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The Canz Offer Five-Track Preview of “Slow Rise II” for Download in the Booth [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- ATL-based duo The Canz are offering up PreviewIISRII, a five-track sampler of their forthcoming Slow Rise II: Low Winds, High Sails mixtape, for streaming and download via Featuring five... Read More


The Canz - Preview II SR II [Album]

Ghanaian-born, ATL-based duo The Canz have stepped into the Booth to bring fans a preview of their forthcoming digital album, The Slow Rise II: Low Winds, High Sails. Titled Preview II SR II, the sampler features five tracks... Read More


The Canz - Face The Truth [Stream & Download]

Fresh off making their triumphant return to the Booth with inaugural mixtape leak Sweetest Thing, The Canz venture into moodier territory on the follow up. On Face the Truth, a moody, electric-guitar infused beat by Dale... Read More


The Canz ft. Laws & Danay Mariney - Sweetest Thing [Stream & Download]

Considering The Canz’ last feature, Ferris Bueller (Personal Day Off), found the duo tribute to cinema’s most famous truant, it’s only appropriate that Prominent and Foster followed it up with an unexplained... Read More


The Canz ft. El Prez & Aleon Craft - Ferris Bueller (Personal Day Off) [Stream & Download]

“When Cameron was in Egypt’s land, let me Cameron go.” You’ll have to excuse me, I just see a title like Ferris Bueller (Personal Day Off) and instinctively start quoting the most rewatchable movie of my childhood... Read More


The Canz - Life After Graduation [Album]

Ghana-born, ATL-based duo (and exclusive freestyle series contributors) The Canz have hooked up with Mick Boogie, Terry Urban and to bring fans Life After Graduation, a concept mixtape on which brothers Prominent... Read More


The Canz - Meet Joe Black [Stream]

Taking a different approach from their previous feature World Famous, the Canz are back with the next leak off their Life After Graduation project. Using a Clinton Sparks-produced beat from Biggie’s Duets album (Hold Ya... Read More


The Canz ft. JD Era & Danay Mariney - World Famous [Stream]

With the number of fresh faces I’ve heard lamenting the dark side of celebrity, it seems like some rappers are born disillusioned with life in the spotlight – not The Canz; as brothers Prominent and Foster explain on... Read More


The Canz ft. Young Lyxx, Niko Villamor & FKi - Bananas [Stream]

Most rappers make it their mission to “go hard,” but The Canz are a different breed; on this newly-leaked mixtape track, the Ghana-bred, Georgia-based twosome and several equally fresh cohorts venture beyond hard and go... Read More


The Canz Jump “In the Mix” [Exclusive Interview] [Feature ]

There’s one thing that the Wayans, Wahlbergs, and maybe even the Baldwin brothers have in common – yes, they’re siblings, but more importantly, they helped each other rise to the tops of their games. Most people would... Read More


The Canz - 2010 Hot Steppa [Stream]

Way back in 1994, Jamaican dancehall veteran Ini Kamoze earned his one and, to date, only Billboard #1 hit with Here Comes the Hotsteppa, a Salaam Remi-produced single off his ‘95 full-length of the same name. With more... Read More


The Canz - It’s the Canz [Stream & Download]

The 119th entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of The Canz, the Ghana-bred, Georgia-based duo who recently brought us Fly Away. On their brand new, previously-unreleased It’s the Canz freestyle,... Read More


The Canz Spit “It’s the Canz” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- The Canz, the Ghana-bred, Georgia-based duo who recently brought us "Fly Away," have stepped into the Booth with entry #119 in our Freestyle Series. On their brand new, previously-unreleased It's... Read More


The Canz ft. RVZ - Fly Away [Stream]

Although Americans remain largely focused on our own shores, hip-hop talent is exploding internationally, with thousands of artists across the globe bringing their own local flavor to hip-hop’s always eclectic mix. Case in... Read More