New The Embassy Music Board Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Embassy Music Board ft. Oz-Lo - Kings of the Jungle [Stream & Download]

They say that lions are the Kings of the Jungle but, you know what? They’re wrong. Lions don’t even live in the f**ing jungle, they live in the savannah. The real holders of that lofty title are, of course,... Read More


Embassy Music Board ft. Tez McClain & Focus - 1NE [Stream & Download]

Last week, Focus… released Music of the Misinterpreted, a street release featuring a formidable lineup of hip-hop heavyweights and underground favorites. Today, the Aftermath affiliate returns with 1NE, a leak which... Read More


Embassy Music Board - The 400 Lounge [Album]

Update: The NO DJ version of The 400 Lounge is now available for download. ATL crew Embassy Music Board have hooked up with and FLuD Watches to bring listeners their DJ Don Cannon-hosted sophomore street release,... Read More


The Embassy Music Board ft. Dipp -Tippity [Stream & Download]

On Wednesday, The Embassy Music Board will release their brand new project The 400 Lounge.  Included on the Don Cannon-hosted tape will be previous feature Toast (To The DJ) and brand new leak Tippity.  The song,... Read More


The Embassy Music Board - Toast (To the DJ) [Stream & Download]

Even here in the DJ Booth, there are times when we get so caught up in the more visible world of rappers and singers that we forget to show appreciation to those standing behind the wheels of steel. Here to help rectify that... Read More


The Embassy Music Board - Dead Music [Stream & Download]

In a world where music has become stale and wack… (pan across empty record store, crickets chirping) … one man four men are determined to breathe new life into the game! (cue Back in Black as The Embassy Music Board... Read More


The Embassy Music Board - Money Getters [Stream]

When it comes to procuring paper, gathering greenbacks, collecting cash, racking up riches and accumulating assets, the Embassy Music Board are seasoned pros; to put it simply, Big A, K.O., Baby D.O.E., and Manolo are... Read More


Embassy Music Board - Honey I’m Home [Stream]

Though the Embassy Music Board officially represent Atlanta, they have yet to release any “typical ATL-style” music—until now. Making its world premiere right here in the Booth, new street single Honey I’m... Read More


Embassy Music Board - Sweet [Stream]

As it turns out, the Embassy Music Board left a few things behind when they embarked upon their debut street release, and the ATL-based quartet are now preparing to showcase all the Extra Cargo that didn’t quite fit on... Read More


Embassy Music Board Tackles “International Ties Foreign Affairs” on New Mixtape [Download] [Feature ]

Atlanta, GA -- Embassy Music Board, the ATL-based foursome who recently stepped into the Booth to spit "Congratulations" for our exclusive freestyle series, have teamed up with DJ Tekniks to bring listeners their debut... Read More


Embassy Music Board - We Here Now [Stream]

By this point, Booth readers are well-acquainted with The Embassy Music Board—the ATL-based foursome’s first feature, Pose, hit our front page a little over a year ago, and, in the time since, they’ve brought... Read More

The Embassy Music Board Spit “Congratulations” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Embassy Music Board, the Atlanta-based foursome who recently brought us reader-acclaimed cut "My Life" and jumped "In The Mix" for an exclusive interview, have stepped into the Booth for the 39th entry in our... Read More


Embassy Music Board - Congratulations [Stream & Download]

The 39th entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Embassy Music Board, the Atlanta-based foursome who recently earned reader acclaim for My Life, as well as jumping “In The Mix” for a... Read More


Embassy Music Board - My Life [Stream]

Feeling a little déjà vu?  If this beat sounds familiar, that’s probably because you have heard it before; a leaked version of the instrumental was used on Frank Lee White‘s Booth debut, a record that also... Read More


Embassy Music Board Jump In The Mix [DJBooth Interview Exclusive] [Feature ]

New York, NY -- In late March, we kicked off our exclusive In The Mix series with an up-close-and personal look at Corneille, a Québécois soul singer who recently released his first English language LP. This time around,... Read More


The Embassy Music Board - City Is Mine [Stream]

Indie rap ensemble The Embassy Music Board claims Atlanta as theirs on the boastful new record City Is Mine, but listeners shouldn’t be confused; though members Manolo, Big D.O.E., K.O., and Big A hail from a variety of... Read More


The Embassy Music Board ft. Tommy P - Pose [Stream]

The Georgia-based Embassy Music Board feels as though they are “one of one” in their brand of music, and with group members hailing from various hot spots, such as Panama and Jamaica, we can understand why. ... Read More