New Thee Tom Hardy Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Thee Tom Hardy - Any Type [Stream]

Are you the owner of a Jeep with blown-out speakers… or Any Type of car with any type of speakers? Then Thee Tom Hardy‘s latest feature is your jam. (If you, like me, don’t own a whip, I’m sure he... Read More


Thee Tom Hardy - The Reason Y [Stream]

Lately, Thee Tom Hardy has made himself scarce on our pages. (His last Booth feature, PB&T, hit the Booth way back in May 2013.) The Reason Y? Simple: the Carolina representative has been hard at work on his next album,... Read More


Thee Tom Hardy - PB&T [Stream & Download]

I would like to say that Thee Tom Hardy’s latest feature, PB&T, is just as good as the similarly-named PB&J, but I can’t. It’s not that the song doesn’t measure up; it’s just that my allergy... Read More


Kourvioisier ft. Thee Tom Hardy - Write Brothers [Stream & Download]

As all history buffs and North Carolinans will tell you, the Wright Brothers were the first individuals to pilot an airplane. Granted, it only glided a few feet. N.C. newcomer Kourvioisier and Booth veteran Thee Tom Hardy... Read More


Praverb x Thee Tom Hardy - Super Saiyans [Stream & Download]

Super Saiyans, the latest single from Booth newcomer, Praverb, and Booth regular, Thee Tom Hardy, references Japanese TV series Dragon Ball Z. Of course if you are a fan of the anime cornerstone, you probably already knew... Read More


Thee Tom Hardy - Fables [Stream & Download]

“Fables and tall tales” are all well and good when you’re rocking a toga in 600 BC but, in the modern-day rap game, that sh*t isn’t gonna fly—not if Thee Tom Hardy has anything to say about it. On this... Read More


Wreck-N-Crew ft. Thee Tom Hardy - It’s Okay [Stream & Download]

A Durham, N.C. crew,, Wreck-N-Crew make their grand entrance into The DJBooth with a promo single that’s much more than just satisfactory. It’s Okay finds beatsmith Laphelle adding some driving percussion to a... Read More


Thee Tom Hardy - Guerrilla Broadcast [Album]

Durham, NC native Thee Tom Hardy returns with an aptly-named new project, Guerrilla Broadcast, his first release since 2010’s highly rated Secret of the Green Magic mixtape with DJ Green Lantern and 9th Wonder.... Read More


Thee Tom Hardy - Show Me Your Hands [Stream & Download]

When Thee Tom Hardy first entered the rap game, many laughed at his unconventional appearance and left-of-center mic style. The rest of us laughed with him because, on the real, the man’s hilarious. On newly-leaked... Read More


Chuuwee & Sundown ft. Thee Tom Hardy - Attacking The Clones [Stream & Download]

Fresh off last week’s release of their DJBooth-sponsored collaborative street album, Sacramento emcee Chuuwee and Raleigh rapper/producer Sundown return to our pages with a newly-leaked standout cut off the project. On... Read More


Emilio Rojas, STS, King Mez, Donny Goines, & Thee Tom Hardy - Posse Cut [Stream & Download]

You’ve gotta love truth in advertising. Posse Cut, is… a posse cut—a posse cut about the creation of a posse cut, no less. It’s also a veritable who’s-who of recent Booth favorites: showcasing their... Read More


Devine Carama ft. Thee Tom Hardy - Sparkling Jewels [Stream & Download]

Though Devine Carama is relatively new to the game, the Lexington, Kentucky repper believes that he’s got the kind of knowledge that will make listeners question their deepest-held convictions. Arrogant?... Read More


MindsOne ft. Thee Tom Hardy & Rapsody - Code of Ethics [Stream]

Between bankers who run off our paychecks, athletes pumped up on more illegal drugs than Scarface and politicians who can’t keep their hands to themselves it may feel like we’re living in the age of broken ethics. Problem... Read More


King Mez ft. Thee Tom Hardy & Sean Boog - From the South [Video]

Recently featured on the Booth, “From The South”, a single off King Mez and Khrysis’ The King’s Khrysis, is still hot as ever, especially now that the visuals have been dropped. Featuring Mez and... Read More


DJBooth & J. Dilla Foundation Join Forces for “Give Back” Benefit Concert [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- and the J. Dilla Foundation have enlisted a lineup of reader-approved underground favorites for Give Back, a benefit to promote musical education. Going down the evening of May 10, at trendy... Read More


Commissioner Gordon x Thee Tom Hardy - Red Eyes [Stream]

Previously heard backing King Mez on Booth-sponsored collaborative LP The Paraplegics, Raleigh producer Commissioner Gordon is preparing to fly solo on his latest mixtape release. Making its world premiere in the Booth,... Read More


Laws ft. Thee Tom Hardy - Live My Life [Stream & Download]

There’s something about the first leak from SMKA’s upcoming The 808 Experiment Vol. 3, called Live My Life, that I simply can’t get enough of. Let me try to explain: Producers SMKA set the mood with a zapping,... Read More


King Mez ft. Thee Tom Hardy & Sean Boog - From the South [Stream & Download]

The last time I wrote about King Mez he was busy giving other rappers Nightmares. Since then he’s been a constant here at DJBooth, and rightfully so. To keep the trend going, today we feature one of the stand-out cuts, From... Read More


Yung Texxus ft. Thee Tom Hardy - The Blue Dream [Stream & Download]

What’s Yung Texxus been up to since April ‘08, when he stepped into the Booth with the club-centric Buss It Open (Remix)? Do you even need to ask? In addition to feeding the Southern streets wiith dope tunes,... Read More


Thee Tom Hardy Is “Off the Radar” [Video] [Feature ]

Durham, N.C. -- Fresh off the release of his Booth-sponsored, reader-acclaimed The Hardy Boy Mystery Mixtape: Secret of Thee Green Magic, freestyle series alum Thee Tom Hardy is back with the official video for mixtape cut... Read More


Thee Tom Hardy - Durham All Day [Stream & Download]

The day that Thee Tom Hardy lets me produce his biography, we’re going to have this song crank on the opening credits. The DJ Booth Freestyle Series alum reps his domain on a slow-pedal in Durham All Day, a... Read More


Thee Tom Hardy - The Hardy Boy Mystery Mixtape: Secret of Thee Green Magic [Album]

North Carolina buzzmaker Thee Tom Hardy has hooked up with to bring fans the highly-anticipated second entry in his Hardy Boy Mystery Mixtape series, Secret of Thee Green Magic. Hosted by 9th Wonder and DJ Green... Read More


Thee Tom Hardy Debuts Latest Video, “Always in Command” [Feature ]

Durham, N.C. -- In anticipation of the arrival of the highly-anticipated second installment in his Hardy Boy Mystery Mixtape, Southern up-and-comer (and freestyle series alum) Thee Tom Hardy has stepped into the Booth with a... Read More


Thee Tom Hardy ft. Skyzoo - A Different League [Stream & Download]

It’s always a good day when you sit down and feel like you’re in A Different League. That specialness isn’t a unique feeling for Thee Tom Hardy, who has given the Booth consistently acclaimed music in the past (see also... Read More


Thee Tom Hardy - Always in Command [Stream & Download]

As I mentioned in my A3C write-up, Thee Tom Hardy’s live performance left me wanting some more good music from the man. As luck would have it, I didn’t have to wait long. Always in Command is the latest leak to emerge off... Read More


Thee Tom Hardy Jumps “In the Mix” [DJBooth Interview Exclusive] [Feature ]

While the up-and-comer shares a last name with young-adult literature's most famous teenage detectives, the reasons behind Thee Tom Hardy's growing buzz are far from a mystery. Since joining production heavyweight 9th... Read More


Thee Tom Hardy ft. Donnis - One for the Money [Stream & Download]

Thee Tom Hardy‘s approach on the mic may be unconventional, but he shares at least one trait with your average emcee: the aspiration to make big bucks. As the N.C. native puts it on his latest mixtape leak, “I’m... Read More


Kno (of CunninLynguists) ft. Thee Tom Hardy & Tunji - Rhythm of the Rain [Stream & Download]

Ever laid in bed during a storm, listening to the Rhythm of the Rain as it hit your rooftop, and said to yourself, “Damn, this would make a dope hip-hop record!”? I haven’t – but, then again, I’m not a... Read More


Thee Tom Hardy - I’m Grinnin [Stream]

On his last mixtape leak, Fresh & Fly, Thee Tom Hardy turned things upside-down by allowing beatsmiths-turned rappers 9th Wonder and Khrysis to provide two of three verses while Vitamin D handled production duties.... Read More


Thee Tom Hardy ft. 9thmatic aka 9th Wonder & Khrysis - Fresh & Fly [Stream]

Having cracked his first case, The Curse of the Green Faceded, wide open, Thee Tom Hardy is preparing to delve into The Secret of thee Green Magic on mixtape number two. As you might expect, the inaugural leak off the project... Read More


Thee Tom Hardy Spits “Green Hairnets” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Tom Hardy, the North Carolina up-and-comer who won reader approval for "Makin' It Last" and "We Rap Gr8," has stepped into the Booth to bring us the 114th entry in our Freestyle Series. On his... Read More


Thee Tom Hardy - Green Hairnets [Stream & Download]

The 114th entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Tom Hardy, the North Carolina up-and-comer who won reader approval for Makin’ It Last and We Rap Gr8. On his brand new, previously-unreleased Green... Read More


Don Cannon & 9th Wonder Present Tom Hardy’s “Hardy Boy Mystery Mixtape: Curse of Thee Green Faceded” [Feature ]

Durham, NC -- 9th Wonder protégé Tom Hardy has teamed up with his Little Brother-affiliated musical mentor and DJ Don Cannon to bring listeners The Hardy Boy Mystery Mixtape: Curse of Thee Green Faceded. Featuring Hardy's... Read More


Tom Hardy - Makin It Last [Stream]

Nothing says “low self-esteem” like taking oneself dead-seriously—and on the flipside, when an emcee roars out the starting gate with an opening couplet as ludicrous as the one Tom Hardy spits here (which I won’t... Read More


Thee Tom Hardy ft. CA$HE & Mikkey Halsted - We Rap GR8 [Stream]

Just who is 9th Wonder‘s mysterious protégé?  After a thorough investigation of Booth newcomer Tom Hardy‘s MySpace and Twitter pages, I’ve deduced the following: he resides in Durham, North Carolina,... Read More