New Smash Brovaz Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Smash Brovaz ft. Tassnata - Line Em Up [Stream & Download]

Just a month and change after impressing listeners across the hip-hop blogosphere with their Booth-hosted Think It’s a Game? street album, CROOKLiN and Junia T of Smash Brovaz are officially back on their hustle with... Read More


Smash Brovaz - Think It’s a Game? [Album]

Toronto rap duo Smash Brovaz have come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners their digital debut album, Think It's a Game?.The project comprises 10 original jams from Junia-T and Crooklin, among them... Read More


Smash Brovaz - Paper Planes [Stream & Download]

Some think the root of all evil is money, others that the root of all evil is actually a lack of money. Whichever way you look at it, hip hop’s always delved into the financial struggles overcome by rappers; everyone... Read More


Smash Brovaz ft. Richie Sosa - The Kitchen [Stream & Download]

In case you have been hibernating, or you just totally lost track of the date, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which means many of you will be spending time in the kitchen mashing potatoes and basting that juicy, scrumptious... Read More


Smash Brovaz - Casserine [Stream & Download]

Seriously, someone from Toronto needs to let the rest of the world know what they are doing up there to cultivate all the talent that has seeped across the border and into our collective ear drums. Is it something in the... Read More


Smash Brovaz - Be Free [Stream & Download]

Smash Brovaz emcee Crooklin best sums up the overall message of the duo’s latest single Be Free with a mere three words in his final verse: “freedom is everything.” Not one to be tied down musically or... Read More


Smash Brovaz ft. Lord Quest & Rich Kidd - Shut Up [Stream & Download]

Got something not-so-nice to say about Ontario twosome Smash Brovaz? Then the title of Junia T and Crook‘s latest single (and first Booth feature) is directed at you. Here, an off-kilter beat by T-Dot heavyweight Rich... Read More