New Smokey Robotic Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Smokey Robotic - Roar (Katy Perry Cover) [Stream]

Late last month, R&B singer DB2 stepped into the Booth with his soulful reimagining of Unconditionally, a sweeping ballad off Katy Perry‘s latest full-length. Today, reader faves Smokey Robotic have put their own... Read More


Smokey Robotic - Lady’s Scream [Stream]

What makes the Lady’s Scream? There are, of course, many possible answers to that question, but one of them is undoubtedly “Smokey Robotic.” On a freshly-minted promo single, the NYC crew’s first feature on... Read More


Smokey Robotic - Unlike Anyone [Stream & Download]

Smokey Robotic has a song called Unlike Anyone? What’s next, Jay-Z drops I’m Richer Than You? Rick Ross drops I’ve Got Giant Man Boobs? I’m sorry, that last one was uncalled for. Back to the matter at... Read More


Smokey Robotic - GANDHI [Stream]

One of the stranger aspects of Mohandas K. GANDHI‘s biography was his habit of sleeping next to young, nude women. While the Indian nationalist leader insisted the practice was intended to test his sexual purity,... Read More


Smokey Robotic - MUSIUM [Album]

Alt-hip hop crew Smokey Robotic are offering an exclusive stream of their highly-anticipated new album, MUSIUM, at The DJBooth. Recorded at Manhattan's Sound Association studio, the project features 13 tracks' worth of... Read More


Smokey Robotic - Barefoot (Walk on Love) [Stream & Download]

At its best, love can be as yielding and comfortable as a stroll across a cumulus cloud—but the tide can turn at any moment, forcing you to run along a broken-glass filled corridor à la Bruce Willis in the first Die Hard... Read More


Smokey Robotic - Dance for Revenge [Stream & Download]

The English poet George Herbert famously stated that, “[t]he best revenge is living well.” Though what exactly constitutes “living well” will vary from person to person, I can’t imagine that anyone’s... Read More


Smokey Robotic - Schizophrenic DJ [Stream & Download]

Schizophrenia is kind of like having your own full-time, personal DJ… except that instead of records, he’s spinning paranoid delusions, and his constant ad-libs are impossible to shut out. Yeah, come to think of... Read More


Smokey Robotic - Woo the Wooers [Stream & Download]

Thought it couldn’t get any crazier than Smokey Robotic‘s last video feature, project title track The Shark and the Helicopter? Think again. On Woo the Wooer, released along with psychedelic animated visuals by... Read More


Smokey Robotic - The Shark & the Helicopter [Stream]

When Smokey Robotic release a new video, you know you’re in for a bizarre, yet dope experience—and their latest, The Shark & the Helicopter is no exception. Director Sam Falconi rolls with the song’s... Read More


Smokey Robotic - Blood Moon [Stream & Download]

If you’ve followed the work of Smokey Robotic then you know the crew has yet to make it through a track without mentioning big booty groupies, Patron shots and explicit sex – and new single Blood Moon is no different.... Read More


Smokey Robotic ft. Redman - No Reality (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Released last September to rave reviews, No Reality was the capstone to a dope 2011 for Smokey Robotic. Now, the ever-innovative crew have returned to kick off 2012 with an equally fresh remix of the same, featuring an... Read More


Smokey Robotic - Blast Off [Video]

“This week will be filled with dreams. And in the haunting, there are realities to embrace that come in different shapes. Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply... Read More

pop-urban-cmj-showcase-1011112, Vine Street Music & ZS Events Present “T. Mills and Friends” Showcase at CMJ 2011 [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- As part of 2011's CMJ Music Marathon,, Vine Street Music and ZS Events have assembled a lineup of the game's hottest up-and-coming artists for a genre-bridging showcase. Going down the evening of... Read More


Smokey Robotic ft. Redman - No Reality [Stream & Download]

In his famous Meditations, René Descartes pondered the possibility that the world around him could be nothing more than an illusion, created by a clever and deceitful demon. Unfortunately, dude didn’t have the... Read More


Smokey Robotic ft. Skyzoo - Heroin (Remix) [Stream & Download]

While the sweet sticky icky has always been a part of the hip-hop landscape, the last couple years has seen the elevation of marijuana rap into the mainstream. Well, since Smokey Robotic have already proven to be... Read More


Smokey Robotic - Bunny Suit [Stream & Download]

If the crew’s past features haven’t convinced you that you need to explore Smokey Robotic‘s weird, wild world of sharks, helicopters, cyborgs and explosive fruit, then… I have no idea what’s... Read More


Smokey Robotic Offer “The Shark & the Helicopter” Mixtape for Download in the Booth [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Alternative hip-hop crew Smokey Robotic are offering up their latest release, The Shark & the Helicopter, for streaming and download via Featuring 14 original cuts from producers Konrad... Read More


Smokey Robotic - The Shark & the Helicopter [Album]

Buzzmaking crew Smokey Robotic have hooked up with to bring listeners their latest album, The Shark & the Helicopter. The project find vocalists Seer and Father Dude and producers Konrad and !llmind... Read More


Smokey Robotic - Bazooka [Stream & Download]

No one—well, almost no one—enters the game planning to sell out but, once fame and fortune are dangling tantalizingly close, one’s principles suddenly begin to seem a lot less binding. How to ensure one never... Read More


Smokey Robotic - Bazooka [Video]

“‘Bazooka is a bizarre story about two brothers, a madman artist and a Hollywood pop demon. Bent on rescuing his brother from the blindness of material success the artist sets off on a mission equipped with... Read More


Smokey Robotic - Blast Off [Stream & Download]

Producers Konrad and !llmind and vocalists Father Dude and Seer, together known as Smokey Robotic, make a brand of music that’s far from average, so it’s only right that they employ an unorthodox mode of... Read More


Smokey Robotic ft. Sunzoo - Grace Under Fire [Stream]

Ever-innovative crew Smokey Robotic showcase their Grace Under Fire on this unreleased cut, an extended version of a record featured on their latest EP. Crew members Konrad and Illmind produce, pairing gritty breaks with... Read More


Smokey Robotic - “Forever My Love” [Video]

It’s hard to describe the music of always eclectic group Smokey Robotic (otherwise known as Seer, Father Dude, Konrad and producer !llmind), and even harder to describe their Forever My Love video. So instead I’ll... Read More


Smokey Robotic Runs Through “Forever My Love” for DJBoothTV [Feature ]

It's hard to describe the music of always eclectic group Smokey Robotic (otherwise known as Seer, Father Dude, Konrad and producer !llmind), and even harder to describe their Forever My Love video. So instead I'll simply say... Read More


Smokey Robotic - Voices [Stream & Download]

Smokey Robotic, the eclectic crew that recently brought us Most Beautiful, is back with a new offering, Voices, produced by !llmind & Dr. Know Jr. Voices can be found on Smokey’s upcoming Outside The Lines EP, due... Read More


Smokey Robotic - Most Beautiful [Stream & Download]

Who is Smokey Robotic? Simple. He’s a musical half-robot, half-human conceived when a bolt of lightning hit a jukebox playing Al Green. Ok, so maybe that’s not so simple at all. While the mythology behind the group’s... Read More