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The Weeknd Turned 5.5 Billion Streams Into a $75M Touring Advance [Feature ]

For most artists, streaming revenue from platforms like Spotify and Apple Music isn't (yet) a path to obscene wealth. Of course, The Weeknd isn't most artists. In a cover story that will appear in the June 29 issue... Read More


Drake, The Weeknd & Future: Who Forms the Best Duo? [Feature ]

Drake was there before Abel Tesfaye released his first mixtape as The Weeknd. Drake was there before Nayvadius Wilburn released his first album as Future. Drake is always there; he appears like the rap version of... Read More


The Weeknd Releases Star-Studded Yet Generic “Reminder” Video [Feature ]

The Weeknd has a released a video for Starboy single "Reminder" that features cameos by A$AP Rocky, Bryson Tiller, Drake, French Montana, Travis Scott, YG and more. Yet, despite the star-studded affair, the video is by... Read More


NAV Releases The Weeknd-Assisted “Some Way,” Which is Dominated by The Weeknd [Feature ]

This evening (February 14), Toronto rapper/producer NAV released his brand new single, "Some Way," featuring The Weeknd. But while NAV receives top billing on "Some Way," the record is largely dominated by The... Read More


The Weeknd’s ‘Starboy’ Album Pushes Past 1 Million Global Sales [Feature ]

After earning a whopping 10 RIAA certifications in 2016, The Weeknd might be on the verge of adding a few more plaques to his walls to kick off the 2017 calendar year. This past week, the Toronto hitmaker sold another... Read More


Movies Behind The Madness: The Role of Horror Films In The Weeknd’s Artistry [Feature ]

The arrival of Abel Tesfaye happened quietly. He tiptoed into our lives through the internet, appearing as only a voice, only a name, and then retreating back into the darkness that hid his unknown face. As The Weeknd, he... Read More


Meet Starrah, the Songwriter Behind Drake, Travis & Rihanna’s Biggest 2016 Hits [Feature ]

Behind the scenes is where all the secrets lie, where all the skeletons are buried, and where all the magic happens. Lifting the veil gives a glimpse of what rarely appears on camera, what is hidden from the radiant... Read More


The Weeknd Has “Lost So Much Music” & Why It’s Concerning [Feature ]

The Weeknd is having a great week. In addition to selling 367k copies of his new album, Starboy, every track on the album is currently charting on the Billboard Hot 100. According to the 26-year-old superstar, however, the... Read More


The Weeknd ‘Starboy’ 1 Listen Album Review [Feature ]

Stardom is not what I imagined when The Weeknd first emerged from the shadows all those years ago. The stories he told weren’t the words of a pop star, the world he lived in didn’t resemble a Disney palace.... Read More


Finding the Worst Lyric Off The Weeknd’s ‘Starboy’ Album [Feature ]

I first heard The Weeknd about five years ago now—back when we all assumed The Weeknd was a group—and became instantly enamored by this gauzy new brand of narco-R&B. I assumed that I would quickly get... Read More


The Weeknd Previews 4 New Songs in “M A N I A” Short Film, Listen to Them Now [Feature ]

About a year and a half ago, The Weeknd seized his place as a true mainstream pop star with the release of his Beauty Before the Madness album, and now that he's preparing to drop his upcoming Starboy album there's no... Read More


The Weeknd is Stacking Up Hit Records for Upcoming ‘Starboy’ Album [Feature ]

The Weeknd does an incredible amount of drugs, and has an incredible amount of sex. Those themes resonate throughout his entire catalog, and of course are heavily included on the latest singles from his forthcoming album... Read More


There’s No ‘Take Care’ Without ‘House Of Balloons’: Remembering The Weeknd’s Best Album [Feature ]

Five years ago Tuesday, Take Care was released. It’s the album that Drake fans wanted from his debut, a proper successor to So Far Gone. Drake gave us the growing pains of his growing celebrity while proving his... Read More


The Weeknd Announces 46-Date “Legend of the Fall” World Tour [Feature ]

On November 25, The Weeknd will release his third major label full-length, Starboy. In support of the new album, the Canadian superstar has announced a 46-date Legend of the Fall world tour, which will kick off February 17,... Read More


An Absurdly Detailed Conspiracy Theory on The Weeknd’s Music Videos [Feature ]

Mystery has a charm that people are naturally drawn to. It’s the thrill of discovery and the excitement of an unveiling that makes the enigmatic so interesting. Mystery is the reason that I’ve spent the past... Read More


The Weeknd’s “False Alarm” is Definitely Different, For Better or Worse [Feature ]

Although The Weeknd’s Starboy album doesn’t arrive until late November, “False Alarm” marks the second single to drop in the last two weeks from the superstar's forthcoming release.... Read More


The Weeknd We Knew is Dead & Gone In Evolutionary “Starboy” Video [Feature ]

Last week, The Weeknd premiered “Starboy,” the lead single off his upcoming album of the same name. Featuring Daft Punk, the track finds Abel at his most boastful and confident, with tongue-in-cheek... Read More


The Weeknd Unveils Daft Punk-Assisted “Starboy” Single With Mega-Hit Potential [Feature ]

The Weeknd is back and he wants you to know he's a "motherf*cking star, boy."  Less than 12 hours after unveiling the cover art for his forthcoming album, Starboy, the King of the Fall (sporting a new 'do) has... Read More


Meet the Amazing Photographer Behind The Weeknd’s “Starboy” Album Cover [Feature ]

The Weeknd cares about his album art. This consideration dates back to his Trilogy mixtapes, even back then you could see he cared about capturing a certain look; illustrating a peculiar aesthetic. Just a few hours ago, The... Read More


The Weeknd Wants To Make Political Music, But It’s Not His “Forté” [Feature ]

Admittedly, I was a bit late to The Weeknd bandwagon. While my friends were madly listening to House of Balloons and Kiss Land, I was scratching my head with skepticism. It wasn’t until “The Hills” that I... Read More


The Team That Took The Weeknd From “House of Balloons” to Pop Stardom [Feature ]

Did anyone have a bigger 2015 than The Weeknd? The Toronto native released an album that propelled him to the top of the R&B mountain, scored a plethora of number one songs, nabbed two GRAMMYs, grabbed an... Read More


Winners, Losers & Kendrick Lamar: 2016 GRAMMY Awards Recap [Feature ]

Tonight, The GRAMMYs proved once again why they are considered the biggest night in music. I sat glued to the TV for the last few hours, soaking in the good with the bad. Like most hip-hop fans, it was Kendrick Lamar... Read More


The Weeknd “Earned It,” Receives Oscar Nomination for Best Original Song [Feature ]

It appears The Weeknd might be taking a trip to Home Depot or The Container Store in the next few weeks to purchase some high-quality shelving. On the heels of picking up a whopping seven GRAMMY nominations in December, the... Read More


The Weeknd, Fetty Wap & ScHoolboy Q Among Forbes “30 Under 30” [Feature ]

Forbes Magazine has unveiled their 30 Under 30 class of 2016 and hip-hop is represented very well. The series, which is meant to showcase and highlight "breakout talents and change agents in 20 different sectors," has a... Read More


Best R&B/Pop Record of 2015: The Weeknd “Can’t Feel My Face” #BOTBAwards [Feature ]

[Welcome to the 2015 edition of the Best of the Booth Awards, DJBooth's annual selection of the best music of the year. For a more detailed explanation and a full list of all the categories and winners, click here.] New... Read More


The Weeknd - The Hills (Remix) ft. Nicki Minaj [Stream]

Also: Listen to “The Hills (Remix)” featuring Eminem. Read More


That Time The Weeknd Sweetly Sang About a Full Bladder [Feature ]

The Weeknd is a guy from Toronto who spells his name without an "e" so he doesn't get sued by these guys and makes music about sex and drugs and having sex on drugs and might as well just save himself some... Read More


The Weeknd’s “BBTM” is Now the 2nd Best Selling Album of the Year [Feature ]

[Image via Instagram] The Weeknd has been unavoidable over the last couple months, scoring number one hits and making Billboard history, setting the VMA's ablaze and most importantly, releasing his highly... Read More


The Weeknd - Beauty Behind The Madness [Album]

Looks like it's time for another 1 Listen album review, eh? I'm here to listen to Beauty Behind The Madness, the second studio album from singer/songwriter/producer extraordinaire The Weeknd and the follow-up to 2013's... Read Full Review


The Weeknd is a Vampire, Seriously [Feature ]

The fever was rising, I shivered and sweated as strep throat racked my body, reminding me why I loathed being sick. Empty bottles of water littered the floor, prescribed bottles of antibiotics sat on the dresser, eating was... Read More


Did The Weeknd Steal the “Can’t Feel My Face” Video Concept? [Feature ]

Since The Weeknd released the music video for his smash hit, "Can't Feel My Face," last month, we've known that not only is it literally fire but that it also might be playing an important role in an ongoing... Read More


Watch The Weeknd’s Darkly Murderous “Tell Your Friends” Video [Feature ]

It's the week of The Weeknd. The Canadian superstar is busy prepping the release of his forthcoming second studio album, Beauty Behind The Madness, which, despite springing a leak last Friday, is set to hit... Read More


The Weeknd - Tell Your Friends [Stream]

We already heard the performance footage of The Weeknd‘s Kanye West-produced Tell Your Friends, but today the Universal/Republic star has unleashed the official visuals for the potential hit single. The record has a... Read More


The Weeknd “Beauty Behind The Madness” 1 Listen Album Review [Feature ]

Looks like it's time for another 1 Listen album review, eh? I'm here to listen to Beauty Behind The Madness, the (now leaked) second studio album from singer/songwriter/producer extraordinaire The... Read More


The Weeknd Performs “Tell Your Friends” Produced by Kanye, It’s Crazy Talk [Feature ]

Back on June 13 - or way, way, way back if we're speaking in Internet time - The Weeknd performed live at Drai's Nightclub in Vegas. What was, by all accounts, a great show is made even more... Read More


The Hidden Story Unfolding in The Weeknd’s Videos [Feature ]

[Image by Ricky-hmi] I remember when the world wasn’t sure who “The Weeknd” was, a man completely anonymous, shrouded in secrecy, releasing music from the shadows. There was a swirl of mystery surrounding... Read More


The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face” Video is Literally Fire [Feature ]

The Weeknd has been on fire the past few months, shattering records and taking the radio by storm with undeniably catchy tunes. In his latest music video, for the Michael Jackson-inspired "Can't Feel My Face," he... Read More


The Weeknd Makes Billboard History With Top 3 Charting Songs [Feature ]

Yesterday, I made mention of Jeremih being the new King of R&B. Personal preference aside, it appears I forgot a certain Canadian crooner who's currently on a historical hot streak. In a display of... Read More


The Weeknd Reveals New Cover & Album Title “Beauty Behind The Madness” [Feature ]

You bring the drugs, he'll bring the pain...or at least the album. Everyone's favorite drug-fueled, overdose R&B superstar, The Weeknd, announced the name of his upcoming album, Beauty Behind The... Read More


Bring the Drugs: The Weeknd & the Rise of Overdose R&B [Feature ]

[Image via StJoseFuertez] Abel Tesfaye lives on the verge of a constant overdose. Like any serious addict, he's hit rock bottom enough times to know there's always a deeper bottom, another level of desperation and... Read More


The Weeknd - Can’t Feel My Face [Stream]

Those of you who tuned in to Apple’s keynote today (or heard it when it leaked) are lucky enough to have had a sneak preview of The Weeknd‘s brand new single, Can’t Feel My Face. The record follows up The... Read More


The Weeknd - The Hills [Stream]

Following its debut at Coachella in April, The Weeknd has, without warning, unleashed the video for The Hills. The song, which is also available for digital download on iTunes, is produced by Chicago’s Mano and frequent... Read More


Belly - Might Not ft. The Weeknd [Stream]

Belly, a Palestinian rapper from Canada, hasn’t appeared on our pages for over six months. Today, his feature-less drought ends with Might Not, a collaborative track with his North of the border neighbor, The Weeknd.... Read More


The Weeknd - Where You Belong [Stream]

The Weeknd—or the persona he projects—is the Christian Grey of the R&B game. Think about it: he’s cold, distant and emotionally unavailable, yet irresistibly attractive to women. He’s loaded. He’s constantly... Read More


Mike Will Made-It x The Weeknd ft. Swae Lee & Future - Drinks On Us (Remix) [Stream]

The Weeknd is a real generous guy. According to the alternative R&B hitmaker, the Drinks On Us. Splitting the bar tab with the headliner on a remix of producer Mike Will Made-It‘s Ransom standout are fellow guests... Read More


The Weeknd - Earned It [Stream]

Update: The Sam Taylor-Johnson-directed visuals for The Weeknd’s Earned It promo single have been added. 50 Shades of Grey, the smash book that’s being made into a movie, is all about the darker, often painful... Read More


Ariana Grande ft. The Weeknd - Love Me Harder [Stream]

On the last single off her sophomore set, featured back in August, Ariana Grande told her man that, thought their relationship seems to be damaged beyond repair, she’ll always consider him the Best Mistake she ever... Read More


The Weeknd ft. ScHoolboy Q & Rick Ross - Often (Remix) [Stream]

Think about all the things that you do Often. Eat? Check. Sleep? Check. Pay bills? Check. Now, think about all the things that star recording artists do often. Believe it or not, they do the exact same things (and the bills... Read More


The Weeknd - King of the Fall [Stream & Download]

UPDATE: We’ve added the Glenn Michael-directed visuals for The Weeknd’s King of the Fall. After a semi-hiatus, The Weeknd is very much back. Abel’s been averaging about a new song a week, and today’s... Read More


The Weeknd - Often [Stream]

UPDATE: The visuals for The Weeknd’s Often single have been added. How often does The Weeknd release new material? Not particularly often. But how often does he have a threesome with Austrian models high on all manner... Read More


Ty Dolla $ign ft. The Weeknd & Wiz Khalifa - Or Nah (Remix) [Stream]

Over six months ago, Ty Dolla $ign‘s Or Nah helped propel the west coast crooner to national fame, and shortly after The Weeknd decided to drop his own, not-even-remotely-safe for work, version. Well, the wait is over,... Read More


The Weeknd - Drunk in Love (Remix) [Stream]

Mildly eerie production, lyrics steeped in expensive liquor and lust… Beyoncé‘s latest single bears a number of striking similarities to the work of one Abel Tesfaye. Thus, it shouldn’t come as too much of... Read More


The Weeknd - Devil May Cry [Stream]

If you’re anything like me, the title of The Weeknd‘s latest feature will evoke fond memories of slicing/shooting up hordes of rampaging demons. This Devil May Cry, recorded for inclusion in the latest Hunger... Read More