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The Story Behind French Montana’s “Bring Dem Things,” As Told By Guest Feature Daytona [Feature ]

Three voices can be heard on French Montana's new single, "Bring Dem Things," but only two names appear on the single artwork: French Montana and Pharrell Williams. The third? Bronx-bred rapper Daytona, who... Read More


Daytona - M.I.N.K.S. [Album]

Daytona has dropped the "Kid" from his moniker, and on Monday he released M.I.N.K.S., his first full project since signing to producer Harry Fraud's SRFSCHL (Surf School Recordings) label. Twelve tracks in total, M.I.N.K.S.... Read More


Daytona - Poppin’ [Stream]

Daytona hasn’t made an appearance on our front page since we closed the book on 2014, but don’t get it twisted; the Bronx emcee is still Poppin’ like Lil Mama’s lip gloss, as is his clique. For proof, just hit play on... Read More


Daytona - Walk Around [Stream]

There are few things I enjoy more in life than a brisk Walk Around my neighborhood—preferably with some quality tunes in my headphones. If you feel the same way, you should consider making Daytona‘s latest single the... Read More


C Plus ft. The Kid Daytona & Chuwee - Who Got Ya? [Stream]

It’s halfway through August, and I still haven’t nailed down a summer romance. Sacramento spitter C Plus, on the other hand, has it in the bag. On new promo single Who Got Ya?, his first feature since Ski Beatz... Read More


The Kid Daytona Comes Together With MajorStage to Debut “#StreetLines” Freestyle Video [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- This Friday, August 6,  Daytona will be taking the stage at Manhattan venue Drom in a show presented by MajorStage and powered by The DJBooth. Subscribe to DJBoothTV As a warm-up, the Bronx... Read More


MajorStage Presents: Daytona Live in NYC (Powered by The DJBooth) [Feature ]

New York, N.Y.—On Wednesday, August 6, MajorStage will be bringing Bronx rhymesayer and new Surf School signee Daytona to rock the stage at Manhattan venue Drom. Powered by The DJBooth, the 21-plus... Read More


Daytona - All Love [Stream & Download]

Though rideable waves are presumably pretty scarce in the Bronx, Daytona‘s been hard at work perfecting the art of hanging ten. Recently, the East Coast buzzmaker and Booth regular matriculated into beatsmith Harry... Read More


Daytona - Type Ish [Stream]

Daytona may have dropped the diminutive from his stage name, but don’t get it twisted; “Kid” or adult, the Bronx representer is committed to serving up the same Type Ish his fans have come to know and love.... Read More


The Kid Daytona - Savoir Faire [Album]

No stranger to The DJBooth, Bronx native The Kid Daytona checks-in once again with his latest street release, the Space Monkeys-presented Savoir Faire. Included on the 15-track free album are previously-released,... Read More


Upcoming Hip-Hop Album Alert: The Kid Daytona, Vinnie Paz & More [Feature ]

Here at The DJBooth we strive to always keep our readers well informed of all the latest album, mixtape and EP releases. So every Friday we will preview the week ahead in new releases, highlighting the hip hop projects, both... Read More


The Kid Daytona - Blue Jeans [Stream]

The Kid Daytona has a well-publicized taste for haute couture, but that doesn’t mean he can’t appreciate a quality pair of Blue Jeans. Coming on the heels of this month’s Damier Suitcases, the Bronx... Read More


The Kid Daytona ft. Raekwon - Damier Suitcases [Stream & Download]

If you spend your days jet-setting to exotic locales all over the globe (you lucky motherf**ker), it’s only right that you choose the finest luggage to accompany you on your travels. Bronx emcee The Kid Daytona and his... Read More


The Kid Daytona - Lavender Life [Stream & Download]

I am not a party animal, but I do enjoy the occasional night out. However, no matter what I’m doing, I’d never dream of staying out past one. Unlike The Kid Daytona, I am just not all about that Lavender Life.... Read More


The Kid Daytona - Hilary [Stream]

Hilary Swank? Hilary Duff? Saint Hilary of Arleas? After listening to The Kid Daytona‘s new EP single twice through, I’m still not sure whom the title refers to. Regardless, she must be one hell of a woman to have... Read More


The Kid Daytona - Runnin’ With The Bulls [Album]

This past December, while performing in several cities throughout the Midwest, Booth regular The Kid Daytona met DJ/producer DJ Ozone. Sometime later, in a downtown hotel room in Chicago, the two had a discussion about the... Read More


Torae ft. The Kid Daytona - Soirée [Stream & Download]

For many young artists the club is the place to be to indulge in a lavish, excess-driven lifestyle. For a seasoned veteran like Torae, however, the club isn’t sophisticated enough; he prefers to have a swanky Soirée.... Read More


Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers ft. The Kid Daytona & Has-Lo - Stormy Monday [Stream]

At first blush, a Stormy Monday sounds like the worst thing in the world; it’s bad enough that it’s Monday, but rain too? Damn. Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers’ latest single, however, is one Stormy... Read More


The Kid Daytona - No Reason [Stream]

As a philosophy minor, I learned to challenge almost every theory using examples from the real world. So, naturally, when I heard Kid Daytona’s latest, I thought it could be a great argument against 18th century German... Read More


The Kid Daytona ft. GLC - Like This [Stream & Download]

If you are a regular Booth visitor then you’re probably familiar with The Kid Daytona,, who has been features seven times in the last six months (with the likes of Phil Ade, Raheem DeVaughn and Smoke DZA), but I doubt... Read More


SmCity ft. The Kid Daytona & Precious Joubert - What You Don’t See [Stream & Download]

DMV ambassador SmCity makes it look easy, but it’s What You Don’t See that makes that possible. It is also what will propel him to places the average emcee cant even dream of.  Before shedding some light on the... Read More


M3 ft. The Kid Daytona - I Be [Stream & Download]

English Majors who cringe when reading “your” instead of “you’re” might want to ignore the title of the new M3 cut, I Be. While grammatically incorrect, the song itself could not be more right. After linking on 2011... Read More


The Kid Daytona x Phil Ade - Very Good [Stream & Download]

Any day when we’re able to feature a new record from a reader-acclaimed rhymesayer is a good day in the Booth. When we get the opportunity to bring you a new cut co-headlined by two of your favorite site regulars,... Read More


Chi City ft. The Kid Daytona - Story To Tell [Stream & Download]

Since the days of tracksuits and Adidas kicks, hip-hop artists have been putting on for their city. Booth newcomer Chi City takes hometown reppin’ to a new level, paying homage with his moniker. It is only fitting, because... Read More


The Kid Daytona ft. Raheem DeVaughn - Hollands (I Made It) [Stream & Download]

We all have our fare share of travel horror stories, but none might rival The Kid Daytona’s recent travel nightmare. On a trip home from Europe this past summer, Daytona arrived Stateside to find out that his airline had... Read More


The Kid Daytona ft. Smoke DZA - Ice Man [Stream & Download]

Artists have been known to draw song inspiration from the oddest of places and the most unexpected of people, but that isn’t the case for Bronx native The Kid Daytona and his latest cut. Fresh off the release of... Read More


Uptown XO ft. Tranqill & Kid Daytona - Luxury Sh*t [Stream & Download]

Though Uptown XO‘s as fond of life’s finer things as the next rapper, the DMV representative’s not about to put the cart before the horse. As he (hilariously) puts it on this newly-released mixtape... Read More


Mackey ft. The Kid Daytona - Shake Something [Stream & Download]

Some songs simply aren’t meant to be enjoyed while sitting in front of your computer. For that reason, you’re strongly advised to get up out your seat and Shake Something while you listen to Mackey‘s Booth... Read More


The Kid Daytona - Summer Games: The Kid with the Golden Pen [Album]

Bronx phenom The Kid Daytona has come together with The DJBooth to release his highly-anticipated new project, Summer Games: The Kid With The Golden Pen.The mixtape sees Daytona showcasing his lyrical prowess, along with his... Read More


The Kid Daytona ft. Jon Connor - Copy Copy [Stream & Download]

Now that Bronx spitter The Kid Daytona has gotten his fill of patriotism thanks to his last release Made In America, he’s ready to drop off yet another record from his forthcoming Summer Games: The Kid With The Golden... Read More


The Kid Daytona - Made In America [Stream & Download]

It’s not often that an emcee goes all red, white, and blue on us and taps into their patriotic side so we will surely let The Kid Daytona be great on his latest cut, Made In America. The Bronx emcee’s Summer Games... Read More


Tim William ft. Julian Stephen, The Kid Daytona & Mic Terror - Pulp Fiction [Stream & Download]

Ever have that moment when every musical bone in your body tell you to not like a record, but your heart decides different? When you’re reminded why creativity still trumps all when it comes to music? Enter former touring... Read More


The Kid Daytona - Cuban With the Jesus Piece [Stream & Download]

Fresh off a month spent recharging his batteries in Europe, The Kid Daytona returns to kick off the Stateside portion of his summer with a new release off his forthcoming EP. On Cuban With a Jesus Piece, nVMe flips a mellow... Read More


J.A.E ft. The Kid Daytona - 2000 [Stream & Download]

Previously glimpsed sharing the spotlight with Ali Vegas and AC on The Musical, J.A.E. returns to make his Booth debut as a headliner with album inclusion 2000. Here, Big Jerm‘s swanky sample work sets the mood as the... Read More


AWKWORD ft. Sean Price, The Kid Daytona & The Incomparable Shakespeare - Bars & Hooks [Stream & Download]

If you tuned in for AWKWORD‘s first Booth feature, Doctor Doctor, you already know that the Big Apple repper’s all about his Bars & Hooks. On feature numero dos, the latest single off his forthcoming... Read More


AWKWORD Previews Video for New Single “Bars & Hooks” [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- In anticipation of the release of his "Bars & Hooks" mini-film, Big Apple emcee AWKWORD has released a behind-the-scenes slideshow featuring snapshots from its creation. Directed by Andre Ward (for Across... Read More


Nitty Scott, MC ft.  Action Bronson & The Kid Daytona - Auntie Maria’s Crib (The Neapolitan Remix) [Stream & Download]

Greeted with near unanimous reader acclaim when it first hit our front page back in September 2011, Auntie Maria’s Crib returns today in the form of a fresh Neapolitan Remix. What’s the difference, you ask? Well,... Read More


The Kid Daytona ft. Jadakiss - Low (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Returning with the remix to Low, The Kid Daytona brings along veteran verse-smith Jadakiss to spice up things a bit. The horn influenced sax-heavy track was produced by Brooklyn native Harry Fraud, and the Bronx-Yonkers emcee... Read More


The Kid Daytona ft. Bob James - Angela’s Sister [Stream & Download]

With 2009’s The Daytona 500, The Kid Daytona demonstrated precisely why Bob James’ Nautilus is one of the most-flipped records in hip-hop history, enlisting a stable of talented producers to craft beats entirely... Read More


The Kid Daytona ft. Melanie Fiona - Love Is Love [Stream]

Releasing a summertime love joint in the winter is somewhat curious on the surface, but as anybody knows, the winter time is the perfect time to boo somebody up. The colder temperatures and holidays are a little more... Read More


The Kid Daytona - Low [Stream & Download]

You can call The Kid Daytona many things, but “Low” is not one of them. (“High,” on the other hand…) The latest leak off the Bronx buzzmaker and freestyle series alumnus’ forthcoming... Read More


Kooley High ft. The Kid Daytona - Freak It [Stream]

For those who weren’t convinced to pick up Kooley High‘s latest album by previously-featured jams For the Record and Yeah Yeah, the First in Flight State crew are giving listeners another chance to jump on the... Read More


The Kid Daytona ft. Action Bronson - Ivory Coast Crime Scene [Stream & Download]

Maaaan…I wish I could rap. Real talk, I’d wanna spit like The Kid Daytona. The Freestyle Alum has been enforcing his flow on features all over the Booth and knows how to make an impact, particularly on his new... Read More


M3 ft. The Kid Daytona - Can’t Breath [Video]

Fresh off premiering the audio portion of the program on The DJBooth, M3 and and The Kid Daytona return to drop off some appropriately hazy visuals to their collaborative effort Can’t Breath. This joint isn’t attached... Read More


Cesar Luciano ft. The Kid Daytona - Lets Ride [Stream]

There are few better ways to get to know someone than by hopping in their whip for a leisurely drive—not only does the open road offer plenty of opportunity for conversation, but you get to see how they handle a vehicle,... Read More


M3 ft. The Kid Daytona - Can’t Breathe [Stream & Download]

When you’re on your hustle 24/7/365, it’s easy to get a little winded—and that goes double when you’re doing it while surrounded by a haze of kush smoke. M3‘s latest promo single, Can’t Breathe... Read More


The DJBooth Presents: David Dallas “The Rose Tint” Release Show at NYC’s Mercury Lounge [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- The DJBooth has teamed up with David Dallas to celebrate the release of the New Zealand-bred, NYC-based emcee's The Rose Tint LP with an evening of music at the Lower East Side's Mercury Lounge. Going down... Read More


The Kid Daytona ft. Goapele - God Is Good [Stream & Download]

It may seem unusual to hear chronically blunted spitter The Kid Daytona dedicating a record to the Man Upstairs, but there’s no denying it—lead EP single God Is Good is pretty damn fresh. Over Statik... Read More


David Dallas ft. Tayyib Ali & The Kid Daytona - Feel Like Oasis [Stream & Download]

When I first saw the title of David Dallas’ single the only thing I could think was, “What exactly does it feel like to Feel Like Oasis?” I imagine it’d feel like coke overdoses, empty bottles of whiskey and punching... Read More


LRG Clothing, Tuff Tunez & Present: The Kid Daytona Live at Firehouse 13 [Feature ]

Providence, R.I. -- has come together with Tuff Tunez and LRG Clothing to present an evening of music headlined by Bronx buzzmaker (and freestyle series alumnus) The Kid Daytona. Going down Sunday, October 23, at... Read More


The Kid Daytona - Summertime In The City [Stream & Download]

While the average rap fan may not know the name Peter Rosenberg (or at least the average rap fan outside of the greater New York City area), the University of Maryland alum has emerged as one of the leading voices of hip-hop,... Read More


Kid Daytona - So Buttery [Video]

The Kid Daytona shows that his flow is So Buttery in his new video. Kid Daytona takes it on location for his new visual directed by Derek Pike and Woodworks. This cut comes from Kid Daytona’s highly underrated project,... Read More


Talent Couture ft. The Kid Daytona - Issac Haze [Stream & Download]

Fresh off getting HiGh.HiGh.HiGh with Booth fave Neako on his last mixtape leak, the Northeastern buzzmaker returns with the world premiere of another blunted banger. This time around, Mak the Producer‘s production sets... Read More


The Kid Daytona & LRG Drop “The Interlude” [Download] [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Bronx rapper (and freestyle series alum) The Kid Daytona is back with his latest street release, The Interlude. Presented by Lifted Research Group, the project comes complete with reader-approved leaks "Fly... Read More


The Kid Daytona ft. Styles P & Vaughn Anthony - Lifted [Stream & Download]

Whether your drug of choice is music or Mary Jane (or both), I’m guessing you know exactly what it’s like to have one of those days. One of which days? You know, one of those days when you just wanna get Lifted,... Read More


Exclusive A3C Video Interview: The Kid Daytona [Feature ]

Atlanta, Ga. -- On October 7-9, many of hip-hop's hottest emerging talents gathered in ATL for 2010's A3C festival, which included a star-studded showcase sponsored by none other than (click here to read Sig's... Read More


The Kid Daytona - Fly Lullaby [Stream & Download]

Feeling fatigued, but just can’t seem to catch any Z’s? I feel for you, but you may want to look elsewhere for an insomnia cure (the combination of Nyquil and 18th-century German philosophy always seems to work... Read More


The Kid Daytona - On the Hill [Stream]

If the rap game were a hill, The Kid Daytona would be the King… or would he be the fool? It all depends on your perspective, I guess. Despite beginning with a sampled rendition of the chorus from a certain Beatles... Read More


The Kid Daytona - Do You Believe (Tona’s Song) [Stream]

Last we heard from The Kid Daytona, he was enjoying a 1st Class Upgrade on an unreleased cut that won lofty praise from our readers. Roughly four months later, it seems that the Bronx rapper’s flying higher than ever.... Read More


Kidz In The Hall ft. The Kid Daytona - Out to Lunch [Stream]

In his recent DJBooth In the Mix interview, Kidz in the Hall emcee Naledge promised that Land of Make Believe, the new album from himself and musical compatriot Double O, would give us insight into their everyday life, and if... Read More


Smoke DZA ft. Nipsey Hussle, Nephew & The Kid Daytona - Remember Those Days [Stream]

Collaborations on a song are like hot girls at a party: it’s cool when there’s a lot of them, but if none of them follow through, it’s a bit of a disappointment. While there aren’t any dime pieces featured on Smoke... Read More


The Kid Daytona - 1st Class Upgrade [Stream]

I don’t know if it’s the high altitude, stewardesses or in-flight meals, but something about air travel gets Bronx emcee The Kid Daytona going. This past summer he released an album titled Come Fly With Me, which included... Read More


Mick Boogie ft. Kidz In The Hall, Donnis & Daytona - Class of Our Own [Stream]

I’ve spent more than a couple afternoons playing NBA Live, so when I heard DJBooth regular Mick Boogie would be dropping a mixtape alongside the brand new NBA Live 10, I was more excited than 50 Cent at a bulletproof vest... Read More


The Kid Daytona Invites You to “Come Fly With Me” on Free Album [Download] [Feature ]

New York, NY -- The Kid Daytona, the up-and-coming emcee who earned rave reviews for recently-featured Bun B collabo "Air Born," is asking listeners everywhere to "Come Fly With Me," and fans will be happy to hear to hear... Read More


The Kid Daytona ft. Bun B - Air Born [Stream]

On The Kid Daytona‘s recently-released Daytona 500 mixtape, hip-hop lovers got to watch the artist assemble the flying machine he would ultimately use to take them on the musical journey of a lifetime.  And,... Read More


The Kid Daytona - Twilight [Stream & Download]

The 41st entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of The Kid Daytona, the up-and-coming emcee who made his Booth debut with The Body last week.  On his brand new, previously-unreleased Twilight freestyle,... Read More

The Kid Daytona Spits “Twilight” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, NY -- The Kid Daytona, the up-and-comer whose first feature, "The Body," hit our front page last week, has stepped into the Booth to bring us the 41st entry in our Freestyle Series. On his brand new,... Read More


Mick Boogie Presents “The Daytona 500” Mixtape [Download] [Feature ]

New York, NY -- The Kid Daytona, the Harlem emcee who made his Booth debut last week with "The Body," has joined forces with DJ Mick Boogie to bring listeners his latest mixtape, The Daytona 500. The high concept street... Read More


The Kid Daytona - The Body [Stream]

True to his high-octane stage name, The Kid Daytona is an emcee who lives life in the fast lane.  Just how fast is he, you may ask?  Well, on his first Booth feature, the Bronx rapper bodies three different beats... Read More


Nina Sky ft. The Kid Daytona - Get Your Clothes Off [Stream]

Nina Sky is at it again with their soon-to-be-released sophomore album The Musical.  The album’s first single, Get Your Clothes Off, is a mellower version of Nelly’s Hot In Herre, as the Latina duet encourages taking... Read More