New Taio Cruz Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Taio Cruz - Do What You Like [Stream]

It’s been nearly a full year since we last heard from Taio Cruz, but the UK phenom returns today with a freshly-minted self-produced single, Do What You Like. Taken from his upcoming Roses project, this smooth jam comes... Read More


Taio Cruz - Don’t You Dare [Stream]

Thinking of hitting the “back” button and navigating away from this page without listening to the latest feature from UK phenom Taio Cruz? Don’t You Dare! OK, I guess you can if you really want to, but I’m... Read More


Taio Cruz - Fast Car [Stream]

Now that singer Taio Cruz has finally recovered from that Hangover with Flo Rida, the Pop Prince is back on our pages thanks to his latest single Fast Car. While the London native’s past Booth-featured releases have... Read More


Taio Cruz ft. Flo-Rida - Hangover [Stream]

Apparently, Taio Cruz partied a little too hard last night—on his latest effort, the newest single off his forthcoming junior set, the UK pop singer suffers from a downright epic Hangover. His solution? Hook up with Flo... Read More


David Guetta ft. Taio Cruz & Ludacris - Little Bad Girl [Stream]

David Guetta‘s last Booth-featured single, Where Dem Girls At, found guest star Flo Rida suffering from what a social psychologist would call choice overload: with so many fine females at the local spot, the decision of... Read More


Taio Cruz - Dynamite [Stream]

It’s been said that “insanity” can be defined as performing the same activity over and over and expecting a different result. I never thought I could possibly be insane until this morning when I tried to play Taio... Read More


Taio Cruz ft. Ludacris - Break Your Heart (Remix) [Stream]

Ever since the founding fathers decided to revolt against the crown Americans have been suspicious of anything coming from the U.K., but just like The Beatles and Rolling Stones in the ‘60s, a new generation of English... Read More


Taio Cruz ft. Sugababes & Busta Rhymes - She’s Like a Star (Remix) [Stream]

Prior to the release of his debut album, Departure, this past March, Taio Cruz spent plenty of time inside our DJBooth.  Last summer, his debut single, Moving On made a great first impression with our members and since... Read More


Taio Cruz ft. Estelle - I Can Be (Remix) [Stream]

For many cities across the U.S., weather in the months of April and May are completely unpredictable; sunny and 75 degrees one day, overcast and rainy with a low of 50 degrees the next.  Believe it or not,... Read More


Taio Cruz - Take You Away [Stream]

The Movie continues as more material from U.K. singer/producer Taio Cruz surfaces.  The latest song to pop up on U.S. radar is the Timbaland-esque, Take You Away, in which Taio politely asks the women of the world to... Read More


Taio Cruz - I Can’t Say Go [Stream]

He loves a woman.  For that simple reason, U.K. triple-threat (singer/songwriter/producer) Taio Cruz declares, “I Can’t Say Go.”  While I applaud Taio (pronounced Ty-O) for being a man and clearly admitting he... Read More


Taio Cruz - Moving On [Stream]

U.K. singer/producer Taio Cruz (pronounced Ty-O) is the definition of international appeal.  Born in London, but of Nigerian and Brazilian decent, the multi-faceted musician has taken the radio waves by storm with his... Read More