New The ILLZ Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


The ILLZ - A New Day [Stream]

Though The ILLZ’ forthcoming street album depicts him in his Darkest Hour, that’s far from the whole story; as the Jersey emcee reminds us on the latest single off the project (premiered yesterday at... Read More


The ILLZ - Closer [Stream]

Realness, thy name is The ILLZ. On a potential single off his forthcoming album, the Jersey rhymesayer cuts through the typical rap bravado to offer listeners a glimpse of the stress and frustration that so often plagues... Read More


The ILLZ - Weightless (Alamar) [Stream & Download]

Feeling burdened by life’s cares? Then kick back for a minute and listen to Weightless (Alamar), the latest leak off The ILLZ’ next street album. Fragile State handles productoin duties, serving up a breezy jazz... Read More


The ILLZ - Despiertate (Awake) [Stream & Download]

Once a regular on our pages, The ILLZ has been relatively scarce lately, not dropping by with a new solo feature since June’s In Between Us (Remix). Today, the Jersey rhymesayer returns with Despiertate (Awake), a moody... Read More


The ILLZ - Los Angeles (Existen) [Video]

Chapter 3 of The ILLZ and Kristopher Rey Talley‘s Let It Fall video project, Los Angeles (Existen) is about loss. The nightmare has ended, but is replaced by a cold reality that is not much different. A letter proves... Read More


The ILLZ - Darkside of the Room [Video]

Chapter 2 of The ILLZ and Kristopher Rey Talley‘s Let It Fall video project, Darkside of the Room takes a much darker tone. It is the nightmare, the beginning of the decent into madness. The ILLZ finds himself in a... Read More


The ILLZ - In Between Us (Remix) [Video]

For Chapter 1 of The ILLZ and Kristopher Rey Talley‘s Read More


The ILLZ x Kristopher Rey-Talley - Let It Fall Trailer [Video]

The ILLZ and Kristopher Rey Talley are preparing to release their video series Let It Fall and DJBooth will be chronicling the project’s unfolding, starting with today’s trailer. From ILLZ:  “A genre... Read More


The ILLZ Offers “ILLZSENTIAL” Compilation for Download in the Booth [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Jersey representative The ILLZ is offering up his latest street release, career highlight compilation ILLZSENTIAL, for streaming and download via Released to commemorate the two-year anniversary... Read More



Jersey up-and-comer The ILLZ has hooked up with to present ILLZSENTIAL, a street album covering the highlights of his musical career to date. Released to commemorate the two-year anniversary of his debut project,... Read More


The ILLZ - In Between Us [Video]

Always innovative artist The ILLZ follows his Booth-approved In Between Us (Remix) with matching visuals that give an inside look at a love gone wrong. The video also serves as a prologue to The ILLZ’ and Kristopher... Read More


The ILLZ - In Between Us (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Since I’ll be without internet for the next 8 days (I know, crazy, right?) I’ve been carefully stockpiling my hard drive with enough music to survive the harsh conditions sans DJBooth. Thankfully The ILLZ has another... Read More


The ILLZ - To Know Your Place in the Universe [Video]

The always fearlessly creative The ILLZ releases the visual component to his Booth-approved single To Know Your Place in the Universe. For more genre-bending music be sure to download ILLZ’ new project, :03 From Gold... Read More


The ILLZ - The Sun Doesn’t Know It’s a Star [Stream & Download]

The ILLZ breaks down his hunger to reach all of his goals and obtain his dreams on the single version of The Sun Doesn’t Know It’s a Star. The :03 From GOLD EP, from which Sun can be found, will be available for... Read More


The ILLZ - Learn To Fly (The Rocket) [Stream & Download]

The ILLZ, who recently discussed knowing your place in the Universe, has released the “official single version” of Learn To Fly (The Rocket).  The record, produced by Avia, can be found on the emcee’s... Read More


The ILLZ - To Know Your Place in The Universe [Stream & Download]

If you were to ask me at this very moment, “Richard, what is your place in the universe?”, I’d probably tell you something like “Sitting at a desk, in front of a computer, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, America,... Read More


The ILLZ, Emilio Rojas & More to Perform at Leaders of the New Cool’s “CMJ Edition!” Showcase [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- has joined forces with Leaders of the New Cool to co-promote their CMJ Music Marathon showcase. Going down 4:30 PM this Thursday (the 21st) at the 8 Bond Studio, the Hollywood East & Def Jam... Read More


The ILLZ - Cover Me (I’m Going In) [Stream & Download]

As much as I like the lighter side of hip-hop, I always enjoy a hard track when it comes into my inbox. So if you’re like me, you’ll definitely appreciate the diamond-hard track that New Jersey representer The ILLZ has... Read More


The ILLZ - Amnesia, Forget it All [Stream]

Is it just me, or is there a refreshingly smooth, jazzy vibe in the Booth today? First The Kid Daytona‘s mellow single, On the Hill and now Amnesia, Forget It All, up-and-coming emcee The ILLZ’ contribution to... Read More


The ILLZ - Energy in Motion [Stream]

DJBooth freestyle alum The Illz always makes music that astounds the senses (a.k.a. The Pursuit LP), so it’s no wonder that on his new song Energy in Motion the New Jersey representer has translated kinetic energy into... Read More


The ILLZ - Dark Side of the Room [Stream]

During The ILLZ’ relatively brief but bright stay on DJBooth we’ve heard the eclectically talented producer and emcee sample everyone from electro group Passion Pit to folk singer Beth Orton, so I wasn’t even... Read More


The ILLZ - Come In [Stream]

With an uncanny knack for flipping eclectic samples into heartfelt, genre-blending jams that are nonetheless hip-hop through and through, Booth-approved up-and-comer The ILLZ has trained his fans to expect the unexpected –... Read More


The ILLZ - The Pursuit LP [Album]

After months of recording, The ILLZ highly anticipated 2DopeBoyz & “The Pursuit LP” is finally here.  Join the hip hop newcomer as he delivers 11 solid tracks, all with their own... Read More


The ILLZ - Faded [Stream]

You know what I like the most about The ILLZ, besides his always on point facial hair game? In an industry full of followers you never know what the man’s going to do next. I mean, his DJBooth freestyle was nuts, and his... Read More


The ILLZ - Prelude to the Sickness [Stream & Download]

The 109th entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of The ILLZ, the Jersey up-and-comer who earned rave reader reviews for mixtape tracks Crazy and Heaven (Higher). On his brand new, previously-unreleased... Read More


The ILLZ Spits “Prelude to the Sickness” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- The ILLZ, the Jersey up-and-comer who earned rave reader reviews for mixtape tracks "Crazy" and "Heaven (Higher)," has stepped into the Booth to bring us the 109th entry in our Freestyle Series.... Read More


The ILLZ - Heaven (Higher) [Stream]

On his first Booth feature, underground emcee The ILLZ voiced feelings of confusion and inner conflict that just about everyone has felt at one point or another.  As Crazy as life can be, though, its opposite is even... Read More


The Illz - Crazy [Stream]

“Life is Crazy,” is a sentiment just about everyone can relate to—just when you’re sure you’ve got it all figured out, something new will invariably come along and blow your comfortable routine to... Read More