New The Audible Doctor Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


DJ J Hart - Mean Street$ ft. Rich Quick, The Audible Doctor, Nutso & Davenport Grimes [Stream]

It can be hard out here in these Mean Street$, whether you’re referring to here in the U.S. or to Paris, France, the hometown of DJ J Hart. The deejay/producer makes his first Booth feature today with the world premiere... Read More


J57 - Soarin’ Like Jordan ft. Archie Bang & The Audible Doctor [Stream]

It’s Been a Long Time since J57‘s last headlined a DJBooth feature, but the Brown Bag All-Stars rapper/producer is back and Soarin’ Like Jordan on his latest self-produced release. Archie Bang and Brown Bag... Read More


The Audible Doctor ft. Astro & Hassaan Mickey - Chocolate Covered Liar [Stream]

The wait for The Audible Doctor‘s latest EP was long—ironically so, given its title—but, at long last, the set has hit online retailers. This rueful, soul-sampled jam is based around the most appetizing metaphor for... Read More


The Audible Doctor ft. Guilty Simpson - Leave Me Alone [Stream]

Some musicians love to shoot the breeze with their fans. The Audible Doctor apparently ain’t one of ‘em. On a new single off his next EP, the Wisconsin-born beatsmith and emcee urges listeners to keep a healthy... Read More


The Audible Doctor ft. Bumpy Knuckles- The Beast [Stream]

Despite featuring the lyrical stylings of NYC mainstay Consequence, single numero uno off The Audible Doctor‘s next solo set received a lukewarm reception on our pages. But the AMD/Brown Bag rapper and beatsmith... Read More


Audible Doctor x Consequence - No Future [Stream]

The Audible Doctor may be a master of musical medicine, but there are some cases so dire even he can’t save them. On single numero uno off his forthcoming EP, the Wisconsin-born beatsmith enlists Consequence to help him... Read More


The Audible Doctor ft. Chaundon - Dirty N*gga [Stream]

Unlike most members of the medical profession, The Audible Doctor isn’t a stickler about hygiene. In fact, the Brooklyn-based rapper/producer likes to keep it nice and grimy. On new EP single Dirty N*gga, released along... Read More


Audible Doctor ft. Oddisee & Hassaan Mackey - The Vibe [Stream]

I love when producers opt to create a full project over an instrumental tape. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love a good beat, but there’s something about the fullness of adding quality rappers onto a track that... Read More


Audimatic (Audible Doctor x maticulous) - Closer [Stream & Download]

For some artists, making a dope song can be hit or miss, while others never truly hit ever. For duo Audible Doctor and maticulous, however, its Audimatic. The twosome prove this on Closer, an excellently well-constructed new... Read More


DeeJay Element ft. Sene, ScienZe & Audible Doctor - Complex Individuals [Stream & Download]

Later this week, Brown Bag AllStar and DJBooth regular DeeJay Element will be flying to Miami to compete as one of three finalists in Complex and McDonalds’ Flavor Battle contest. Before leaving town, though, he wanted... Read More


Audible Doctor ft. J NICS - Bars Of Death (Remix) [Stream & Download]

When The Audible Doctor picks up a microphone, you’d best get to stepping; otherwise, you risk becoming the target of his 16 Bars of Death. The official remix of a cut off his just-released Winter Tape, this version of... Read More


REKS ft. J NICS - Bang Bang (Audible Doctor Remix) [Stream & Download]

What’s better than a freshly grilled burger on a sunny day? A freshly grilled cheeseburger (unless you’re lactose intolerant that is) on a sunny day. It’s crazy to think how one little change can take something you... Read More


The Audible Doctor - Warm Pavement [Stream]

Although we only have a few days until Madison, Wisconsin-born, Brooklyn-based producer The Audible Doctor‘s Doctorin’ instrumental album becomes the envy of every beatsmith-lacking emcee this side of the equator,... Read More


Audible Doctor ft. Blacastan & Wise Intelligent (of Poor Righteous Teachers) - Genuine [Stream & Download]

How do you tell fake hip-hop from the Genuine article? Since you can’t scribble on a record with a counterfeit detector pen, or test its resistance with your teeth as if it were a gold doubloon, you’ve pretty much... Read More


The Audible Doctor ft. Chuuwee - Resonate [Stream & Download]

Suffering from stress? The Audible Doctor‘s got the cure for what ails you. On this freshly-released EP cut, the artist’s first feature since April’s Success (Part 1), the Brown Bag All Stars-affiliated... Read More


Audimatic (The Audible Doctor x maticulous) - Hoarse [Stream]

After receiving reader acclaim for their Broken Cup (Remix), Audimatic (made up of rapper/producers maticulous and Audible Doctor) are back with the Jesse Mechanic-directed video for the other half of their dual single. On... Read More


The Audible Doctor ft. Chaundon - Success (Part 1) [Stream & Download]

It’s a tough life out there for an up-and-coming artist, but The Audible Doctor‘s determined to get his shine. On Success (Part 1) , the NYC rapper/producer cooks up a gritty, sampled instrumental to back himself... Read More


Audible Doctor x maticulous - Broken Cup [Stream]

Not succumbing to the pain of the struggle is a theme that can be heard in every genre of music, but it’s the “rise from the fire like a Phoenix” attitude that hip-hop exudes which captures the pursuit of success the... Read More


Audible Doctor ft. Various Artists - Stayin’ Busy (Remix) [Stream & Download]

The Audible Doctor hasn’t stepped into the Booth with a new feature since May, but rest assured the Big Apple beatsmith’s been Stayin’ Busy—really busy, considering the work that must have gone into... Read More


Audible Doctor ft. June Haze - Church Night (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Audible Doctor isn’t your typical medical practitioner – for one thing, the NYC native churns out sick beats, not well patients – but his unorthodox approach certainly paid off back in January, when he introduced... Read More