was all one big False Alarm that deceived us into thinking that we were rocking to... Read More


Skyzoo x Torae - Blue Yankee Fitted [Stream]

In the ever changing landscape of Hip-Hop in New York, the city will soon have a new album to proudly represent its streets and its people. That album will have none other than NYC’s finest, Skyzoo and Torae, holding it... Read More


Passport Gift ft. Crooked I, Skyzoo & Tito Lopez - Turn ‘Em On [Stream & Download]

You can guess a lot about a rhymesayer from the company he keeps. For example, a glance at the feature lineup on Passport Gift‘s Booth debut suggests that the Bronx repper is an aggressive, no-nonsense spitter with a... Read More


2Deep ft. Skyzoo, Sheek Louch & Ray Hill - Going Up [Stream]

Need an image to illustrate the current direction of 2Deep‘s career? Imagine an elevator steady Going Up, its ascent limited only by the vast reaches of space. On his first Booth feature, the inaugural entry in a series... Read More


See Twista, Problem & More, Plus a DJBooth DJ Showcase at The Indie Life (SXSW) [Feature ]

SXSW may have started as an independent music festival, but over the years it's become as corporate as a Wal-Mart stockholders meeting as everyone from Doritos to Yahoo has set up shop in Austin. However, there are still some... Read More


Sauce Money ft. Skyzoo, Troy Ave, Torae & Maffew Ragazino - The Borough [Stream]

Sauce Money is a first-time featuree in the DJBooth, but he’s far from a newcomer to the game. His guest appearances on Big Daddy Kane’s Daddy’s Home and Jay Z‘s Reasonable Doubt speak to just how deep... Read More


Syler ft. Skyzoo & Lydia Caesar - Goin’ Nowhere [Stream]

Update: We have added the 5.2/Epic Films-directed visuals for Syler’s Goin’ Nowhere. Ladies and gentlemen, Syler has arrived—and he ain’t Goin’ Nowhere. Though the chorus of the NYC... Read More


Dane Lawrence ft. Skyzoo - TSIH [Stream & Download]

Take it from someone who knows his anagrams: Dane Lawrence‘s latest feature is the f**king TSIH. On his first single of the new year, coming on the heels of late 2013’s First Five series, the Long Island... Read More


Skyzoo x Antman Wonder - Meeting the Presidents [Stream]

When searching for a gift for someone who’s got it all (and enough money to buy it all over again), your best bet is to go the personal route and make something special. A hip-hop album, for example. Knowing they... Read More


Rome Clientel ft. Realm Reality & Skyzoo - Champions [Stream & Download]

As the cliché goes, birds of a feather flock together. So it should be no surprise to see Rome Clientel flanked by two upper-echelon East Coast lyricists on his latest single, the aptly-titled Champions. DJ Concept sets a... Read More


Astro ft. Skyzoo - Stranger [Stream]

Astro may be a familiar face in The DJBooth, but the B.K. rap wunderkind is still a Stranger to much of the general public. On a newly-released standout off his latest street album, the artist ponders whether his lyrical... Read More


Dynasty ft. Skyzoo - Star and the Sky [Stream]

On her last DJBooth feature, a January promo cut, Dynasty informed listeners that she planned to Stay Shinin’ like the constellations for the foreseeable future. Though it took her a minute to bounce back with a... Read More


DEMOS Soundtrack [Album]

DEMOS is one of the only documentaries to truly delve into the world of independent hip-hop. Through interviews with Black Thought, Talib Kweli, Naughty By Nature and many more, DEMOS provides artists with an inside look at... Read More


Kay Cola ft. Hope Wright & Skyzoo - Rough Sex [Freestyle] [Stream]

My parents always ask me what it is exactly that I do. They really aren’t sure what my job is; they just hope there is no cussing in the music. Next time they ask, I will be sure to leave “writing blurbs about a song... Read More


Local-Mu12 ft. Skyzoo - Champions [Stream]

Ever since its birth on Sedgwick Ave, hip-hop has been chock full of rap crews teaming up to rip the mic. While crews of three, five and even seven are frequent occurrences, rarely do nine emcees team up to take on the world.... Read More


P.R ft. Skyzoo & Substantial - Set the Scene [Stream]

In the grand scheme of things, a month between a first and second Booth feature ain’t long at all—some artists spend years away from our pages before making a repeat visit. Nonetheless, in light of the tremendously... Read More


Skyzoo - Feeding Lines [Freestyle] [Stream & Download]

On last week’s Penny Freestyle, Skyzoo reflected on the legacy he’s built in the game, and fantasized about leaving town on the First Thing Smokin’. Thankfully, the Brooklyn phenom’s stuck around long... Read More


Skyzoo - First Thing Smoking [Freestyle] [Stream]

Skyzoo may not be reigning at the top of the Billboard charts, but there’s no denying the Brooklyn phenom’s made his mark on the game. For proof, simply compare today’s music with the styles that were... Read More


AntMan Wonder ft. Skyzoo & Dayna Watkins - Sleeping Giant 2 [Stream]

Whether or not you’re fortunate enough to live a luxurious life, or you’re on the grind trying to attain that level of status, producer AntMan Wonder‘s new single, Sleeping Giant 2, can be enjoyed by anyone... Read More


Skyzoo - Counting Until It Hurts [Freestyle] [Stream]

They say that more money means more problems, but when Skyzoo envisions his flush future, only one downside springs to mind: the headaches he’ll get from constantly tallying up his earnings. The latest entry in the... Read More


Skyzoo - All Black Walls [Stream]

Growing up in the ‘90s there were three athletes, outside of Jordan, that I always made sure to catch playing: Grant Hill, Hakeem the Dream and Penny Hardaway. I won’t go into detail about the greatness that Anfernee... Read More


John Dew ft. Skyzoo & Dustin Prestige - Capitol of the World [Stream & Download]

I’ll keep it real: when I hear the phrase “Capitol of the World,” Houston isn’t the first city to spring to mind. Be that as it may, I’m not about to argue with a record as dope as the latest effort from... Read More


Skyzoo - Range Rover Rhythm [Stream]

I know what y’all are thinking: if Skyzoo regularly drives a Range Rover around his native Brooklyn, he must love going around the block repeatedly and squeezing into tiny parking spaces while five taxi drivers lean on... Read More


Skyzoo & Torae (aka The Barrel Brothers) - The Get Up [Stream]

If you’ve been thinking, “I need some new Barrel Brothers music in my life” lately, then today is like winning the musical lottery. Skyzoo and Torae are back with a trunk-rattling new joint called The Get... Read More


Torae ft. Skyzoo - Cash Still Rules [Stream & Download]

C.R.E.A.M., the Wu Tang Clan‘s classic ‘94 single, saw Raekwon, Method Man and Inspektah Deck reflecting on the extent to which paper, and their struggle to obtain it, shaped their lives from an early age. Nearly... Read More


P-Money ft. Skyzoo & Havoc (of Mobb Deep) - Welcome to America [Stream]

Already a Platinum-selling heavyweight in his native New Zealand, Auckland producer P-Money is getting ready to go international with the release of his senior album and U.S. debut. On project lead single Welcome to America,... Read More


Watch The Official Trailer to the Documentary DEMOS: An Independent Artist’s Guide To Success [Feature ]

The DJBooth was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the upcoming documentary Demos, and whether you're an independent artist or a lover of independent music, it's a must see. Narrated by Skyzoo and featuring appearances from... Read More


Skyzoo - Floor Seats With Young [Stream & Download]

Thus far in Skyzoo‘s Band Practice series, the Brooklyn mic-murderer’s brought us nothing but dopeness, earning positive reader reviews for Phone Calls and Grew Up on Kool-Aid. As should surprise absolutely no... Read More


Skyzoo - Grew Up on Kool-Aid [Stream & Download]

Skyzoo set a mighty high bar for his Band Practice series with inaugural entry Phone Calls, which won an average 3.8-star rating from our readers. Not one to rest on his laurels, the Brooklyn mic-murderer manages to come even... Read More


Skyzoo - Phone Calls [Stream & Download]

In the 2013 hip-hop game, a rapper launching an online series is about as newsworthy as the sun rising in the morning. When the rapper in question is Skyzoo, however, it’s a different story. Kicking off this week, the... Read More


Skyzoo ft. Talib Kweli - Spike Lee Was My Hero [Stream]

Anyone who listens to Skyzoo‘s music with open ears will sense the Brooklyn repper’s reverence for his hip-hop forebears, but one of the greatest influences on his pen game isn’t a rapper—or even a... Read More


Spectac & Shakim ft. Skyzoo, Warren Wint, Sha Stimuli & Señor Kaos - Moment of Truth [Stream]

Picture your middle school principal. Now, imagine him or her busting out a freestyled verse in front of the student body. If that’s not the wackest concept in the history of wack concepts, I don’t know what is.... Read More


Keswick ft. Skyzoo & YC the Cynic - For The Win [Stream]

Even though it is only his first Booth feature, producer/engineer Keswick is already going For The Win. Assisting in the producer’s quest for victory are Booth favorites and fellow Big Apple spittas Skyzoo and YC The... Read More


Realm Reality ft. Skyzoo - Can’t F**k With Me [Stream]

Like the Wu Tang Clan, Booth newcomer Realm Reality ain’t nothin’ to f**k wit. But you’re welcome to give it a try. Go ahead—I dare you. As evidenced by new single Can’t F**k With Me (making its... Read More


Thurz x Skyzoo x Los - The Sparks [Stream]

In an environment as saturated with talent as A3C, all it takes is the right catalyst to transform collaborative chemistry into musical gold. The Flush Music and SMKA were more than happy to play that role, and now... Read More


Skyzoo ft. Chi-Ali - Jansport Strings (Remix) [Stream]

At the very start of Brooklyn spitter Skyzoo‘s Jansport Strings he raps, “My mama prayed that I wouldn’t be Chi-Ali/ Now my mama straight cause I wanted to be Chi-Ali.” So I probably don’t have... Read More


Skyzoo - A Dream Deferred [Album]

A Brooklyn rhymesayer whose name has become synonymous with formidable mic skills and peerless lyricism, Skyzoo has set the hip-hop underground on fire once again with his sixth studio album, A Dream Deferred. Named after the... Read More


Skyzoo - The Best of Skyzoo [Album]

Frankly we don't know how you could possibly still be sleeping on Skyzoo, especially with his Theo Vs. J.J. (Dreams Vs. Reality) album still looming large in the rearview, but just in case the NYC emcee and DJ Prince have... Read More


The Militia ft. Skyzoo & Rome Clientel - Timeless Classic [Stream]

I’m not sure which is more audacious: dubbing your own work a “Timeless Classic,” or basing it around a Liberace sample. The question is strictly academic, however, since the title track off South African beatsmith... Read More


Skyzoo ft. DJ Prince - Give It Up [Stream]

Ladies and gentlemen, Give It Up for Skyzoo! Fresh off igniting the buzz for his next album with nostalgic, 9th Wonder-produced lead single Jansport Strings, the Brooklyn mic-murderer switches it up for the second release off... Read More


Skyzoo - Jansport Strings [Stream]

If your earliest hip-hop memories involve Soulja Boy, Skyzoo is about to lay down some serious history. On his new release, Jansport Strings, we get to hear a mini-autobiography that gives us a look into a young... Read More


Skyzoo ft. Torae - Know That Cash Rules [Stream]

Back in 1994, the Wu-Tang Clan offered what just might be the most concise, and accurate summations of our society ever pressed to wax, “Cash rules everything around me, C.R.E.A.M., get the money, dolla dolla bill... Read More


THEBLKHANDS ft. Skyzoo - Downtown [Stream & Download]

In April, BLKHRTS made their grand entrance into the Booth with A Song For…,  a single which found the underground crew putting a creative hip-hop spin on Lana Del Rey‘s Video Games. Call it coincidence or... Read More


Skyzoo - Theo Vs. J.J. (Dreams Vs. Reality) [Album]

Following his critically-acclaimed album, The Great Debater, peerless lyricist Skyzoo returns with a brand new project, Theo Vs. J.J. (Dreams Vs. Reality). In addition to intensely lyrical content from the headliner, Theo vs.... Read More


Nina B ft. Action Bronson & Skyzoo - 718 [Stream]

For all of you not fluent in national area codes, 718 just so happens to lay claim to the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island. In other words, 718 is as New York City as you can get, which is fitting considering Nina B,... Read More


JR&PH7 ft. Sean Price & Skyzoo - Until It’s All Said and Done [Stream]

Although production duo JR & PH7 hail from Germany and Denmark their latest cut Until It’s All Said And Done is further proof that the beatsmith duo have a firm grip on the pulse of American hip-hop. Until... Read More


Maffew Ragazino ft. Skyzoo - BK Accent [Stream & Download]

I guess guys with British accents aren’t the only ones that make the women swoon when they speak. According to Brooklyn MC Maffew Ragazino, on his new single BK Accent, women tend to fall prey to his audible appeal as well.... Read More


Omen ft. A.R.N.D, Skyzoo & Denzil Porter - Homecoming [Stream & Download]

Fresh off garnering positive reader reviews for Black Hero Overture, Omen continues to build momentum toward the release of the long-awaited set with another brand new release off the project. Here, the Grammy-winning... Read More