New Tayyib Ali Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Tayyib Ali - Unfair [Stream & Download]

Update: The Jon Kaufman-directed visuals for Tayyib Ali’s Unfair have been added. Tayyib Ali has been releasing heaters over the last couple weeks in anticipation of his forthcoming Ali project, first showing us how to... Read More


Tayyib Ali - ALI [Album]

After years of building buzz with his Keystone State of Mind series, Philly emcee and longtime Booth regular Tayyib Ali takes his career to the next level with the release of his formal debut album, ALI. Ranging from pure... Read More


Tayyib Ali - 100 Bands [Stream]

“What would you do with 100 Bands?” Tayyib Ali poses that question on the first official single from his forthcoming project and the follow-up to last week’s Live on the Road II, a laid-back jam produced by... Read More


Tayyib Ali - Live on the Road II ft. Dave Patten [Stream]

Tayyib Ali is gearing up for the June 21 release of Ali, his newest project and the follow-up to last fall’s Keystone State of Mind III. In preparation, the Philly buzzmaker drops off his latest video for the Ben... Read More


Tayyib Ali - Keystone State of Mind III [Album]

In anticipation of its release as a digital download tomorrow, November 25, Tayyib Ali is offering up his latest project, Keystone State of Mind III, for free, full streaming exclusively in The DJBooth. The third and final... Read More


Tayyib Ali ft. A$AP Ant & Lil Uzi Vert - Drop [Stream]

Though the project has been in the works for a hot minute now, we still don’t know when Tayyib Ali‘s next mixtape is going to Drop. On the bright side, though, the Philly representative has unleashed a brand new... Read More


Tayyib Ali ft. Pizzle - Put You on Game [Stream]

On his last feature, July’s Came Up, Tayyib Ali boasted about his financial success and the female attention it’s garnered him. He didn’t go into the question of how others might achieve his level of... Read More


Tayyib Ali - Came Up [Stream]

Ever since Tayyib Ali Came Up, his name has been on the lips of fly women in his hometown and beyond. On his latest promo single, coming on the heels of May’s Do It (High School Dropout), the Philly representative takes... Read More


Tayyib Ali - Do It (High School Dropout) [Stream]

Fresh off inking a deal with Russell Simmons’s newly-launched ADD52 label, Tayyib Ali kicks off the latest chapter of his career with freshly-minted promo single Do It (High School Dropout). Here, a soulful Teddy Roxpin... Read More


Tayyib Ali - Give a Fvck [Stream]

Every artist needs a quality single (Just ask Jay Elec.) to help (properly) build excitement for an upcoming project. After hearing the latest effort from Tayyib Ali, you will certainly Give a Fvck about his forthcoming... Read More


Win a Swag Pack from Tayyib Ali and DJBooth! [Update - Closed] [Feature ]

Fresh off the release of the reader acclaimed Carmelo, Tayyib Ali and The DJBooth have teamed up to celebrate the third installment of the Keystone State of Mind series, due to drop on March 20. We're talking a full on Ali... Read More


Tayyib Ali - Carmelo [Stream]

On Tayyib Ali‘s last feature, a February song release off his forthcoming mixtape, the Philly representative let us know he was’t about to settle for a piece of the pie—he wants it all. Which isn’t to say... Read More


Tayyib Ali - I Want It All [Stream & Download]

Tayyib Ali isn’t simply grinding for his piece of the pie; he wants the whole damn thing. Fresh off this month’s release of mixtape inclusion Put Ya Hands Up, the unsigned Philly repper returns to our front page... Read More


Tayyib Ali - Put Ya Hands Up [Stream]

I don’t give a f**k if you have roommates, or you’re browsing the Booth on your smartphone in a public; Put Ya Hands Up for Tayyib Ali! On the latest promo single off his next street album, coming on the heels of... Read More


Tayyib Ali - No Other Way [Stream]

Hey, Tayyib Ali, making us wait a full year for new material is just too long. Sorry to be so blunt, but there was No Other Way to drive the point home. Though his last Booth feature received plenty of positive reviews Way... Read More


Shwayze ft. Tayyib Ali - All I Know [Stream]

On his last featured cut, Shwayze stated his preference for jump-offs over relationships, declaring, “I ain’t lookin’ for love, man. / I don’t need it.” Fast-forward eight months, and he’s changed... Read More


Tayyib Ali & Cisco Adler - Way Back When [Stream]

Though succeeding in the rap game requires a laser focus on the road ahead, it’s hard to resist the occasional glance in the rear-view. On Back in the Day, the inaugural song release off their forthcoming collaborative... Read More


Tayyib Ali ft. Gilbere Forte - Stuntin’ [Stream]

Tayyib Ali‘s last solo feature, March promo single Dear Lord, found the Philly buzzmaker offering his prayers to those who are struggling just to put food on the table. Today, the buzzmaker returns to express gratitude... Read More


Jared Evan ft. Wax, Tayyib Ali & Emilio Rojas - Charlie Brown (Remix) [Stream & Download]

On EP single Charlie Brown, Jared Evan revisited his years as an adolescent outcast and bullying victim, comparing himself to the doleful, prematurely-balding protagonist of Charles Schultz’ Peanuts comic strips.... Read More


Tayyib Ali - Dear Lord [Stream & Download]

As Kanye West so famously pointed on Jesus Walks, while songs about massive drug use, unapologetic crime, illicit sex and domineering abuse are considered just another day in hip-hop, a rapper who mentions his faith will find... Read More


Tayyib Ali ft. Devin Miles - 412/215 [Stream & Download]

Two of the most talented representatives of their respective hometowns, Philadelphia’s Tayyib Ali and Pittsburgh’s Devin Miles collide on the former’s latest promo single, Keystone State anthem 412/215.... Read More


The DJBooth Presents: David Dallas “The Rose Tint” Release Show at NYC’s Mercury Lounge [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- The DJBooth has teamed up with David Dallas to celebrate the release of the New Zealand-bred, NYC-based emcee's The Rose Tint LP with an evening of music at the Lower East Side's Mercury Lounge. Going down... Read More


David Dallas ft. Tayyib Ali & The Kid Daytona - Feel Like Oasis [Stream & Download]

When I first saw the title of David Dallas’ single the only thing I could think was, “What exactly does it feel like to Feel Like Oasis?” I imagine it’d feel like coke overdoses, empty bottles of whiskey and punching... Read More


Tayyib Ali - Do It [Video]

Seeing the success Tayyib Ali has been achieving, it makes me wonder if I should drop out of high school… Ok, so maybe that wouldn’t be the best idea, but there’s no denying that Ali has talent, as seen here... Read More


Tayyib Ali - Do It [Stream & Download]

Having spit about his taste in women and his love for his (adopted) home state on previous features, Philly-to-Los Angeles transplant Tayyib Ali tells his own story on the latest leak off his sophomore mixtape. On Do It, a... Read More


Tayyib Ali ft. Amandi - Supermodel [Stream & Download]

With the release of Keystone State of Mind two short weeks away, California Love emcee Tayyib Ali returns to the Booth with his third single, Supermodel. Concept & Café Society handle production, serving up a breezy... Read More


Tayyib Ali - California Love [Stream & Download]

Booth newcomer Tayyib Ali may hail originally from the City of Brotherly Love, but who’s to say you can’t make room in your heart for more than one patch of home turf? Having left Philly for the City of Angels,... Read More