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Taylor Bennett, Solange & The Importance of Telling Your Story [Feature ]

YO WHY DO YOU KEEP DOING THIS — Taylor Bennett (@_TaylorBennett) February 24, 2017 Seeing the capitalized text in his response, it’s safe to assume that Taylor Bennett was... Read More


How Solange & Master P Reminded Me of the Power of Black Independence [Feature ]

I’ll admit that it took a while for the effects of Solange Knowles’ A Seat at the Table to settle in my brain. The music hit me right away; Table’s tunes merged a love for Motown that was all over... Read More


Syd & Solange: A Rap Purist’s Journey to Embracing Melody [Feature ]

Earlier this year, my friend Anik Khan sent me some of his new music, which showcased his particular mixture of Bollywood, hip-hop, and dancehall. He was surprised that I liked it, reminding me that a year ago I... Read More


10 Most Slept-On Hip-Hop and R&B Tracks of 2016 [Feature ]

I have a very poor handle on what is popular. I don’t listen to the radio, but rather discover music by stalking the Spotify playlists of a few select tastemakers who will remain unnamed. While this leads to some... Read More


Top 10 Nastiest Women in Hip-Hop Right Now [Feature ]

I never thought we would be here, with a former reality TV star fascist as our president-elect, a hateful sociopath with the countenance of a Dorito. Before November 8, I was angry with the media for capitalizing on our... Read More


Every Remix of Solange’s “Cranes In The Sky” Single, Ranked [Feature ]

An elegant, glimmering halo sits atop Solange’s head during her performance of “Cranes In The Sky” on Saturday Night Live. Crafted by hair artist Shani Crowe, the braided hairpiece is perhaps a nod to the... Read More


Solange’s “A Seat at the Table” is Proof She’s Beyond Beyoncé‘s Shadow [Feature ]

Solange could never be considered unsuccessful. Her debut album, Solo Star, was released in 2003 when she was a mere sixteen years old and still cracked the top 50 of the Billboard Hot 200 despite unfavorable... Read More


Solange Shines Light on Being Black in “Predominantly White Spaces” [Feature ]

Race is an interesting topic for me. Since I’m Indian, the crux of American race relations doesn’t largely hinge on my ethnicity, but rather on black and white. From the “other” perspective, this is... Read More


Catching Up With Solange Via the “Saint Heron” EP [Feature ]

True story. A few months back I was checking for new concerts and saw that Solange was going to be in the area. A day before the show, I drove all the way to the venue only to find out the show was sold out. Downer. Fear not... Read More


Solange ft. Kendrick Lamar - Looks Good With Trouble [Stream]

Solange Knowles is a very different artist from her sister, but one thing the siblings do share is a taste for bad boys. As she puts it on her latest promo single, she likes a guy who Looks Good with Trouble—and it seems... Read More


Solange Knowles - Losing You [Stream]

After teasing us with a new song here and there after her fantastic but criminally underrated debut Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams, Solange Knowles is blazing the unofficial comeback trail on a brand spankin’ new... Read More


Theophilus London ft. Devonte Hynes & Solange Knowles - Flying Overseas [Stream & Download]

Theophilus London‘s Green Label debut single found the ever-experimental emcee trapped in a Humdrum Town after being dumped by his girl. In retrospect, the solution to his woes could hardly have been more obvious: what... Read More


Solange ft. Snoop Dogg - I Decided (Remix) [Stream]

Despite the low sales figures from her sophomore album, Sol-AngeL and the Hadley Street Dreams, and the release of her big sister’s new solo album on November 18, Solange Knowles refuses to be forgotten.  So, how will... Read More


Solange ft. Wale - F*ck The Industry (Remix) [Stream]

Just like her brother-in-law, Jay-Z, singer Solange Knowles speaks her mind (see her FOX News interview from last week).  Last month, while upset at an apparent lack of acceptance from the majority of the music business... Read More


Solange - Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams [Album]

Superstar artists can light up the world, but they can also infect other artists with the dreaded Not Syndrome. What is Not Syndrome you ask? Not Syndrome occurs when someone is so dominant in their field that everyone else... Read Full Review


Solange Knowles’ “I Decided” Tops Singles Sales Chart [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Solange Knowles', 1st single, "I Decided," off of her forthcoming CD, SoL-AngeL and the Hadley St. Dreams enjoys the #1 spot on both Billboard's "Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales" chart and the "Hot Dance Singles... Read More


Solange - Sandcastle Disco [Stream]

Solange Knowles knows all about living in a shadow, as her five-time Grammy-winning and multi-platinum-selling older sister Beyonce must cast a football field-sized one.  The younger Knowles, however, is clearly eager to... Read More


Solange Knowles To Release New Video, Album To Follow [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Talented singer, songwriter, artist, and entrepreneur, Solange Knowles AKA SoL-AngeL, is ready to set the world on fire with a sound that is sure to breathe life into a sometimes stagnant music scene. With... Read More


Solange - I Decided [Stream]

Trying to make a name for herself by stepping outside of big sister Beyonce‘s shadow, Solange Knowles has moved from Columbia to Geffen and will launch her sophomore album, the concept-oriented Soul Angel and the Hadley... Read More


Singer Solange Knowles Is Moving [Feature ]

Los Angeles, CA -- Singer, songwriter and actress, Solange Knowles, is moving to Los Angeles and moving to a new record label. Solange's new label is Geffen records via a new joint venture relationship with Music World... Read More