New The Niceguys Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


The Niceguys - 265 (Inglorious Basterds) [Stream]

You never know what to expect when you first press play on a new track from always unpredictable Houston quartet The Niceguys, especially when it has a title as enigmatic as 265 (Inglorious Basterds). So it should be no... Read More


The Niceguys - Magick [Stream]

Remember when David Blaine sat inside an ice box (literally) for a couple days? Although it wasn’t necessarily magic, it was definitely trill, a vibe Houston quartet The Nice Guys capture on their new single, Magick, off... Read More


The Niceguys ft. Bun B - Ari Gold (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Featured back in March, mixtape single Ari Gold found The Niceguys taking inspiration from the abrasive movie agent of Entourage fame. Today, the H-town crew return for the official remix, with a heavyweight neighbor in tow.... Read More


The Niceguys - Ari Gold [Video]

For the lead single from their upcoming project, The James Kelley EP, Houston based crew The Niceguys pay indirect homage to Entourage’s explosive a**hole Ari Gold. For more fearlessly creative hip-hop be sure to cop... Read More


The Niceguys ft. Chevy Lauren - Ari Gold [Stream & Download]

Talk about playing against type; though previous features left the question of whether The Niceguys are in fact nice guys (and whether, by extension, they’re destined to finish last), this newly-released single finds... Read More


The Niceguys - Toast [Stream & Download]

New Year’s is a time to look back on the last 365 days, to survey what one has accomplished and celebrate one’s accomplishments in style. Considering how good 2010’s was to The Niceguys, it’s high time... Read More


The Niceguys - Yves Saint Makes It Easy [Stream & Download]

The 205th entry in and Streetammo‘s Exclusive Freestyle Series comes courtesy of The Niceguys, the Houston-based crew who earned reader acclaim for Mr. Perfect and Good Shepherd. On their brand new,... Read More


The Niceguys Spit “Yves Saint Makes It Easy” for x Streetammo Freestyle Series [Feature ]

The Niceguys, the Houston-based crew who earned reader acclaim for “Mr. Perfect” and “Good Shepherd.” have stepped into the Booth to bring us the 205th entry in and Streetammo's Exclusive Freestyle Series.... Read More


The Niceguys - The Show [Album]

I always try to bring some creativity to these reviews, to find an angle on an album that no one else is taking. After all, I just finished comparing Lil Wayne’s I Am Not a Human Being to a high school make out session, and... Read Full Review


The Niceguys - Good Shepherd [Stream & Download]

In their brand new exclusive DJBooth interview fast-rising Houston hip-hop crew The Niceguys said that their “music goes beyond coastal or regional boundaries.” They’re not lying. Having already dropped off the hard... Read More


The Niceguys Jump “In the Mix” [DJBooth Interview Exclusive] [Feature ]

In modern parlance, the term “nice guy” is often used as a code word for “pushover.” Here to smash that stereotype and remind us that “nice” can also be synonymous with “fresh and fly” are The Niceguys, a... Read More


The Niceguys - Mr. Perfect [Stream]

Back in early June, Easy Yves Saint, DJ Candlestick, Christolph and Free disproved that dusty aphorism about Niceguys finishing last, earning overwhelmingly positive reader reviews for mixtape leak Not at All. Today, the Lone... Read More


The Niceguys - Not at All [Stream]

They say that “nice guys finish last,” but who are “they,” anyways? A bunch of jerks? Nice guys talking about themselves in the third person? The world may never know. In any case, Easy Yves Saint, DJ Candlestick,... Read More