New Thad Reid Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Thad Reid - Unadulterated Reid [Album]

Thad Reid has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest digital full-length, Unadulterated Reid. A concept album broken up into four sections, the project presents the Virginia native's most personal work... Read More


Thad Reid - Bruce Leroy [Stream]

The Last Dragon a 1985 cult classic by director Barry Gordy, follows a teenager named Leroy Green who longs to become like his idol, Bruce Lee. Because of the character’s obsession with the star of Enter the Dragon,... Read More


Thad Reid - Best Friends [Stream & Download]

They say your spouse/significant other should be your best friend, but Thad Reid doesn’t see it that way. On the latest single release off his new Booth-hosted street album, Reid poses some preliminary questions to a... Read More


Thad Reid - The Attic [Album]

Virginia rhymesayer Thad Reid has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest street release, The Attic. The official mixtape prelude to forthcoming studio album Unadulterated Reid (coming this summer), the... Read More


Thad Reid - It Gets Better [Stream & Download]

If today’s feature lineup at The DJBooth isn’t up your musical alley, Thad Reid has arrived to declare that It Gets Better. The song will be found on Reid’s forthcoming project The Attic, a collection of... Read More


Thad Reid ft. Don Suave - RedLine [Stream]

Been craving something new from Thad Reid since the Blue Collar rhymesayer made his last Booth appearance with May 2012’s The Saga Pt. 3? You’re in luck; today, he returns to kick off his 2013 with a brand new... Read More


Thad Reid - The Saga Pt. 3 [Stream & Download]

Have you been waiting with bated breath for the third chapter in Thad Reid‘s epic saga? I wasn’t, for the simple reason that I wasn’t aware there was a sage in process—nonetheless, The Saga Pt. 3 is as... Read More


Shuko x Thad Reid - Rain [Stream]

Previously heard collaborating on the reader-acclaimed Can’t Live Without You, German beatsmith Shuko and DMV rhymesayer Thad Reid rejoin forces to bring us Rain, the latest entry in the former’s THE COLLECTION... Read More


Thad Reid ft. V. Rich - Arrived [Stream & Download]

Ladies and gentleman, Thad Reid has Arrived. The final single off his new, DJBooth/KevinNottingham co-sponsored release, this slow-rolling selection finds the Virginia repper and freestyle series alum celebrating his... Read More


Thad Reid - Tyme Flys EP [Album]

Virginia rhymesayer Thad Reid has come together with The DJBooth, Kevin Nottingham, Blue Collar Muzik and Better Beat Bureau to bring listeners his latest street release, the Tyme Flys EP. The project features six original... Read More


Thad Reid - Cool to Touch [Stream]

For most guys, no amount of practice can entirely quash the sweaty palms, racing heart and vocal stumbles that come with striking up a conversation with a beautiful woman—that is, if you’re even able to work up the... Read More


Thad Reid - Ownma Mind [Stream & Download]

Thad Reid is as Blue Collar as they come but, in the “everyday struggle” that characterizes today’s economic climate, making even a modest living requires a laserlike focus on that paper. On Ownma Mind, the... Read More


Thad Reid - Small Padded Room [Freestyle] [Stream & Download]

Looks like the all the “Drudgery” Thad Reid described on his last feature may finally have driven him up the wall. The Virginia spitter’s loss of sanity, however, is our gain—on Small Padded Room, a... Read More


Thad Reid - Work (Drudgery) [Stream & Download]

As a Blue Collar emcee, Thad Reid is well aware that “Work”  is often a code word for Drudgery. On a fresh mixtape leak, the Virginia repper (and freestyle series alum) commiserates with those on their... Read More


Thad Reid - Unholy War [Stream & Download]

You know who we haven’t heard from in a minute? DMV repper Thad Reid. You know who we haven’t heard from in a really long minute? Soul songstress-turned-tabloid staple Amy Winehouse. Today, the former returns with... Read More


DJ Mickey Knox ft. Thad Reid, Jon Hope & 6th Sense - Fatal Attraction [Stream]

In 1987 film Fatal Attraction, a Manhattan attorney’s life gets turned upside-down when a woman with whom he’d had an affair reveals herself as a crazed and violent stalker. DJ Mickey Knox’... Read More


Thad Reid - Stratosphere [Stream]

Just how fly is Blue Collar Muzik emcee and reader favorite Thad Reid? Well, based on this standout track off his latest street album, you can expect to find him anywhere between six and 31 miles above the Earth’s... Read More


Thad Reid - Target Practice [Album]

Blue Collar emcee Thad Reid goes back to the hip-hop basics on his latest mixtape, the Target Practice. Mixed by DJ Mickey Knox, the 14-track street album finds the DMV buzzmaker focused, first and... Read More


Thad Reid ft. K-Beta, RAtheMC - Same As We Ever Was [Premiere] [Stream]

Owww, the inaugural leak off Thad Reid‘s forthcoming street album, could hardly have been more aptly titled, since it was a massive hit with most of our readers (and getting hit hurts, you know?). With world premiere... Read More


Thad Reid - Owww [Premiere] [Stream]

Fresh off the late-March release of his last mixtape leak, the Booth-approved We Won’t Stop, Blue Collar Muzik emcee Thad Reid is back to bring us the world premiere of Owww! S**t, I just sprained my finger typing that... Read More


Thad Reid - We Won’t Stop [Stream]

It’s not easy being the Voice of the Commonwealth, but the always lyrically laced Thad Reid makes it sound that way. Although we haven’t heard from the Virginia representer since way back in November on his Booth approved... Read More


Thad Reid - Suffer Too [Stream]

The word “suffer” has seemed to reemerge into America’s vernacular lately. It’s been used to describe a variety of events in the U.S. recently, from the economic downturn to enduring being stuck in traffic with... Read More


Thad Reid Shouts-Out DJBooth in “Blog 48” Video [Feature ]

Alexandria, Va. -- In a newly-released music video, Thad Reid pays tribute to all his favorite music sites and blogs. Around the 1:32 mark, the Blue Collar Muzik emcee shouts-out this very site, spitting, "I'm tellin' you... Read More


Booth Regular Thad Reid Offering “Paid Time Off” [Download] [Feature ]

Virginia -- In this past summer's Paid Time Off series, Blue Collar emcee Thad Reid brought listeners across the 'net a brand new single on the 1st and 15th of each month. Now, the artist's compiled all five entries... Read More


Akshan ft. Thad Reid - Functional Addict [Stream]

Previously heard on the hooks of Thad Reid‘s Cruzin’ and Look My Way, Jamaican-born, Atlanta-based singer Akshan has cashed in his favors and enlisted the Blue Collar emcee for his first Booth feature as a... Read More


Thad Reid ft. Akshan - Look My Way [Stream]

Ah, love—the one chemical high you can enjoy wherever and whenever you please, without fear of getting locked up or fired from your job.  Making its exclusive world premiere right here in the Booth (the track... Read More


Thad Reid ft. K-Beta & Flip- Life Soldiers [Stream]

With the first installment of his Paid Time Off EP/online series, Blue Collar/For the People emcee Thad Reid set out to put the populism back into popular music with a track expressing the relief all us working stiffs feel... Read More


Thad Reid ft. Range - Payday [Stream]

Underground emcee Thad Reid might not operate on a nine-to-five schedule, but, he’s clearly got a place in his heart for those who do; with his new online series/EP, the Virginia rapper is treating us working stiffs to... Read More

Fresh Off His Freestyle, Thad Reid Drops “Commonwealth Muzik” [Free Download] [Feature ]

Alexandria, VA -- Thad Reid, the Blue Collar Muzik emcee whose exclusive "Watertight Flow" freestyle hit our front page on Monday, is back in the Booth with a brand new mixtape. Featuring the aforementioned freestyle and 11... Read More


Thad Reid Shows off His “Watertight Flow” In DJBooth-Exclusive Freestyle #27 [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Thad Reid, the Blue Collar Muzik emcee whose last feature, "The Reason," earned rave reviews when we premiered it back in December of '08, has stepped into the Booth to bring us the 27th entry in our... Read More


Thad Reid - Watertight Flow [Stream & Download]

The 27th entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Thad Reid, the Blue Collar Muzik signee most recently heard on The Reason, a cut that earned rave reviews from our regulars when we premiered it back in... Read More


Thad Reid - The Reason [Stream]

Over the past two years, has grown a reputation as one of the leading online music magazines, which has given us the opportunity to premiere records by some of your favorite artists. Since we stop at nothing to... Read More


Thad Reid ft. Akshan - Cruzin’ [Stream]

While Portsmouth (Timbo, Missy), Hampton Roads (Pharrell, Clipse), Petersburg (Trey Songz) and even the small town of Tappahannock (Chris Brown) have given Virginia hip-hop and R&B noteriety, the city of Alexandria... Read More


Thad Reid - Can’t Live Without You (Functional Addict 2) [Stream]

“Braggadocio” is one of hip-hop’s bywords; if they’re not bragging of their own skills on the mic, emcees aren’t doing much to up their publicity. No underground rapper has taken this more to heart than Alexandria,... Read More