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Black Thought x S.T.S. x Truck North - Mad Men Jam Boys [Stream]

Philly representatives Black Thought (of The Roots), S.T.S and Truck North have come together with The Wurxs for Mad Men Jam Boys, a flip of RJD2’s Mad Men theme song. Look for the record to appear on The Wurxs... Read More


“This Shit Is Too Fun”: STS & RJD2 On Their New Album [Feature ]

If I've learned anything about the music industry in two years of writing it's that nothing is ever, ever set in stone. Whether it be an interview, a guest list at a show or sometimes an album (cough cough... Read More


STS & RJD2 - 420 [Stream]

Just in time for 4:20pm ET on 4/20, we have the appropriately titled 420 by STS & RJD2. Off of their upcoming collaborative album STS x RJD2, out May 5, 420 follows their previous feature and the album’s first... Read More


STS & RJD2 - Hold On, Here It Go [Stream]

Update: The Pat Murray-directed visuals for STS & RJD2’s Hold On, Here It Go single have been added. Philly emcee STS and underground producer RJD2 are gearing up for the release of their collaborative album, the... Read More


STS - Black UFO ft. Peedi Crakk & Truck North [Stream & Download]

If you listen to our latest feature and cannot identify what you’re hearing, trust us, that isn’t alien. It’s very simply a group of veteran wordsmiths taking turns ripping up a mic. Unreleased until today,... Read More


Nefew ft. STS - Fresh [Stream]

Thinking of making a trip to your local farmer’s market this afternoon? Don’t bother; you ain’t gonna find anything nearly as Fresh as the latest single from Nefew. Coming on the heels of Monday’s... Read More


Sean C & LV ft. Black Thought, STS & Peedi Crack - Fire [Stream]

Seven months after Sean C & LV teamed up with the Booth to drop the massively acclaimed Loud Dreams Vol. 1 mixtape, listeners are doubtless getting hungry for more fresh tunes from the veteran beat duo. Fortunately,... Read More


STS ft. Ebony Joi - Hold on to Faith [Stream]

Last we heard from STS, on a mid-September single off his next project, the Philly repper was on his $5,000 Coat Sh*t. The song was dope but, as someone whose coat cost like 1/50th of that amount, I found it a little bit... Read More


STS ft. Black Thought - $5,000 Dolla Coat Sh*t [Stream]

On the lead single off his next project, STS reminded us How Philly Use to Sound back in the day. Now, he’s snapped back to the present day to give us an taste of the City of Brotherly Love’s contemporary sound in... Read More


Sugar Tongue Slim (STS) ft. Dayne Jordan & DJ Jazzy Jeff - How Philly Use to Sound [Stream]

Today, the phrase “Philadelphia hip-hop” brings to mind Roc-A-Fella alumni like Freeway, Beanie Sigel and Chris & Neef, along with the more experimental sounds of The Roots. Before any of them, however, the City... Read More


Crookers x STS - Get Excited [Stream]

It’s time to Get Excited, Booth readers. Why? Well, buzzmaking beatsmith Crookers has blessed our pages with a debut feature, and it happens to come complete with bars from a longtime reader fave. Whining, wobbling... Read More


STS - Why Can’t I Say It [Stream]

Like a forbidden fruit, the “n-word” exerts a powerful temptation on white hip-hop fans. Those reckless enough to use it inevitably have numerous excuses ready and waiting for anyone who calls them on their careless talk.... Read More


S.T.S. ft. Nikki Jean & Rog Rebel - What More Can I Say [Stream]

Smooth, fun, refreshing and squeaky clean—What More Can I Say about the latest feature from S.T.S? I should call him by his full name, Sugar Tongue Slim, because his flow is something sweet. Backed by a strolling, whistling... Read More


S.T.S. - Heart on My Sleeve [Stream]

When I think of someone who wears their Heart on [Their] Sleeve, I imagine someone who’s candid and up-front about their feelings, especially in the context of romantic relationships. ATL/Philly dual repper S.T.S. may... Read More


STS - Hell Wrong [Stream]

STS may have a thing for element #79 on the periodic table (as evidenced by the title of his GOLDRush mixtape series), but that doesn’t mean he’s entirely down with hip-hop’s fixation on material wealth. In... Read More


STS - GOLDRush III [Album]

Longtime Booth fave STS returns with the third installment in his GOLDRush mixtape series. Sugar Tongue Slim is joined by producer DJ Bear One, who flips records from alternative acts like Kavinsky (with whom the artist... Read More


Khari Mateen ft. STS - Full Moon [Stream & Download]

Previously heard handling production duties for Tess Henley (From the Get Go), Money Making Jam Boys (Tear It Down) and numerous others, Philadelphia singer, songwriter and beatsmith Khari Mateen makes his first foray into... Read More


STS - Odd Look [Stream]

STS’ recent European tour, documented extensively in the official visuals for The Heavy, Purity Ring and Dripping in Gold, saw him performing alonside Kavinsky, the French producer best known for 2010 single Night Call.... Read More


STS - Dripping in Gold [Stream]

Just in case the titles of his acclaimed mixtape series (Gold Rush) and official site ( didn’t tip you off, Philly rhymesayer STS has a thing for element number 79 on the periodic table. More valuable to... Read More


STS - Purity Ring [Stream]

Two weeks ago, STS kicked off promotion for the next entry in his Gold Rush mixtape series with The Heavy, a reader-approved joint sampling the English rock band of the same name. For the follow-up, the Philly representative... Read More


STS - The Heavy [Stream]

STS - otherwise known as Sugar Tongue Slim - seems like a bit of a misnomer. The first ‘S’ should stand for “sharp” or “silver” because those words are a more accurate description of what... Read More


Hollywood FLOSS ft. STS & Rob Jay - Break It Down [Stream & Download]

Just what is it that sets Hollywood FLOSS apart from his peers in the game? Allow him to Break It Down for you. On a new EP single, his first feature since hooking up with the Booth to drop The Legend Continues back in... Read More


The Antiheroes ft. STS - 6 Degrees [Stream]

On Dooinit, a classic cut off 2000’s Like Water for Chocolate LP, Common touted his ability to size emcees up at a moment’s notice: “With Six Degrees, I separate MC’s, from a business man that’s... Read More


STS - GOLDRush II [Album]

STS (Sugar Tongue Slim) returns to with the release of GOLDRush II.Originally intended for an early summer release, GOLDRush II was postponed by a successful European tour. Now back in states, GOLDRush II finds STS flipping... Read More


Sugar Tongue Slim ft. Ed Sheeran - Waiting on the GOLDRush [Stream]

For his upcoming GOLDRush II project, Philly rapper Sugar Tongue Slim, also known by the less tongue-twisting nickname STS, adds a bit of a hip-hop twist to Ed Sheeran’s Gold Rush on his brand new record, Waiting On The... Read More


Down With Webster ft. STS & Kyle Lucas - I Want it All (Remix) [Stream & Download]

You can’t fault Down With Webster for a lack of ambition; not satisfied simply with toppling the current music-industry with Royalty, the Canadian rap-rock ensemble broaden their aspirations to encompass, well,... Read More


STS - If I Die Young [Stream]

While most of the new school is focused on swag and stacking currency, Philly MC (by way of ATL) Sugar Tongue Slim continues to prove that new school MCs can, in fact, stand right in line with the vets. The proof is evident... Read More


STS - GOLDRush [Stream]

With his brand new street album making big waves in The DJBooth and beyond, STS returns to stroke the buzz yet higher with the release of the set’s title track and accompanying video. On GOLDRush, DJ BearOne flips... Read More


STS - #GOLDRush [Album]

After a 10 week promotional campaign, longtime DJBooth fave STS has released his new digital project, #GOLDRush. The release features 15 “flipped” records, which cover previously released hits from Gotye... Read More


STS - Out of Control [Stream & Download]

A non-single standout off Britney Spears’ 2011 Femme Fatale LP, How I Roll gets a hip-hop makeover on the latest mixtape leak from Booth fave STS. On Out of Control,  MPIII and Schoolie V flip the original... Read More


STS ft. A$AP Ferg - Great Mood [Stream & Download]

When you’re in a Great Mood, there’s no sense in keeping it to yourself. On the latest leak off his forthcoming street album, leaked in an unfinished version in mid-December but presented here in its finished... Read More


STS - Down Hill [Stream]

STS’ grind hasn’t been easy but, now that the Philadelphia emcee’s “finally winnin’,” it’s all Down Hill from here. This newly-leaked mixtape inclusion sees Eric Hahn serving up an... Read More


Tony Williams ft. Kyle Lucas & STS - Caught Up [Stream & Download]

For the fourth single from his new Some of My Best Rappers Are Friends mixtape, G.O.O.D. Music crooner Tony Williams attacks being Caught Up alongside guests Kyle Lucas and STS – who coincidentally are also both DJBooth... Read More


STS - Cut Me Off [Stream & Download]

After flipping a series of popular tracks like Kavinsky’s Nightcall and Wale’s That Way, freestyle series alumnus STS has done it again with his latest release, Cut Me Off. Off of his forthcoming project,... Read More


Lushlife ft. STS & Jabee - Glistening [Stream & Download]

Not glimpsed in the Booth since way back in June 2009, when he brought us In Soft Focus, Lushlife returns to our pages with Glistening, a freshly-leaked cut off his latest full-length. Over his own piano-driven,... Read More


Pate ft. STS - Fun & Music [Stream & Download]

When you’re as dope an artist as STS, you’ve gotta have talented homies, right? Indeed—introduced to us by the Philadelphia-repping Booth fave (a guest on this record), first-time featuree Pate showcases... Read More


STS ft. Jon Hope & Nikkiya - Writings On The Wall [Stream]

Since the release of Run This Town by Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Rihanna, anthem styled tracks similar to the tone of RTT have been popping up around every corner. Most of the tracks that followed couldn’t carry the same... Read More


Emilio Rojas, STS, King Mez, Donny Goines, & Thee Tom Hardy - Posse Cut [Stream & Download]

You’ve gotta love truth in advertising. Posse Cut, is… a posse cut—a posse cut about the creation of a posse cut, no less. It’s also a veritable who’s-who of recent Booth favorites: showcasing their... Read More


STS - The Illustrious [Album]

After months of anticipation, the release of STS’ full-length debut, The Illustrious is finally here! This free album features 15 cuts from the Freestyle Series alum with appearances by Yelawolf, Fonzworth... Read More


Sean Falyon ft. STS & Nikki Jean - The Fix [Stream & Download]

Been fiending for new music from Sean Falyon? You’re in luck—the Booth fave (and freestyle alum) has come together with fellow Philly/Atlanta dual representative STS (also a freestyle alum) to bring you The Fix.... Read More


STS ft. Yelawolf - Hello Sunshine [Stream]

Everyone thinks rappers are a hard bunch, but in truth your favorite emcees can be cuddlier than a balloon full of puppies, sweeter than an ocean of gum drops and nicer than Mr. Rogers on Valium. Sometimes even emcees like... Read More


STS ft. Count Justice - WWW [Stream & Download]

On the surface, STS seems a gentleman and a scholar, with deep lyrical insights to match his considerable mic skills. Peel back the layers of sophistication, profundity and social consciousness, however, and you’ll find... Read More


STS - Cliché [Stream & Download]

Like all of you reading this, I’m spend most of my waking hours listening to hip-hop and often I feel like I’m hearing to the same song from different artists.  The exact players may change, but the game seems to... Read More


Shaun Boothe ft. STS - 1 2 3 [Stream & Download]

Recently heard demonstrating his Phone Sex skills on the inaugural leak off his Booth-hosted mixtape, T-dot fave (and freestyle series alum) Shaun Boothe takes a less intimate but equally dope approach on follow-up 1 2 3.... Read More


STS - The Interview [Stream & Download]

I feel bad for artists, I really do. Unless you’re sitting down with our very own DJ Z the chances are high that you’re being subjected to yet another copy and paste interview; the same questions, the same topics, over... Read More


STS - Only One [Freestyle] [Stream & Download]

Fresh off the downright spectacular STSisGOLD, Philly repper STS returns with yet more proof of his lyrical prowess—this time in the form of a fresh, unreleased freestyle. On Only One, a Pr1me‘s sample of the... Read More


STS - STSisGOLD [Stream & Download]

Even when everything else is going down the tube, gold is one substance whose value you can depend on. At least, that’s what I heard on the Glenn Beck Program. Whatever the case may be, STS’ latest single is yet... Read More


Vonnegutt ft. Cutty Cartel, Aleon Craft & STS - What A Job [Stream & Download]

As those who have been paying attention to the Booth lately already know, hard-to-define crew Vonnegutt have been prepping to release their paradoxically titled $Free.99 project for a little while now (see previous release... Read More


STS ft. GLC - Pimpin and Preachin [Stream & Download]

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m world renowned for two things; my pimpin and my preachin. Oh, I’m actually best known for my off-kilter hip-hop reviews and my ability to make delicious grilled cheese sandwiches, but... Read More


STS - The Play [Stream & Download]

Just what is it that makes the gangster such an fascinating, mythic figure in American culture? The opinions of conservative pundits notwithstanding, rappers didn’t invent the romanticization of organized crime, but... Read More


STS ft. Joell Ortiz & Dave Guy - The People (Remix) [Stream & Download]

With a title like Demand More 2, is it any wonder that, a year and change after the release of STS’ Booth-sponsored street album, fans are… well… demanding more? Never one to neglect the needs of The... Read More


STS ft. Tony Williams & Freddie Gibbs - Cloud of Endo [Stream & Download]

On the latest leak off the forthcoming third volume in their 808 Experiment series, SMKA hook up with STS and Freddie Gibbs to enjoy a little high-quality kush. Backed by the ATL beat crew’s mellow, bell-laced... Read More


Kyle Lucas ft. STS & Pierce The Veil - Picking up the Pieces [Stream & Download]

“Emo rap” is less a genre label than a term used to denigrate emcees who indulge their sensitive side, but Kyle Lucas has apparently decided to take that appellation and run with it. Having declared his attraction to... Read More


GhostWridah x STS x Sean Falyon - Future Presidents [Stream & Download]

What’s changed in the game since ‘96, when an enterprising young emcee by the name of Shawn Carter announced (in the words of his Big Apple neighbor, Nas), “I’m out for dead presidents to represent me.”?... Read More


A Look Back at Pac Div & STS Rocking DJBooth’s S.O.B.‘s Stage (Video) [Feature ]

As DJBooth prepares to rock its next showcase at New York City's S.O.B.'s, we thought we'd take one last look at our previous stage burning session. So take a minute to watch some live performances from headliners Pac Div and... Read More


Pac Div, STS, Black Thought & More Rock DJBooth’s Stage in NYC (Exclusive Coverage) [Feature ]

All photos provided by Rage One New York, N.Y. -- Like DJBooth's previous showcases featuring Big K.R.I.T. and Phil Ade at New York City's legendary club S.O.B.'s, September 29's event was a night that will go down in... Read More


Black Thought & Truck North Make Surprise Appearance at Booth-Sponsored Showcase [Video] [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Last night, Pac Div, Von Pea, STS and Beyond Belief for a Booth-sponsored showcase at NYC venue S.O.B.'s. During STS' set, the Philly representative was joined by two special guests; The Roots frontman Black... Read More


Pac Div, STS, Von Pea & Beyond Belief to Play Booth-Sponsored Showcase at S.O.B.‘s [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Fresh off our August 24, showcase in L.A., has enlisted another star-studded lineup of reader favorites to rock the stage at SoHo venue SOB's. Going down Wednesday, September 29, the show will... Read More


Aleon Craft, Gryp Plyaz, STS & More Light Up Atlanta’s Stargazing Tour [Feature ]

In a city called the Mecca of southern Hip-Hop, it seems every year a handful of indie emcees begin to grab the eyes of many Hip-Hop heads all over the world. Hosted by Atlanta producers SMKA, The Atlanta Stargazing Tour... Read More


Aleon Craft to Join Forces With Sean Falyon, Vonnegutt and More at ATL’s Star Bar [Feature ]

Atlanta, Ga. -- "A Different World" emcee Aleon Craft has enlisted a bevy of Booth-approved artists for the latest stop in his Atlanta Stargazing Tour, a six-concert series held at various venues in his home city. Going down... Read More


STS ft. Donwill - Sole Music (Remix) [Stream]

Why do some guys stand in line for hours to pick up the latest Yeezy’s or Space Jam Jordans? One word – passion. Passion to be the freshest guy out, passion to have the latest gear, and passion that your gear will attract... Read More


Kingpen Slim ft. Wale, STS & Phil Adé - The Way You Move [Premiere] [Stream]

With the Outkast member back in the spotlight thanks to stellar solo debut Sir Lucious Left Foot, the title of DMV rapper (and exclusive freestyle series alum) Kingpen Slim‘s latest feature is bound to bring Big... Read More


Gilbere Forte’ ft. STS - My Time [Stream]

If you’re not already on EST, you may want to reset your clocks; on his first Booth feature Gilbere Forte’ informs hip-hop heads worldwide: “This is My Time.” Here, the Philly-based up-and-comer joins up with... Read More


The Multitalented B.o.B Rocks Stage at SOB’s [Exclusive Coverage] [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. – History has proven that it is not easy for artists who refuse to be boxed into a single musical genre. When B.o.B sat down with DJ Z in February, he discussed what it was like to warm up audiences worldwide... Read More


STS - Demand More 2 [Album]

STS, the ATL/Philly representative formerly known as Sugar Tongue Slim, has teamed up with Tapemasters, Inc. and to bring fans the second installment of his Demand More mixtape series. The hotly-anticipated... Read More


STS ft. Black Thought, Truck North, & Dice Raw - Ill Street Blues [Stream]

If you were old enough to comprehend cop dramas in the 1980s, you may have fond memories of Hill Street Blues. I wasn’t alive during its run, so I couldn’t tell you whether STS’ latest feature, Ill Street... Read More


STS - F*ck a Hook [Stream]

Parachute, STS’ last feature (his first under his slimmed-down stage name) earned largely positive feedback in the Booth, but readers seemed to agree that the track’s chorus was its weak link. Well, looks like the... Read More


Nappy Roots ft. STS - Dippin & Dodgin [Stream]

The Nappy Roots have been on something of a a Booth hot streak lately – judging by the reader response to mixtape cut P.O.N. (off SMKA‘s The 808 Experiment (Vol. 2)) and recently-released lead single Ride, the... Read More


STS ft. Cassidy & RL - Parachute [Stream]

Back in the Booth after nearly a year’s absence, Sugar Tongue Slim has slimmed down in the stage-name department since we last saw him; the Philadelphia/Atlanta dual representative now goes by the sleeker STS. As... Read More


Sugar Tongue Slim - I Love Hip-Hop [Stream & Download]

The fourth entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Sugar Tongue Slim, who spits over Mike Caren‘s beat from Asher Roth‘s I Love College on his brand new I Love Hip-Hop freestyle.  In... Read More

Sugar Tongue Slim Spits “I Love Hip-Hop” Freestyle [Feature ]

New York, NY -- On Monday, NYC rapper Outasight stepped into the Booth to bring us "Rehearsal Tape," the third entry in our Freestyle Series. The fourth installment comes to us courtesy of ATL emcee Sugar Tongue... Read More