New Sulaiman Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Sulaiman - Time Space Continuum ft. Da$h [Stream & Download]

It’s been over two years since Sulaiman‘s last headlining Booth feature, but the Chicago emcee makes his return today, nearly disrupting the Time Space Continuum in the process (okay, that may be extreme). Joined... Read More


C. Rich ft. DAVE & Sulaiman - No Way [Stream & Download]

Though the chaos in Ferguson, Missouri has died down, the emotions sparked by Michael Brown’s shooting continue to smolder among Americans of all colors. The latest of many rappers to offer their perspectives on the... Read More


YP ft. KAM & Sulaiman - Take Flight [Stream]

YP doesn’t need a boarding pass or an aircraft in order to Take Flight; he simply rolls a blunt, lights it up, and he’s 40,000 feet in the air. On a freshly-minted standout off his latest mixtape, the Chicago... Read More


White Gzus ft. Sulaiman - Where It’s At (Clasick Mix) [Stream]

Two buzzmaking spitters from the Windy City, Gzus Piece and Blanco Caine have joined forced to form aptly-named duo White Gzus. Our introduction to the rappers both individully and as a duo, promo single Where It’s At... Read More


Chuck Inglish ft. Sulaiman & DJ Izzo - Keith Sweat [Stream]

Though Chuck Inglish dropped his solo studio debut this past April, the Michigan repper’s reached a little bit farther back for his latest Booth feature. Keith Sweat was originally released as part of 2013’s... Read More


Local Nobodies - Last Breath [Stream & Download]

It’s been a hot minute since we featured any fresh collaborative material from Windy City singer/songwriter Chris Mathien and L.A.-by-way-of-Chicago spitter Sulaiman; Feets Desire hit the Booth way back in February of... Read More


Na$im Williams ft. Scheme, Sulaiman & Doc - 61 Lilies [Stream]

If you celebrated the Fourth of July with a long day of drinking for America, you might be a little, uh, under the weather today. Still, for true hip-hop heads, the hunger for new music never stops. While you might not be in... Read More


Local Nobodies ft. Vic Spencer - Feets Desire [Stream & Download]

Most people don’t think of their feet as having wants and needs (aside from the occasional rest), but Sulaiman and Chris Mathien‘s lower extremities are evidently more opinionated than most. On their latest effort... Read More


Sulaiman - F**k Everything [Stream & Download]

Now that we are nearing the end of the work week, with Friday only a day away, you might find yourself saying “f**k it” and checking out for the week. If it’s been a really long week, you might be like Sulaiman and... Read More


Local Nobodies - Runaway [Stream & Download]

Back in January, Windy City singer/songwriter/producer Chris Mathien and Chicago-born, L.A.-based emcee Sulaiman stepped into The DJBooth with Cannonball Adderall (Wake Me Down), their first release under the “Local... Read More


Rich Jones ft. Troy Boy & Sulaiman - How I Live [Stream & Download]

If hip-hop were to form a Better Business Bureau-style organization to ensure a standard of realness in rhymes, how many rap albums do you think would qualify for that coveted seal of 100% authenticity? Yeah, not so many.... Read More


Local Nobodies - Cannonball Adderall (Wake Me Down) [Stream & Download]

Fresh off the December release of their first full-length as a duo, the aptly-titled Mathien and Sulaiman Make a Record, singer/songwriter/producer Chris Mathien and rapper Sulaiman are taking their collaborative relationship... Read More


Ill Legit, Pugs Atomz, N.E.P.H.E.W. & Sulaiman - Star Time [Stream & Download]

At this point, I think we’re all agreed that rumors of hip-hop’s death were greatly exaggerated. While the fact that the genre was alive and kicking all along calls into question the idea of a Rebirth (not to... Read More


Mathien & Sulaiman - Breathe In (Let Go) [Stream & Download]

As a Minne-ap resident, I’ve heard many say that our frigid winters only make spring and summer all the more enjoyable. While I don’t buy it for a second where weather’s concerned, the sentiment does ring... Read More