New T.Gaines Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


T.Gaines - Dance [Stream & Download]

If it was left up to T.Gaines, well, “we gon Dance in the nighttime.” Currently working on the follow-up to 2014’s The Groove God, the Chicago up-and-comer released two records earlier today, one of which... Read More


T.Gaines - Sky High [Stream & Download]

Need a little pick-me-up? You’ve come to the right place. Give T.Gaines‘s latest single a spin and, if you’re not Sky High by the end of the track, we’ll give you double your money back. (Yes, zero... Read More


T.Gaines - SevenSeven [Stream]

It’s been a while since last we brought y’all some new material from T. Gaines; Fake Sing hit our front page back in September of 2013. What’s he been up to in the interim? Stacking paper, of course. On... Read More


T.Gaines - Fake Sing [Stream]

On his recent debut feature, T. Gaines boldly proclaimed that, as far as mic skills are concerned, he’s Better Than Hova. But that’s not all; the Chicago repper can also Fake Sing with the best of ‘em. (And... Read More


T.Gaines - Better Than Hov [Stream]

Booth newcomer T. Gaines might not have a Basquiat painting, Beyoncé as his wife or an NBA team, but when it comes to what really matters—mic skills—he is Better Than Hov. The Windy City native ain’t just talk; he... Read More