New The Seed Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


The Seed ft. Rakaa (of Dilated Peoples) - Hands High [Stream]

Fans at a hip-hop show can always count on an emcee instructing everyone to “throw your hands up high!” Whether it’s a backpacker or trap-rapper, the command to get your get your Hands High is the universal call for... Read More


The Seed Offer Self-Titled Debut Full-Length for Download in the Booth [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- California underground trio The Seed have just released their self-titled debut full-length for streaming and download in the Booth. Featuring 13 new tracks from Kahlee, Uptown Swuite and Adikt 1, plus guest... Read More


The Seed - The Seed LP [Album]

Cali underground trio The Seed has hooked up with and Dyse One Clothing to bring listeners their highly-anticipated, self-titled debut full-length. The project features 13 original cuts from the buzzmaking crew,... Read More


The Seed - Machine [Stream & Download]

Typically, when underground rappers spit about punching and kicking their way through the competition, the martial-arts imagery is just a metaphor for their high-impact approach on the mic. Not so in the case of The... Read More


The Seed ft. DJ Packo - Trying [Stream & Download]

Though The Seed orchestrated an epic hip-hop Heist on their last feature, the truth behind their fantasies of of fast money is of course, that the Cali underground crew are just like (most of) you and me: regular folks... Read More


The Seed ft. DJ Packo - The Heist [Stream & Download]

If you’re a fan of audacious criminal capers, take heed: on their latest single, The Seed pull off the crime of the century. OK, not really – as far as I know, hot beats and rhymes are still legal in the Golden State... Read More


The Seed ft. DJ Packo - Keep Rockin’ On [Stream]

Adikt 1, Uptown Swuite and Kahlee, the producer and emcees who make up The Seed, are three nostalgia-prone dudes - I mean, their first feature was a tribute to The Wonder Years – but, like so many of the best artists, they... Read More


The Seed - BREAKINGROUND [Album]

Following months of anticipation, West Coast up-and-comers The Seed have released their free street album, BREAKINGROUND, presented by Wild Style Technicians and Dyse One Clothing. Mixed by DJ Demon and Adikt 1, the... Read More


The Seed - Wonder Years [Stream]

When I was a kid I loved watching The Wonder Years. Or, more accurately, I loved watching Winnie Cooper (shout out to Danica McKellar, who grew up to be gorgeous by the way). Those early, wonderful days came in handy today... Read More