New Travis "Travie" McCoy Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Travie McCoy - Golden ft. Sia [Stream]

As you might be able to surmise from the artists, Golden is a pop record. Rapper/singer and Gym Class Hero Travie McCoy links up with the Australian singer/songwriter Sia over the radio-friendly production of an uncredited... Read More


Oxymorrons - 808Clap (Remix) ft. Travie McCoy, Saba, Khary Durgans & TyBuddha [Stream & Download]

In the need of a little afternoon wake-up? Look no further than Oxymorrons’ latest release, a remix of their previously featured single 808Clap. For the latest rendition, the hip hop band has called upon a wide-ranging... Read More


Travie McCoy ft. Brendon Urie - Keep On Keeping On [Stream]

Travie McCoy wasn’t always the debonair hip-pop hitmaker he is today. Far from it, in fact. On Keep On Keepin’ On, the Gym Class Hero‘s latest promo cut, we get a lyrical portrait of the artist as a young... Read More


Travie McCoy ft. Jason Mraz - Rough Water [Stream]

It’s been a hot minute since last we featured Travie McCoy on the solo tip; Billionaire (Remix) hit our front page way back in July of 2010. Three years and change later, the Gym Class Heroes frontman returns to pick up... Read More


Iyaz ft. Travie McCoy - Pretty Girls [Stream]

Life is tough for the chronically indecisive; whether you’re vacillating between several equally appealing items on a lunch menu or weighing the relative pros and cons of kicking it in the front versus the back seat, it... Read More


Jessica Jarrell (aka JJ) ft. Travie McCoy - Up and Running [Stream]

Jessica Jarrell may not be old enough to drive, but don’t get it twisted; as demonstrated by her first feature, the teenage Los Angeles singer/songwriter’s ready, willing and able to do what it takes to get her... Read More


Travie McCoy ft. Gucci Mane, T-Pain & Bruno Mars - Billionaire (Remix) [Stream]

Unless Jay and Beyoncé adopt him, becoming a billionaire’s probably out of the question, but if pervasively tattooed Travie McCoy keeps making hits like his lead single Billionaire fame and wealth undoubtedly await, and it... Read More


Travie McCoy - Lazarus [Album]

They say to never judge a book by its cover, and the same holds true for artists, but let’s be real; I don’t have time to listen to an album from every new artist that comes along, only to learn that I don’t like their... Read Full Review


Travie McCoy - We’ll Be Alright [Stream]

Warning: prior to listening to this song you must be in a good mood. Actually, even if you’re not in a joyous mood before pressing play on Travie McCoy’s new single, We’ll Be Alright, you may experience sudden feelings... Read More


Detail ft. T-Wayne & Travie McCoy - Tattoo Foreva [Stream]

For someone who has recently risen from relative obscurity, producer/emcee double-major Detail has brought along some hip-hop heavyweights for his first Booth feature, Tattoo Foreva, featuring T-Wayne (the two-headed... Read More


Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars - Billionaire [Stream]

Quick quiz: what’s the only thing better than being a millionaire? Yep, you guessed it, being a Billionaire. (Although I don’t know what a billion will get you that several million won’t. Your own tropical island?)... Read More


The Alchemist ft. Travis McCoy & Lil Wayne - I Know Your Name [Stream]

After a series of pushbacks spanning almost two years, The Alchemist finally released his second studio album, Chemical Warfare, yesterday, July 7.  Though the LP features a who’s-who of hip-hop (everybody from Em,... Read More