New TROY NoKA Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


TROY NoKA - Hustle My Religion [Album]

TROY NoKA has been a steady presence on our pages the past three years, appearing on our homepage 11 times. The past seven months, however, the singer/songwriter, rapper and producer has been quiet. Today, he returns to The... Read More


TROY NoKA - Perfect Sense [Stream]

Ten months after blessing our front page with the reader-acclaimed Let It All Work Out, TROY NoKA returns to bring us the world premiere of Perfect Sense, another freshly-minted single off his next mixtape. Here, as usual,... Read More


TROY NoKA - Let It All Work Out [Stream & Download]

On Indecision, a non-featured record off Sampha‘s latest full-length, the UK crooner offered an ambivalent, yet hopeful take on life’s myriad uncertainties, asking the powers that be to, “Let It All Work Out.”... Read More


TROY NoKA ft. Mistah F.A.B - Gettin’ It [Stream]

Troy NoKA is better known for dreamy, immersive electronic soundscapes than body-moving bangers, but lately friends have been prodding him to create something for the club. Not wanting to disappoint his homies, the Los... Read More


Troy NoKA - Coco Chanel [Stream]

Back in February, Troy NōKA told us that Dollars Make $tatus Change. You know what dollars also make? Brands like Coco Chanel. While most Boothies (myself included) have probably never set foot in a Chanel store, let alone... Read More


Troy NoKA - Heaven [Stream]

Are you a fan of immersive electronic beats and long-ass intros? If so, simply hit “play” on Troy NōKA‘s latest effort and you’ll be in Heaven. His first feature since February’s reader-acclaimed... Read More


TROY NoKA - Dollars Make $tatus Change [Stream]

Some artists create songs pro bono, but the vast majority of artists hope to make a profit. After all, just because someone is chasing paper doesn’t mean that they don’t put their heart and soul in the music. As... Read More


Troy NoKA ft. Dom Kennedy - Feelin’ It [Stream]

Still riding high off the wave of acclaim that greeted his debut album, Free Dreaming, Tony NōKA returns to feed his hungry fanbase with a fresh promotional single. Though Feelin’ It‘s “here’s to us, f**k... Read More


Troy N?KA ft. T. Coles & T.Mills - Black Out [Stream & Download]

Most sane human beings view Black Out drunkenness as something to be avoided at all costs—leading, as it inevitably does, to regrettable behavior and absolutely brutal hangovers. Troy N?KA, however, isn’t fazed by... Read More


Troy N?KA ft. T. Coles - Don’t Fall [Stream & Download]

Update: Click “Listen Now” above to watch Troy’s “Don’t Fall” video. With all the starry-eyed couples out spending time together this Valentine’s Day, even the most contented singles... Read More