New Tona Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Tona - Carpe Diem [Album]

Though the saying dates back to the year 27 B.C., "Carpe Diem" is an exhortation to live fully in the moment without brooding over the past or worrying about the future. Canadian emcee Tona takes it one step further on his... Read More


Tona ft. Adam Bomb - Long Winded Road [Stream]

Tona‘s pathway to success hasn’t been a quick or direct one, but its twists and turns have given him plenty to talk about in his verses. You could say that he walks a very Long Winded Road. On this... Read More


Tona ft. Kayo - Ol Time Sake [Stream]

If you were around high school age in the late ‘90s, prepare for a serious nostalgia trip. On this freshly-minted promo single, his first feature since March 2013’s Nympho, Tona revisits the music and fashion of... Read More


Naturally Born Strangers - Tie Breaker [Stream]

If you and a homie are debating whether to listen to the Natural Born Strangers’ debut feature or not, allow me to be the Tie Breaker; without a doubt, this record deserves your attention. Made up of Booth regulars Rich... Read More


Tona - Silverspring Crescent [Album]

Canadian rhymesayer Tona has released his new LP, Silverspring Crescent, which is available for digital purchase and free, exclusive streaming in The DJBooth. The follow-up to 2012's Reform School, the project comprises 12... Read More


Grumpy Old Men x LONEgevity ft. Tona - Where It Go [Stream]

Fresh off inviting rivals to Kick Rocks on the inaugural release off their forthcoming remix tape with beatsmith LONEgevity, Grumpy Old Men return to give their competition another kick in the shins on single number two.... Read More


Tona - Nympho [Stream]

North-of-the-border buzzmaker Tona recently took a breather from rap, but fans will be happy to hear that he’s f*cking with it again. That’s not a figure of speech—I mean, he’s literally f*cking with it.... Read More


Tona - Lost [Stream]

Though we Lost track of Tona earlier this year, after he hooked up with us to drop his Reform School tape, I’m pleased to announce that the Canadian rhymesayer’s finally found his way back onto our pages with a... Read More


Grumpy Old Men ft. Tona - Where It Go [Stream]

Fresh off bringing down the house with inaugural mixtape leak B Team Sh*t, the Grumpy Old Men return to our pages with another world premiere off their sophomore collaborative set. Here, a Don Cannon/Mars-coproduced groove... Read More


Tona - Reform School [Album]

Up-and-coming rhymesayer Tona has joined forces with DJ Wristpect and The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest digital release, the Reform School mixtape. The project features 17 original cuts from the Scarborough, Ontario... Read More


TONA - Blue Shield [Stream & Download]

Where you’re in New York, Los Angeles or, in TONA‘s case, Toronto, those flashing lights can only mean one thing: trouble. On mixtape leak Blue Shield, the Scarborough representative lets us know just how sick he... Read More


Tona ft. Torae & Eternia - Happy New Year [Stream & Download]

Though the ball dropped this past weekend, it’s not too late to celebrate the advent of 2012 with a quality underground jam like Tona‘s latest effort. Here, the Scarborough, Ontario rhymesayer teams up with Torae... Read More


Tona - Neighbourhood [Stream & Download]

It’s a beautiful day in Tona‘s Neighbourhood. Don’t believe me? Just listen to the Scarborough repper’s latest album leak, which finds the artist rejoicing in the his quality weed stash, his growing... Read More


Tona ft. Richie Hennessy - Break Off [Stream & Download]

Everyone needs a little “me time” on occasion, and rap buzzmakers are no exception. On newly-leaked album cut Break Off, the Scarborough representer does just that, blowing off work and taking the day to reflect... Read More


DJ Jazzy Jeff x Ayah ft. Freeway, Tona & Dosage - Notorious (Remix) [Stream & Download]

The sound of music isn’t coming out of the Alps made by a bunch of Swiss made kids and their nanny. It’s coming out of Philly, better known as “Illa-delph” as people like DJ Jazzy Jeff and Ayah are... Read More


Tona ft. DJ Dames Nellas - Wild Inn [Stream & Download]

Looking for a good place to sleep while visiting Toronto? Then, for the love of all that is good and holy, steer clear of Tona‘s new hotel chain WIld !nn. Those looking to get dumb and have a good time, however, are... Read More


Tona - Hennessy Thoughts [Stream & Download]

Though bottom-shelf spirits typically aren’t good for much more than killing a few brain cells, a few sips of the good stuff can lead the mind in fruitful new directions. Case in point: Tona, who shares a few Hennessy... Read More


Tona - We Do [Stream & Download]

Last seen spitting alongside Skyzoo on U Know It, a cut featured way back in February of 2009, Tona makes his triumphant return to our pages with new single We do. Here, producer Rich Kidd flips a soulful sample from Jazmine... Read More


Tona ft. Skyzoo - U Know It [Stream]

With such diverse artists as K’naan, Kardinal Offishall, and Drake (to name a few) calling Canada’s largest city home, Toronto has truly come into its own as a hip-hop hotspot.  Hailing from the Scarborough... Read More