New The Dean's List Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


The Dean’s List - Hennessy at Cookouts [Stream & Download]

Last week, I got back from vacation in Paris—did you miss me? Anyway, one of the most striking things about France’s capital was the locals’ knack for keeping it classy in casual circumstances, whether that... Read More


The Dean’s List ft. Dani Ummel - Ce Soir (Tonight) [Stream]

Being on The Dean’s List is no piece of cake so even though the Boston trio, which is named after the prestigious list, hasn’t released a music video since April we’ll let them slide. I’m sure those... Read More


The Dean’s List - Take Shape [Stream]

Since The Dean’s List first graced our pages back in March of 2011, things have really begun to Take Shape for the Boston trio: while Sonny Shotz, DJ Mendoza and Mik Beats haven’t gotten that big major-label... Read More


The Dean’s List ft. Dani Ummel - Hollywood [Stream]

Hollywood may not be quite as central in the music game as it is in the film industry, but there’s something about the image of an aspiring actor or (usually) actress waiting tables and hoping for their big break that... Read More


Master Shortie ft. The Dean’s List - Love Won’t Stick Around [Stream]

For as much as we try to delude ourselves that our latest flame will burn forever, the fact remains: 10 out of 10 relationships eventually meet their end—whether amicably, in tears or in a hearse. Now that I’ve typed... Read More


The Dean’s List - Unbelievers [Stream & Download]

No matter how talented you and your crew are, there will always be those who doubt your greatness. No exception to the rule, The Dean’s List charge into battle against the Unbelievers on their latest effort. Released... Read More


The Dean’s List - Kryptonite Sanity Room (K.S.R.) [Stream & Download]

It’s your classic double-edged sword: with superhuman power comes equally gargantuan baggage. Take Sonny Shotz, DJ Mendoza and Mik Beatz of The Dean’s List, for example—the Boston trio possess mad skills, but... Read More


The Dean’s List - All My Troubles [Stream & Download]

I needed this: a heart-pumping song with a hook about “shooting all my troubles down.” Yesterday, Boston-based trio The Dean’s List released the thumpin’ club track All My Troubles via RedBullUSA. This... Read More


The Dean’s List ft. Danni Ummel - Caveman [Stream & Download]

In a word, The Dean’s List are “different.” Different from who? From everybody. Whether they’re sampling country-popsters The Band Perry or titling their latest promo single (a Booth-exclusive world premiere!)... Read More


The Dean’s List - Dear Professor [Stream & Download]

Individuals able to pursue an artistic vision while maintaining an uncompromising standard of excellence at work and/or school have always been a mystery to me as a normal, fallible human being. What’s the secret to... Read More