New Slum Village Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Slum Village - Tear It Down ft. Jon Connor [Stream]

Slum Village continue to Tear It Down on the latest offering from their very dope, recently released album YES!. Rapper T3 and rapper/producer Young RJ are joined by fellow Michigan rhymesayer Jon Connor over production from... Read More


MoSS - Boombastic ft. Slum Village [Stream]

Update: The Andy Miller-directed visuals for MoSS’ Boombastic single have been added. MoSS continues what he Started exactly two months ago, and gives us the second official single off of his upcoming debut album. The... Read More


Slum Village - YES! [Album]

Are you a Slum Village fan? If you answered YES!, and only with that level of enthusiasm, then you should be ready to listen their brand new album. The now-duo made up of rapper T3 and rapper/producer Young RJ will officially... Read More


Slum Village - Expressive ft. BJ The Chicago Kid & Illa J [Stream]

Detroit veterans Slum Village are gearing up for the June 16 release of their forthcoming album YES!, but take some time out to get Expressive for its latest single. A laid-back groove, the effort features the light... Read More


Slum Village - Push It Along ft. Phife Dawg [Stream]

Drawing inspiration from A Tribe Called Quest’s classic record of the same name—and with a feature from the iconic group’s Phife Dawg, no less—Slum Village aims to pay tribute to the past while looking... Read More


Slum Village - E(I)GO [Stream]

If there’s one thing rap has taught me, it’s that there’s nothing wrong with being a little full of yourself, so long as your conceit is backed up with copious amounts of hustle. For an example of how self-regard can... Read More


Yancey Boys ft. Slum Village - Global Warming [Stream]

Last year, the Yancey Boys made their independent debut with Sunset Blvd., a project which saw the duo rhyming over previously-unreleased beats from J. Dilla‘s vault. Though they branch out on their latest single,... Read More


Slum Village ft. Kam Corvet - We On [Stream]

Seeing as the title of Slum Village‘s latest project is “Vintage,” it would be a shame if it didn’t contain some fresh production from the vault of the man who forged their classic sound. Sure enough, lead... Read More


Slum Village ft. Black Milk & Frank Nitt - We On The Go [Stream]

Unfortunately, we live in a day and age where We On The Go. So many of us are constantly thinking about where we’re headed that we forget to live in the here and now. As it pertains to music this mistake is made on a... Read More


Slum Village - Evolution [Album]

In some ways, Slum Village can never win. Their fans won’t let them. The media won’t let them. And most importantly, they won’t let themselves. A new SV release will always be overshadowed by loss, no matter how high... Read Full Review


Slum Village - Summer Breeze [Stream]

I don’t know about y’all but, less than two weeks into June, the muggy weather already has me feeling a little sluggish. Not a moment too soon, Slum Village have stepped into the Booth with a new single as cool... Read More


Slum Village - Sirens [Stream]

Normally, when you hear Sirens, it means something bad either has happened or is about to happen. Thankfully, veteran trio Slum Village buck that trend with their latest effort. Although their latest offering is entitled... Read More


Havoc ft. Slum Village - Cash Flow [Stream]

On lead mixtape single Gone, featured in-mid-March, Mobb Deep rhymesayer Havoc assured listeners that he’s still as dedicated to his hustle as the day he first picked up the mic. And he should be—as he emphasizes on... Read More


Slum Village - Forever [Stream]

Back in 1993, three young residents of Detroit’s Conant Gardens neighborhood came together to form Slum Village, a trio which would go on to shape the Motown underground scene. Two decades later, despite creative... Read More


Slum Village - Dirty Slums 2 [Album]

Veteran hip-hop group Slum Village have released their brand new commercial mixtape, Dirty Slums 2. The Mick Boogie-hosted, 15-track set, which is the Detroit trio's first release since 2010's Villa Manifesto, includes... Read More


Slum Village (w/ Baatin) - The World Is Yours [Stream & Download]

Slum Village has succeeded in getting its name into the hip-hop history books, but the legendary Detroit crew’s journey was far from an easy one. On new mixtape single The World Is Yours, the crew take a look back at... Read More


Slum Village ft. Black Milk & Victor Scope - LONG Way Down [Stream & Download]

When an artist finally makes it to the top they’d be advised not to look down, for fear that they might just fall.  After all, it is a really really LONG Way Down. This is part of the reason veteran group Slum... Read More


Slum Village ft. Rapper Big Pooh, Joe Scudda & Kam Corvet - Riot [Stream & Download]

No longer satisfied with living in Decadence, Slum Village have decided to start an all-out Riot on the latest song release off their forthcoming mixtape. Of course, there’s only so much havoc you can wreak with just... Read More


Slum Village ft. T3, YOUNG RJ & Guilty Simpson - Decadence [Stream & Download]

The expression “the more the merrier” is often overused and is occasionally incorrect. For example, in the case of elevators or amusement park lines, the more is definitely not the merrier. However, as it pertains to Slum... Read More


Slum Village, Rapper Big Pooh, J.Pinder & GoDreamer - Turn Around [Stream]

Swisha and The Sparks, the previous song releases off SMKA and The Flush‘s forthcoming A3C compilation, featured a formidable selection of the game’s most notable emerging talents. For third single Turn Around,... Read More


Slum Village ft. Vice - Live it Up [Stream & Download]

As a glance over today’s Billboard charts will attest, there are no shortage of hip-hop artists willing to party the night away, Masque of the Red Death-style, while the rest of the world burns. And I can’t blame... Read More


Slum Village ft. Skyzoo and Focus… - Church (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Detroit veterans Slum Village took a trip back to The Dirty Slums and retrieved a gem in the form of a remix to Church, a much more laid back version than its Rhodes heavy counterpart. This time around, SV linked up with... Read More


Slum Village ft. Focus… - God Sent / Hunger [Stream]

Slum Village has always presented great music with great production, and the release of Dirty Slums is no different. While the album was released yesterday on iTunes, the track(s) God Sent/Hunger originally were featured on... Read More


Slum Village ft. De La Soul - Turning Me Off [Stream & Download]

It was said that the undeniably round backside of a beautiful lady inspired the Tribe’s Bonita Applebum, and a whole generation of men to fall heavy for the female form. But what lies behind the veneer of beauty? Slum... Read More


Slum Village - Villa Manifesto [Album]

If you believe in destiny, than you have to believe that destiny doesn’t like Slum Village - the Detroit mainstays, once hailed as the Midwest’s answer to A Tribe Called Quest, have been derailed so many times it’s a... Read Full Review


Slum Village - Lock It Down [Stream]

It seems like the postmortem game should be a subgenre in hip-hop music, as it always seems like deceased artists continue to deliver better material than the living long after they’ve passed (I’m looking at you... Read More


Slum Village ft. Colin Munroe - Faster [Stream]

Brace yourselves, Slum Village fans – Elzhi, Illa J and T3‘s latest single may come as a little bit of a surprise. Faster finds the Motown trio diverging from the smooth-but-gritty sound they pioneered in partnership... Read More


Slum Village - Dope Man [Stream]

With Slum Village devotees still reeling in the wake of founding member Baatin‘s untimely death, the surviving members are moving forward with their latest studio album, recorded prior to the tragic event. In... Read More


Pryslezz ft. Slum Village - Find A Way [Stream]

Pryslezz‘s latest record is likely to come as a surprise to readers who recall his first Booth feature, Sideways—in stark contrast to the liquor-drenched club cut, the newly-released Find A Way sits squarely on the... Read More


Dwele ft. Slum Village - I’m Cheatin’ (Remix) [Stream]

Ask any man what his definition is of a ‘relationship death sentence’ and he will immediately utter something like, “Sh*t, just tell her you’ve been cheatin’.”  Believe it or not, that is exactly what... Read More