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The Black Sunn & 810 - I Don’t Care [Video]

Baltimore emcees The Black Sunn & 810 are back with their third visual, I Don’t Care, from their anticipated upcoming collaboration United Division set for release on August 30. In these fresh new visuals, the two... Read More


The Black Sunn & 810 - I Don’t Care [Stream]

Although The Wire has shone a spotlight on Baltimore in the minds of hip-hop fans everywhere (did you hear that Snoop got arrested on drug charges, for real?), the city’s actual rappers remain ironically overlooked. It’s... Read More


The Black Sunn & 810 - Ghost Town [Stream & Download]

Particularly in today’s less-than-ideal job market, it’s not unusual to see urban areas fall into disrepair as employers bail and those who can afford it move away. Just ask Baltimore natives The Black Sunn &... Read More


The Black Sunn & 810 - DMV (Everyone Knows) [Video]

Baltiimore representers The Black Sunn and 810 take us deep inside the world of their native B-More on the visual component to their recent DMV (Everyone Knows). Craving more? You’re in luck: DMV is just the beginning of... Read More


The Black Sunn & 810 - DMV (Everyone Knows) [Stream]

Last we heard from The Black Sunn, the underground luminary was expressing his lasting love for the music on Hip-Hop’s Lament – a cut which, despite the the title, was decidedly optimistic in tone. A few months shy of... Read More