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The-Dream Criticizes Artists Who Sacrifice Money for Independence [Feature ]

The-Dream is living the dream. Since 2007, the singer-songwriter and producer has released five full-length studio albums, earned 13 Billboard Hot 100 placements, written chart-topping hits for Justin Bieber,... Read More


The-Dream Stopped Working With Drake Because He Doesn’t Ask Twice [Feature ]

On June 15, 2010, Drake released his major label debut, Thank Me Later, an album which houses his The-Dream-assisted record "Shut It Down." While the song's title, according to producer Omen, was aimed at... Read More


The-Dream - Genesis [Album]

After dropping off his surprise EP IAMSAM just a few weeks ago, hit-making singer/songwriter The-Dream returns with a brand new art film by the name of Genesis. Released exclusively via TIDAL (of course), the film can be... Read More


Rick Ross - Money Dance ft. The-Dream [Stream]

Fresh off the release of Foreclosures, Rick Ross has released Money Dance, the second offering from his forthcoming album, Black Dollar, due out this Thursday, September 3. Assisting Ross on the Jake One-produced jam is... Read More


2 Chainz - Goat ft. The-Dream [Stream]

2 Chainz has released Goat, a new collaboration with The-Dream that will appear on his forthcoming mixtape, Trapavelli Tre, due out this Thursday, August 13. The street-ready cut is co-produced by newcomer B Wheezy and... Read More


The-Dream - Fruition [Stream]

Update: The Stevie Pyne-directed lyric video for The-Dream’s Fruition single have been added. The single will be included on his forthcoming Crown Jewel album, scheduled for release on July 10. Craving something smooth... Read More


The-Dream - Throw It Back [Stream]

Fresh off the release of his Crown EP, The-Dream already has the promotional wheels in motion for his upcoming full-length. Throw It Back, which is one of the six records to appear on the EP, will also find a home on the... Read More


The-Dream - The Crown EP [Album]

When The-Dream released his first two albums, Love Hate and Love vs. Money, he was sitting near the head of the R&B Royalty table, an arms length from Usher and just across from R. Kelly. Six years later, after both Terius... Read More


T-Pain - Let Your Hair Down ft. The-Dream & Vantrease [Stream & Download]

As the release date for his DJ Drama and Trendsetter Sense-hosted The Iron Way mixtape draws nearer, T-Pain releases Let Your Hair Down, the latest cut from the project that also includes previous features Disa My Ting and... Read More


Ne-Yo ft. Trey Songz, The-Dream & T-Pain - She Knows (Remix) [Stream]

First released, to rave Booth reviews, back in October, Ne-Yo’s She Knows has received the official remix treatment courtesy of three heavyweight guests. On this version of the club-ready, Dr. Luke-produced single, original... Read More


The-Dream ft. T.I. - Thats My Sh*t [Stream]

Update: The Alex Herron-directed visuals for The-Dream’s Thats My Sh*t single have been added. After a relatively quiet 2014, The-Dream seems to be gearing up for a blockbuster 2015. Following closely on the heels of... Read More


The-Dream - Royalty: The Prequel [Album]

With his departure from Def Jam and the relaunch of his Radio Killa Records label, The-Dream has entered a new phase of his career, and to celebrate he's dropped off a new EP, Royalty: The Prequel. Featuring seven tracks... Read More


The Dream - BLACK [Stream]

Former Def Jam artist and producer, The Dream, comes straight for your heartstrings and your mind in his new video, BLACK. It will give you goosebumps in a good way. In the wake of the Donald Sterling fiasco in the NBA, the... Read More


Mary J. Blige ft. The-Dream - Vegas Nights [Stream]

You can’t have too much of a good thing, right? Right. So you won’t mind that, just a day after stepping into the Booth with See That Boy Again, Mary J. Blige is back on our pages with another fresh single... Read More


The-Dream ft. Gary Clark Jr. - Too Early [Stream]

Even hitmaking singer/songwriters with fantastic sex lives get the blues from time to time. Don’t believe me? Just take a listen to The-Dream‘s latest single, Too Early, which finds the Radio Killa grappling with... Read More


Jadakiss ft. The-Dream - Big Boy Dialogue [Stream]

As a high-roller in the hip-hop game, Jadakiss spends a large portion of his time engaged in business negotiations with other movers-and-shakers—or, as the D-Block veteran calls it on his latest effort, “Big Boy... Read More


The-Dream - IV Play [Album]

As an artist ages, they can become stuck in an ongoing battle with their fans. They want to change to stay relevant and explore new creative territory, their fans want more of the same music they first fell in love with.... Read Full Review


The-Dream ft. Beyoncé & 2 Chainz - Turnt [Stream]

The-Dream‘s last feature, single selection Where Have You Been, saw him sharing a tender moment with Kelly Rowland. Now, with his new album so close I can almost taste it, the Radio Killa has unleashed a project... Read More


The-Dream ft. Kelly Rowland - Where Have You Been [Stream]

A whopping three years after the release of junior album Love King, LP number four in The-Dream‘s Love series is just a week and change away. As they say, good things come to those who wait. Coincidentally, that maxim... Read More


The-Dream - IV Play [Stream]

If you are having trouble deciphering the title of the latest effort from The-Dream, why not take a page from Bart Simpson’s book and look to the Rocky series for guidance? (Rocky IV is the one where he fights Drago, after... Read More


The-Dream ft. Jay-Z - High Art [Stream]

Incredibly, it’s been almost three years since we’ve gotten a proper album from The-Dream. (No, I’m not counting the mixtapet-turned-quasi-album-1977). But the wait is almost over, and you know what that... Read More


The-Dream - TRON [Stream]

Not content simply juggling the roles of singer, singerwriter and producer, The-Dream has added yet another skill to his repertoire: rapping. On TRON, the latest single off his fifth studio album, the Radio Killa sets out to... Read More


The-Dream ft. Fabolous - Slow It Down [Stream]

Fun as it may be to do (what currently passes for) the Harlem Shake, idiotic arm-flailing and air-humping isn’t going to help get your partner in the mood. Of course, making romance requires not only the right moves,... Read More


The-Dream - 1977 (Deluxe Re-Release) [Album]

Back in R&B’s glory days (god I sound old) the music was all about telling a story. Men didn’t just sing, they sang about love and loss, desire and anger. They told tales so cinematic they could have been made into... Read Full Review


The-Dream - Wake Me When It’s Over [Stream]

Fresh off exploring the fatal consequences of love gone sour on Murderer, The-Dream ventures into similarly dark territory on the final leak off his forthcoming digital album. Wake Me When It’s Over finds the artist... Read More


The-Dream - Tender Tendencies [Stream]

On his last feature, one of several cuts newly added for his forthcoming 1977 re-release, The-Dream illustrated an ex-girl’s destructive qualities by comparison to an AK47. So, why does he keep straying into the line of... Read More


The-Dream - AK47 [Stream]

Previously released for free digital download back in September of 2011, The-Dream‘s 1977 LP was such a hit that Def Jam‘s decided to re-release it in an expanded retail edition. Newly-added for this version of... Read More


The-Dream ft. Pusha T - Dope B*tch [Stream]

They say one good turn deserves another, so after The-Dream helped out Pusha T with a dope hook on the (inadvertently?) beef-starting Exodus 23:1, Pusha Ton decided to lend a hand with a dope verse on Dream’s new single,... Read More


Pusha T ft. The-Dream - Exodus 23:1 [Stream]

“Thou shalt not raise a false report: put not thine hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness.” The latest release off G.O.O.D. Music‘s forthcoming comp album, Pusha T quoting Exodus 23:1 as he... Read More


The-Dream ft. Casha - Kill The Lights [Stream]

Update: Click “Listen Now” above to watch The-Dream’s “Kill The Lights” video. As oxygen is to breathing, as the sun is to sunlight, as Wiz Khalifa is to marijuana, The-Dream is to... Read More


The-Dream - ROC [Stream]

Click “Listen” to watch The-Dream’s “ROC” video. After a relatively quiet, but still quite successful 2011 (the self-proclaimed “Radio Killa” didn’t get a new album onto store shelves, but he did drop a... Read More


The-Dream ft. Big Sean - Ghetto [Video]

Terius Nash (aka The-Dream) and Big Sean release their first video together entitled Ghetto. This track is off of The Dream’s latest mixtape 1977. The Dream has also decided to push back his album The Love, IV: Diary of... Read More


The-Dream - Long Gone [Video]

The-Dream unleashes some darkly romantic black and white visuals to stand out track, Long Gone. Off Terius Nash’s Booth-approved free album 1977, available now. Heartbreak never looked so good. Read More


The Dream - Wedding Crasher [Stream]

In his review of The-Dream‘s newly-released free album, our very own Nathan S. praised the pop heavyweight for having a cinematic vision that’s all too rare in modern R&B. Sure enough, stand out Wedding... Read More


The-Dream - Murderer [Stream]

I always thought of The-Dream as more of a lover than a fighter but, as the Radio Killa’s always been quick to remind us, romance is never without its dark side. A far cry from epically freaky two-part single Body... Read More


The-Dream - Body Work x F**k My Brains Out [Stream]

You’ve gotta love a two-for-one—though The-Dream wasn’t able to drop the fourth installment in his Love series today (as was originally planned) due to label red tape, the pop heavyweight made up for it by... Read More


Jay Electronica ft. Jay-Z & The-Dream - Shiny Suit Theory [Stream & Download]

Humphrey Bogart would be proud. With red curtain cinema dipped in 1920’s bravado, Roc Nation‘s newest member Jay Electronica gives his audience a tip of the hat with his latest release, Shiny Suit Theory,... Read More


The-Dream - Love King [Album]

My biggest failing as a writer is that I can never accurately assess whether an album is truly a classic on the day I drop the review. Bombarded with a constant barrage of new music, I get to spend a few days with an album at... Read Full Review


The-Dream - Turnt Out [Stream]

Disclaimer: I had to send in this intro mad late. It needed to be tested out, if you know what I mean. Sorry, but when The-Dream releases a new single like Turnt Out, you can’t really understand the music unless it’s... Read More


Lloyd Banks ft. Ludacris, The-Dream, Jadakiss & Yo Gotti - Beamer, Benz or Bentley (Remix) [Stream]

What artists would you grab for a remix to your smash single? Ludacris? Check. Jadakiss? Check. The-Dream? Check. Yo Gotti? Actually, that might not be a typical line-up, but the combination still works well on the official... Read More


The-Dream ft. T.I. - Make Up Bag [Stream]

Contrary to popular belief, while we do work together, and share very similar musical tastes, the homey DJ Z and I don’t always agree; like when it comes to The-Dream’s new single Make Up Bag (he’s apparently finally... Read More


The-Dream ft. Ludacris - Love King (Remix) [Stream]

Remember back in the day (April) when I said that The-Dream’s Love King (Remix) with Jeezy was only a prelude, and that the “official official” remix would feature none other than Ludacris? Would I lie to you? (Why am I... Read More


The-Dream ft. Jeezy - Love King (Remix) [Stream]

We’ve got a lot of ground to cover on The-Dream’s new Love King remix, so let’s not waste any time. First, while the Radio Killa announced on his Twitter that the official-official remix will feature Luda (the duo have... Read More


bONE ft. Bun B, Rick Ross & The-Dream - Home Gurl (Remix) [Stream]

New Def Jam signee bONE uses his first DJBooth feature Home Gurl (Remix) to examine Obama’s health care reform bill, examining its potential implications for spiraling pharmaceutical costs. Sorry, I’m just messing with... Read More


The-Dream - Love King [Stream]

We’ve been down this road before. A beloved artist promises that his next album will be his last, but years later we’re still seeing albums from the once supposed retiree (I’m looking at you Jay and Lupe). But for now... Read More


R. Kelly ft. Tyrese, Robin Thicke & The-Dream - Pregnant [Stream]

Sex in the kitchen, sex in a zoo, sex in a closet, it’s no secret that R. Kelly loves him some sex, and the seemingly inevitable outcome of all that freakiness is the new track Pregnant. Now I stopped being shocked by... Read More


Snoop Dogg ft. The-Dream - Gangsta Luv [Stream]

Ready to feel old? Snoop Dogg’s been west coastin his way through the rap game for an incredible 17 years now, and the Doggfather shows no signs of slowing down. Not content to rest on his considerable hip-hop laurels,... Read More


Rick Ross ft. The-Dream, Twista & Krayzie Bone - All I Really Want (Remix) [Stream]

Though his junior album, Deeper Than Rap, was released more than four months ago, Rick Ross has still been pushing several tracks off the LP, releasing street videos (Face, Boss Lady) and remixes (Magnificent (Remix), Maybach... Read More


Shawty Lo ft. The-Dream, Ludacris & Gucci Mane - Atlanta, GA [Stream]

If there is one thing that Carlos Walker (better known as Shawty Lo) knows, it’s how to craft a hit. With Southern anthem Dey Know and the infectious Foolish, the emcee proved his knack for turning out chart-smashers,... Read More


Lil Kim ft. The-Dream, Soulja Boy, T-Pain, & Charlie Wilson - Download (Remix) [Stream]

Back in ‘85, Zapp & Roger could hardly have predicted how quickly Computer Love would become a reality.  I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to the idea that digital love (and lust) isn’t... Read More


The-Dream - Hit It On The Road [Stream]

As if the tremendous success of his sophomore album, Love vs. Money (the only project to get Nathan S.‘s “Near-Classic” stamp of approval thus far in ‘09.), wasn’t enough, The-Dream is hoping to... Read More


Jamie Foxx ft. The-Dream, Drake & Kanye West - Digital Girl (Remix) [Stream]

Man, it seems like everyone’s into online dating these days. What used to be a realm populated solely by overweight nerds is now being used by anyone feeling a little lonely on any given day—even wildly successful... Read More


Rick Ross ft. The-Dream - All I Really Want [Stream]

With Deeper Than Rap‘s April 21st release date fast approaching, it goes without saying that Rick Ross is one busy man.  Since the Boss was tied up with a video shoot in sunny Colombia this week, he wasn’t... Read More


Fabolous ft. The-Dream - Throw It In The Bag [Stream]

Ever since he first hit the scene, Fabolous has maintained a masterful balance between street-oriented jams (see Can’t Deny It, Young’n, Breathe, and Diamonds) and rap ballads (see Can’t Let You Go, Into... Read More


The Dream - Love vs. Money [Album]

Sometimes it’s best to just let an artist speak for himself. When describing his new album, Love vs. Money, The-Dream said ”This album is just gonna be the first album on crack, basically.” (Insert your own Bobby Brown... Read Full Review


The-Dream ft. Kanye West - Walking On The Moon [Stream]

When our own Nathan S. reviewed The-Dream‘s debut album, Love/Hate, in December of ‘07, he described the singer/songwriter/producer as Prince, R. Kelly, and T-Pain rolled into one artist, and this brand new record... Read More


The-Dream Goes Behind the Scenes at “Rockin’ That Thang” Video Shoot [Feature ]

Los Angeles, CA -- 2008 Best of the Booth winner The-Dream gives fans a look behind the scenes as he shoots the video for Love vs. Money second single "Rockin' That Thang." Love vs. Money, Dream's second studio album, is... Read More


The-Dream ft. Rick Ross, Fabolous, Juelz Santana & Ludacris - Rockin That Thang (Rmx) [Stream]

Since he wrote Rihanna‘s smash hit, Umbrella, Best of the Booth award winner The-Dream has enjoyed the opportunity to work with just about everyone on the Def Jam roster.  Now, a who’s-who of Def Jam artists... Read More


The-Dream ft. Fabolous - Rockin That Thang (Remix) [Stream]

Rockin’ That Thang, the second single off The-Dream‘s forthcoming sophomore album, has enjoyed a spot on our Top R&B Chart ever since we featured it on November 25th, ‘08.  Seeing the record’s... Read More


DJ Drama ft. The-Dream, La The Darkman, & Too $hort - Tipper Love [Stream]

When DJ Drama finally released Gangsta Grillz: The Album in December of ‘07, it got mainly positive reviews.  Retaining all the elements that made the GG mixtape series so popular, it’s considered by some to... Read More


The-Dream ft. Mariah Carey - My Love [Stream]

Back in March, The-Dream provided a new, club-centric beat and guest vocals for a remix of Mariah Carey’s Touch My Body, the first single off the singer’s eleventh studio album, the platinum-selling E=MC² . ... Read More


The-Dream - Rockin’ That Thang [Stream]

On the first buzz single from his upcoming sophomore album, Love vs. Money, The-Dream spotted a seemingly fine female in the club, but let her know that he had to See The Booty before coming to a decision. His potential... Read More


Jazmine Sullivan ft. The Dream - Bust Your Windows (Remix) [Stream]

The reason Jazmine Sullivan‘s second single, Bust Your Windows, has been so successful (peaking at #45 on the Billboard Hot 100) is its audacious, head-turning subject matter.  So many heads have turned, in fact,... Read More


Shontelle ft. The-Dream - T-Shirt (Remix) [Stream]

Hey Rihanna, in case you were wondering, you’ve got some company!  Peaking at #36 on the Billboard Hot 100, relative newcomer Shontelle’s debut single, T-Shirt, has become the second international hit released by... Read More


The-Dream ft. Lil Jon - Let Me See The Booty [Stream]

Wherever you go, you’re bound to run into some good-looking females.  Personally, I like to see how a woman looks ‘all the way around’ before I make a call. Likewise, The-Dream just isn’t satisfied with a... Read More