New TreaZon Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


TreaZon - Reality Escape [Album]

Cleveland emcee TreaZon has come together with The DJBooth to bring fans his latest street release, the Reality Escape mixtape. The project packs 12 tracks' worth of original material from the Forest City representative,... Read More


TreaZon - Exotic [Stream]

Earlier this month, Cleveland rhymesayer TreaZon kicked off his 2013, and the promotional push for his next street album, with Day One. Having made his presence known, the artist takes the opportunity to try something a... Read More


TreaZon - Day One [Stream]

Cleveland up-and-comer TreaZon‘s been real since Day One, and it’s gonna stay that way till he’s done. His first feature since last October’s reader-approved Phobias, this freshly-released single finds... Read More


TreaZon - Phobias [Stream]

Cotton balls, JELL-O, pickles, and balloons. Yes, these are all Phobias that people who have appeared on the Maury Show suffer from and fortunately, none of those items are featured in the music video for Ohio wordsmith... Read More


DJ Swerve ft. KeilyN, TreaZon & L.C - First Impressions [Stream]

In The DJBooth as in all other arenas of life, First Impressions can make or break one’s reputation. I’m happy to say that the first Booth feature, mixtape title track and latest single from Cleveland,... Read More


TreaZon - Careful [Stream & Download]

When you’re trying to make your way to the top of the music game, you can never be too Careful. On the third Booth-exclusive world premiere off his next album, TreaZon details his efforts to stay abreast of potential... Read More


TreaZon - Zero Love [Album]

Cleveland buzzmaker TreaZon has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest street release, the Zero Love LP. The project features nine original records from the Cleveland representative, including... Read More


TreaZon ft. Danny London - Zero [Stream & Download]

Fresh off bringing us the exclusive on Through the Flame, TreaZon returns to our pages with another world premiere off his next album. Zero finds the Cleveland representative and freestyle series alum reflecting upon the... Read More


TreaZon ft. Ro Ransom - Through the Flame [Stream]

Once a regular featuree, TreaZon has been conspicuously absent from our pages since April 2010’s The Beginning. Today, however, the Cleveland phenom (and freestyle alum) makes his triumphant return with Through the... Read More


TreaZon - The Beginning [Stream]

Though Being Cool Doesn’t Pay the Bills was, sadly, delayed from its scheduled release on March 29, those champing at the bit to get their hands on more new Numonics material can take the edge off with unreleased cut... Read More


TreaZon - Uptown Anthem [Stream & Download]

The 143rd entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of TreaZon, the Cleveland native who recently brought us the world premiere of reader-approved cut Midnight Train. On his brand new, exclusive Uptown Anthem... Read More


TreaZon Spits “Uptown Anthem” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- TreaZon, the Cleveland native who recently brought us the world premiere of reader-approved cut "Midnight Train," has stepped into the Booth with the 143rd entry in our Freestyle Series. On his... Read More


TreaZon - Breathe Life 2 [Album]

TreaZon, the self-proclaimed “relevance of Cleveland,” proudly unleashes his brand new IM King-presented project, Breathe Life 2. After several releases date changes and material readjustments, the... Read More


TreaZon - Midnight Train [Stream]

When Nathan S. first slid TreaZon’s new leak my way he said it was “something different,” and after one listen that description proved to be pretty damn accurate (go figure). While we’ve seen TreaZon develop as an... Read More


TreaZon - Travel Guide [Stream]

Wondering where TreaZon‘s been since he teamed up with fellow reader favorite XV back in early October? Well, wonder no longer. In the intro to new promo single Travel Guide (making its exclusive world premiere right... Read More


TreaZon ft. XV - Like You Should [Stream]

Since first appearing on our hallowed pages way back in 2008, TreaZon has been consistently proving to listeners that the “new era” of hip hop is here to stay. This time around the Booth-acclaimed Cleveland native is here... Read More


TreaZon - The Spirit [Stream]

Sky-high stacks of cash and expensive cars certainly have their allure, but the artistic grind is hardly the easiest way to make a fortune. So what is it that motivates individuals to lay it all on the line to pursue a... Read More


ThreatZ Lets Out “Big Dreams” with TreaZon and Dasanto [Download] [Feature ]

Bronx, New York -- In anticipation of the impending release of The Breaking Point (said to be "coming soon,") "Flow" emcee Threatz is offering a cut off the project's tracklist for free download. On the newly-leaked record,... Read More


TreaZon ft. Threatz - Legendary [Stream]

Since the February 4th kickoff of his Booth-exclusive The 45 Days series, TreaZon has premiered a new, never-before-heard record on each date containing the digits ‘4’ or ‘5.’  On the sixth and... Read More


TreaZon - Pulling Stars [Stream]

Thus far in TreaZon‘s Booth-exclusive 45 Days series, we’ve gotten to know the Cleveland native as a talented lyricist with a tendency to get lost in his thoughts.  Putting a romantic spin on the... Read More


TreaZon - Ventilation [Stream]

Many rappers seem to be stuck in one unchanging mood, hitting the same note of triumph or confrontational anger in track after track. TreaZon‘s records, however, run the complete emotional gamut – the third entry in... Read More


TreaZon ft. Threatz - Royal Sadness [Stream]

On installment number three of TreaZon‘s ongoing, Booth-exclusive 45 Days series, the emcee rejoins forces with his Final Bout partner in rhyme, Threatz (who recently brought us the highly-rated Flow), to bring us a... Read More


TreaZon Continues “45 Days” Series with “Royal Sadness” and “Ventilation” [Free Download] [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Earlier this month, we featured "Final Bout" and "Time Machine," the first two entries in Treazon's Booth-exclusive 45 Days, a series of previously-unreleased records to premiere on dates including the digits... Read More


TreaZon - Time Machine [Stream]

Yesterday, TreaZon kicked off his 45 Days series with the hard-hitting Final Bout.  Since today’s the 5th,  it’s time for us to premiere another brand new record from the Cleveland... Read More


TreaZon ft. Threatz - Final Bout [Stream]

In the opening bars of Final Bout, TreaZon welcomes listeners to The 45 Days, an exclusive, series that will see the Forest City emcee debuting new records on each day that includes the digits... Read More

TreaZon Hooks Up With for “The 45 Days;” Series Begins February 4 [Feature ]

New York. NY -- Beginning on Wednesday, February 4th, TreaZon will embark on a new, DJBooth-exclusive series called The 45 Days. On each date containing the digits '4' or '5,' the Cleveland emcee will premiere a... Read More


TreaZon ft. Dasanto - Blizzard [Stream]

Last we heard from TreaZon, the 18-year-old rapper had just dropped his Don Cannon-presented Re-Introduction Mixtape, which featured Booth-approved cuts Explosion (Remix) and Stay in Your Place.  Now, the Cleveland... Read More


TreaZon Releases “The Re-Introduction” Mixtape [Free Download] [Feature ]

Cleveland, OH -- 18-year-old underground emcee TreaZon has teamed up with Don Cannon to present listeners with a brand new mixtape entitled The Re-Introduction. The 22-track project, which includes the DJBooth-approved... Read More


TreaZon ft. Mickey Factz & Nero - Explosion (Remix) [Stream]

If you chose not to heed the warning of 18-year-old Cleveland emcee TreaZon and Stay in Your Place, then Mickey Factz and Nero might be called into action.  On the remix to Explosion, this genre-reshaping trio looks to... Read More


TreaZon ft. Drake, GemStones & Dow Jonez - Stay in Your Place [Stream]

On the newest gathering of the “leaders of the new school,” 18-year old Cleveland emcee TreaZon introduces himself not as the savior of hip-hop, but rather as an example of the genre in its purest form.  His new... Read More