New THINK TANK (Llamabeats & Parable) Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


THINK TANK - Mashed Potatoes [Album]

Miami crew THINK TANK have hooked up with, Public Wizard, Inc., Rogue Status and DTA to bring fans their latest street album, Mashed Potatoes. The project features 18 fresh new cuts from local trio Llamabeats... Read More


Think Tank ft. Wrekonize (of ¬°MAYDAY!) - People of the Sun [Stream & Download]

As much as I love world premieres, there’s one tiny downside to having a record before everyone else: when I’m unsure how to sum a cut up in a neat paragraph, there’s no Googling for second opinions.... Read More


Think Tank (Llamabeats & Parable) - Gimme Your Money [Stream & Download]

Does mo’ money really equal mo’ problems? The Beatles would certainly have agreed with Biggie‘s famous thesis, judging by the richer-than-God rock legends’ cash-related complaints on joints like Taxman... Read More