New The Regiment Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


The Regiment & Sinitus Tempo - S.O.U.L. (Sound of Us Living) [Album]

The Regiment, a Motown hip-hop duo composed of emcees OSI and IseQold, has come together with beatmaker Sinitus Tempo to create a conceptual project titled S.O.U.L. (Sound of Us Living). Heralded by singles "Always on Go,"... Read More


The Regiment - Let’s Begin [Stream]

Fresh off blessing our front page with the reader-acclaimed Crimson Skies, Motown rap duo The Regiment returns to the Booth with a brand new single off its upcoming conceptual full-length. Let’s Begin epitomizes the... Read More


The Regiment - Crimson Skies [Stream]

MCs OSI and IseQold of The Regiment are back with imagery-driven rhymes to add some life to our Monday morning. The conceptual Crimson Skies is a snippet of the story that will be told in it’s entirety on The... Read More


The Regiment - Always on Go [Stream]

Last week, on the lead single off their forthcoming EP with Random, IseQold and OSI engaged in a little Kung Fu Treachery. Though the duo’s latest solo single, Always on Go, contains considerably less punching and... Read More


The Regiment & Random - Kung Fu Treachery [Stream]

On their next release via HiPNOTT Records, Motown twosome The Regiment will be joined by a collaborator from the left side of the U.S. map—namely, Phoenix’s Random. Though the acts hail from different regions, their... Read More


The Regiment - S.O.U.L. [Stream]

For The Regiment, hip-hop isn’t just a profession or a form of entertainment; it’s a way of life. In other words, what we’re going to hear on their next independent full-length is the “Sound Of... Read More


The Regiment ft. Sadat X & El Da Sensei - Raise Up [Stream & Download]

Raise your arms Up like you’re gonna “grab the sky,” because The Regiment is back! A freshly-minted loosie that marks the Motown duo’s official return to HiPNOTT Records, this cut sees partners-in-rhyme OSI... Read More


The Regiment - Live From Coney Island [Album]

Motown hip-hop crew The Regiment has come together with The DJBooth to bring fans a full stream of their latest digital full-length, Live From Coney Island. Originally released on Tuesday, January 7, the project packs a... Read More


The Regiment ft. Guilty Simpson - Beef [Stream]

I was considering going vegeterian for the new year but, for a variety of reasons, I didn’t end up making the resolution. And it’s a damn good thing I didn’t, because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to... Read More


The Regiment ft. Kam Moye - I Seen It All Before [Stream]

When my friends and I are group-texting, we are quick to correct each other’s grammar as a way to piss off the author of the original mistake-laden text. (We also always send the police Emoji to represent the grammar... Read More


The Regiment & Confidence ft. DJ Technic - We Gon [Stream]

Yesterday, Motown hip-hop crew The Regiment unleashed a new joint single with producer Confidence. If their track record in the Booth (they’ve won reader approval for The Solution and That’s Hip Hop, among others)... Read More


The Regiment ft. Toki Wright - The Solution [Stream & Download]

Suffering from an acute lack of dope underground rhymes? That’s a problem, no doubt—fortunately, Detroit rap crew The Regiment have The Solution. Premiered last week by Kevin Nottingham on’s Certified... Read More


JR & PH7 ft. The Regiment - Fallin’ for You [Stream & Download]

Once you’ve been pierced by Cupid’s arrow, there’s no turning back. Just ask IseQold and OSI of The Regiment, who find themselves swept off their feet on Fallin’ for You, the latest single off JR &... Read More


The Regiment - That’s Hip Hop [Stream & Download]

When none other than DJ Premier selects your project as one of his top 25 releases of the year, you can consider yourself an ambassador of real hip-hop. Fresh off receiving the Northeastern icon’s imprimatur for last... Read More


The Regiment ft. Vincent J. Kelley - Get Away [Stream & Download]

As artists committed to keeping it 100, The Regiment are obligated to rap about life’s downs as well as its ups. On new single Get Away, however, OSI and IseQold manage to make said downs sound downright uplifting,... Read More


The Regiment ft. Kev Brown & Finale - 100 [Stream & Download]

Lots of rappers have capitalized on the idea of “keeping it 100,” stringing that statement along with the reason why they’re authentic throughout their raps in order to give hip-hop more truth and reality. ... Read More


The Regiment ft. Vincent J. Kelley - Everything [Stream & Download]

Fresh off breaking down the causes of Failure among minority youth on their last Booth feature, The Regiment return to tackle the considerably more uplifting topic of romance on a new single. Here, a head-nodding beat by the... Read More


The Regiment ft. Vincent J. Kelley - Failure [Stream & Download]

Don’t let the title fool you—though the latest entry in The Regiment‘s ongoing First Mondays series deals with the topic of Failure, the song itself is another victory for the Motown twosome. Here, an somber... Read More


The Regiment - Don’t Judge Me [Stream & Download]

For installment numero tres in their monthly First Monday series, HiPNOTT Records duo The Regiment present Don’t Judge Me, a joint designed to illuminate the struggle to those who would cast stones. Over DJ... Read More


The Regiment - Battle Cry [Stream & Download]

Now this is what should be playing in the speakers when I run into work, teeth glaring, name tag polished and ready to do work on some TPS reports. Everyone should have a Battle Cry, and if you don’t, The Regiment’s just... Read More


The Regiment - Old School Vibe [Stream]

Now more than ever, underground rappers are attempting to recapture that Old School Vibe, in hopes that bringing back the classic sound and lyrical focus of hip-hop’s early days will help usher in a new musical... Read More