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Minty Burns ft. The Incomparable Shakespeare - Gotta Get It [Stream]

Tomorrow, The DJBooth and MajorStage will bring Toronto buzzmaker Minty Burns together with NYC mainstay The Incomparable Shakespeare for a show at Manhattan venue Drom. Upon meeting, the emcees hit it off so well that they... Read More


MajorStage Presents: Minty Burns & The Incomparable Shakespeare Live in NYC (Powered by The DJBooth) [Feature ]

New York, N.Y.—On Wednesday, July 23, MajorStage will be bringing Toronto’s own Minty Burns and Brooklyn veteran The Incomparable Shakespeare to rock the stage at NYC venue Drom. Powered by The DJBooth,... Read More


The Incomparable Shakespeare - By Any Dreams Necessary [Album]

NYC mic-murderer The Incomparable Shakespeare has unleashed his latest independent full-length, By Any Dreams Necessary. The follow-up to 2013's #InvincibleDream mixtape, the 10-track set comes heralded by singles "Franklin... Read More


The Incomparable Shakespeare - By Any Dreams [Stream]

Next week, The Incomparable Shakespeare will be unleashing a brand new LP via his very own Shake Ink label. To stir up a little extra pre-release buzz for the indie full-length, the NYC underground mainstay has liberated its... Read More


The Incomparable Shakespeare ft. Troy Ave - Franklin Jackson [Stream]

Why choose between stacking paper and making quality music when you can do both? The Incomparable Shakespeare‘s flag is planted squarely on the “underground” side of the hip-hop divide but, as the NYC stalwart... Read More


The Incomparable Shakespeare - Fresh Heir [Stream]

I don’t know about y’all, but when I spend too much time around stale music, I start to feel a little nauseated. If you’re suffering from similar symptoms, you’ve come to the right place. On his latest... Read More


The Incomparable Shakespeare ft. Sophia Lauren - All On The Line [Stream]

Before she passed, The Incomparable Shakespeare‘s mother taught him that anything worth having was worth fighting for. That’s why the NYC underground mainstay’s put it All on the Line for his music—from... Read More


The Incomparable Shakespeare - #InvincibleDream Mixtape [Album]

Starting in June, longtime Booth fave The Incomparable Shakespeare began to release a series of freestyles, branded #InvincibleDream. Having recently wrapped up the series, the BK emcee has decided to wrap up all the... Read More


Probe Rok ft. The Incomparable Shakespeare & Sophia Lauren - Summer Trouble [Stream]

We may be in the waning weeks of August, but there’s still plenty of time to get into some Summer Trouble before September rolls around. If you’re in need of a little inspiration, Probe Rok‘s latest single... Read More


The Incomparable Shakespeare - Supa Star Proceedings [Freestyle] [Stream]

Earlier this month, The Incomparable Shakespeare brought his #InvincibleDream trilogy to its thrilling conclusion with the reader-acclaimed Re_Mind Complexity. Today, he’s back with freestyle number five (we missed... Read More


The Incomparable Shakespeare - Tried by 12 Brooklyn Kidz [Freestyle] [Stream]

Friends, Booth-ians, countrymen, lend me your ears and take a listen to Tried By 12 Brooklyn Kidz. OK, so you aren’t lending me your ears—really, you are lending them to The Incomparable Shakespeare—but you get the... Read More


The Incomparable Shakespeare ft. Claire Skyes - Re_Mind Complexity [Freestyle] [Stream]

The Incomparable Shakespeare started his three-part #InvincibleDream Freestyles series strong, receiving an average 3.4-star reader rating for Tried by 12 Brooklyn Kidz, and bumped that up to 4.0 with follow-up Hiatus Unique.... Read More


The Incomparable Shakespeare - Hiatus Unique [Freestyle] [Stream]

To listen or not to listen to the latest effort from The Incomparable Shakespeare, that is the question. Actually, if that’s your question then congrats, you have proven the saying “There are no stupid questions” wrong;... Read More


AWKWORD ft. Sean Price, The Kid Daytona & The Incomparable Shakespeare - Bars & Hooks [Stream & Download]

If you tuned in for AWKWORD‘s first Booth feature, Doctor Doctor, you already know that the Big Apple repper’s all about his Bars & Hooks. On feature numero dos, the latest single off his forthcoming... Read More


The Incomparable Shakespeare - NSFW [Stream & Download]

If you’re browsing the Booth from your office, take heed: The Incomparable Shakespeare‘s latest feature is Not Safe For Work. (Unless you work for The DJBooth, of course.) Here, Tiger-VS-Cobra flip a sample from... Read More


The Incomparable Shakespeare - 4.0 [Video]

The industry can barely even handle a rapper who can think for himself, so what are they going to do with an emcee who pulls a 4.0? Press play and take notes as The Incomparable Shakespeare calls hip-hop class into session.... Read More


The Incomparable Shakespeare ft. Sophia Lauren - Something 2 Believe [Stream]

It’s been a rough past few years decade for the New York Knicks, unless your idea of a good time is watching Isiah Thomas run one of the NBA’s proudest franchises into the ground. But the team still holds a place in New... Read More


The Incomparable Shakespeare & Jon Solo ft. Probe DMS - Edge of My Seat [Stream & Download]

Departing from his usual lyrically-centered style, The Incomparable Shakespeare makes an enjoyable foray into crossover/pop territory on new mixtape single Edge of My Seat. Singer/songwriter and musical partner Jon Solo... Read More


Dao Jones ft. The Incomparable Shakespeare - Japan [Stream & Download]

Anyone who’s traveled overseas knows that, as rewarding as the experience invariably is, the reality of an exotic locale never quite fits with the elaborate fantasies you’ve concocted beforehand. Not that... Read More


The Incomparable Shakespeare - Fresh [Stream & Download]

Those who remembered to visit earlier today were treated to another brand new, exclusive joint from Brooklyn emcee The Incomparable Shakespeare. While New Music Tuesdays installment #11 has had a few hours to... Read More


Incomparable Shakespeare - 4.0 (Four Point Oh) [Stream & Download]

While hard-won ‘hood wisdom is still highly valued, today’s game is growing increasingly hospitable to rappers who proudly display both book-learning and street smarts. A hip-hop brainiac with a literary bent... Read More


Probe DMS ft. The Incomparable Shakespeare - Crack [Stream & Download]

Pardon the obvious, but we at DJBooth do not support our readers getting addicted to crack cocaine. Seriously, it ain’t worth it. Getting hooked on Crack, the first Booth feature from Big Apple rapper/producer Probe... Read More


The Incomparable Shakespeare Pays Tribute to His “Hometown” [Video] [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- The Incomparable Shakespeare, the Brooklyn emcee who recently brought us "Shaky Baby," is back with the official video for Adele-assisted single "Hometown." Directed by pmish, the video finds the... Read More


The Incomparable Shakespeare - Shaky Baby [Stream]

Notorious B.I.G. loved it when you called him Big Poppa, but Brooklyn trendsetter The Incomparable Shakespeare prefers if the ladies keep his nickname a little more direct; if you’re a fly honey you can just call him Shaky... Read More


Circa ‘87 ft. Incomparable Shakespeare - Just Livin [Stream]

As enjoyable as it can be to hear rappers fawn over their bankrolls, I personally find that obsessing over currency is a surefire way to send my stress level soaring; thus, I try to maintain an attitude closer to that of... Read More


Silver & The Incomparable Shakespeare - The British Invasion [Album]

The British Invasion is a hybrid experiment that fuses the musical aesthetics of American and UK pop. Produced exclusively by Silver, the project’s goal was to maintain the integrity of the source material while... Read More


The Incomparable Shakespeare - Lonely People [Stream]

Shall I compare The Incomparable Shakespeare to an average emcee? He art far more dope and much more creative. Apparently unsatisfied with just one hip-hop/British rock hybrid (check his last cut Wonderwall), Shake is back to... Read More


The Incomparable Shakespeare ft. Oasis - Wonderwall [Stream]

In the music industry “love” songs come in all shapes and sizes, evolving over the years from Boyz 2 Men to Usher to R. Kelly and beyond (anyone remember Rick Astley? Me neither). In its purest form, however, the love... Read More


The Incomparable Shakespeare - New York Swagger [Stream]

A true emcee is a real piece of work.  “How noble in mission, how infinite in creativity, in lyrics and swagger, how express and admirable.”  The preceding quote, that Hamlet said with irony, I now adapt with... Read More