New Warm Brew Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Warm Brew - Ghetto Beach Boyz [Album]

Ever wondered what kind of music Brian Wilson would have made if he grew up in the hood? Yeah, me neither. But now that the question's been planted in your head, you can find the answer on Warm Brew's latest full-length,... Read More


Warm Brew - Can Ya Blame Me [Stream]

I don’t know about y’all, but I like to start my morning off with a nice Warm Brew. OK, not really; I prefer my beer chilled and, even on thirsty Thursdays, I try to hold off on the liquor till at least noon, but... Read More


Warm Brew - Whispers [Stream]

More than a year after the release of the group’s last project, The Ride, Warm Brew fans are likely feeling a little bit parched. Today, the Los Angeles threesome finally return with a little something to slake your... Read More


Warm Brew - The Ride [Album]

LA trio Warm Brew have unleashed their latest free project, The Ride. Their first release since last November's Sippin All Day Last Night, the new 16-track set includes previously-released, Booth-approved selection "Word."... Read More


Warm Brew - Word [Stream]

If you’re a fan of The Warm Brew, go ahead and announce your presence with a hearty “Word!” Let’s hear from the ladies in the house… OK, just the fellas this time. Now that you’re all warmed up,... Read More


Warm Brew - Proper Amount [Stream]

Whether you’re talking weed, liquor, cash or you-name-it, there’s a Proper Amount for everything—and, seeing as the West Coast quartet haven’t stepped into the Booth with a new feature since last October,... Read More


Warm Brew - Hear Ya Say [Stream & Download]

After their Search For Paradise back in May, Los Angeles-based trio Warm Brew have returned to our pages with the refreshingly optimistic Hear Ya Say. The single starts off with a familiar sample from The Miseducation Of... Read More


Warm Brew - Search for Paradise [Stream & Download]

Fresh off the release of their latest digital album, Warm Brew return to our pages with a standout off the project. On Searching for Paradise, Danny D‘s low-key, organ-driven production sets the mood as Serk Spliff,... Read More


Warm Brew - Creep (Serk Spliff Mix) [Stream]

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Los Angeles crew Warm Brew step into the Booth with their gender-switched rendition on TLC’s 1994 hit single, Creep. Over Dallas Austin‘s head-noddable original boardwork,... Read More


Warm Brew ft. Pistol Mcfly - Screen Play [Stream]

While Warm Brew‘s highly-anticipated debut set still lacks a title and release date, the Los Angeles crew aren’t about to let listeners go thirsty in the meantime. To tide fans over, they’ve dropped off... Read More


Warm Brew - How You Feeling From That [Stream & Download]

Los Angeles crew Warm Brew like to get inebriated as much as the next guys—I mean, you’ve got to be a partier to name yourself after room-temperature beer—but they do have their limits. The latest leak off their... Read More


The Warm Brew Offer New, Self-Titled EP for Download in the Booth [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Los Angeles crew Warm Brew are offering their new, self-titled EP for streaming and download in the Booth. Featuring seven fresh cuts from Espy, Serk Spliff, Baby Boy Manu Li and Ray Wright, including... Read More


Warm Brew - Warm Brew EP [Album]

Los Angeles crew Warm Brew have hooked up with to bring fans their latest street release, the Warm Brew EP. The project features seven fresh, genre-blending cuts from Espy, Serk Spliff, Baby Boy Manu Li and Ray... Read More


Warm Brew - Nothin From Nothin [Stream]

Despite their unappetizing stage name, the Warm Brew didn’t fail to leave Booth readers refreshed when they introduced themselves with early-April’s coffee-shop-funky Willing to Ride. Today, the Los Angeles crew... Read More


Warm Brew - Willing to Ride [Stream & Download]

Though Booth newcomers Warm Brew were evidently thinking of beer when they chose their collective stage name (judging by the crushed-can wallpaper on their Tumblr), their sound brings to mind the caffeinated kind – cool and... Read More