New True 2 Life Music Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


True 2 Life Music - Mackin’ + Hangin’ [Stream]

As the name indicates, True 2 Life Music prioritize keeping it real, and that often means rhyming about the ugly, violent side of their urban environment. But life in the B.K. isn’t all dope fiends and popped... Read More


True 2 Life Music - Black Gods Never Die [Album]

Brooklyn hip-hop crew True 2 Life Music has come together with The DJBooth to bring fans its latest digital album, Black Gods Never Die. The project packs nine original cuts from Concise, K. Words and Slangston Hughes.... Read More


True 2 Life Music - Dopefiend Willie [Stream]

The True 2 Life Music crew might hail from Brooklyn, but their sound knows no region. Their latest effort, Dopefiend Willie (a Booth-exclusive world premiere), has a sound that might make you think the crew resides in L.A.,... Read More


True 2 Life Music - Who Do You Love? [Stream]

I know for a fact that we feature a ton of artists that our readers like, but what we really want to know is Who Do You Love? If you didn’t answer that rhetorical question with True 2 Life Music then you should... Read More


True 2 Life Music - We Go [Stream]

UPDATE: “We Go” is no longer available to stream. If you spot True 2 Life Music In Your Area, then keep your eyes peeled—odds are there’s a big pile of cash nearby, ripe for the taking. (Of course, we... Read More


True 2 Life Music - In Your Area [Stream]

As far back as Slangston Hughes, Concise and K. Words can remember, they always wanted to be rappers. To them, being a successful emcee was better than being President of the United States. (In case you haven’t guessed,... Read More


True 2 Life Music - Damages [Stream]

From the release of their Every Dream Has a Price album to recent hit Pop That Glock, True 2 Life Music has been building a steadily growing following on The DJBooth. So we’re only too happy to serve as the world... Read More


True 2 Life Music - Nice [Stream & Download]

Not glimpsed on our pages since early April, when they hooked up with The DJBooth to release their latest mixtape, True 2 Life Music return to our pages to start the summer off right with new promo single Nice. Here,... Read More


True 2 Life Music - Every Dream Has a Price [Album]

Brooklyn crew True 2 Life Music has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners their latest street release, Every Dream Has a Price. An album that touches on the cost of success in the game, the project features 10... Read More


True 2 Life Music - Pop The Glock [Stream]

A 2006 single by Uffie, a Paris-residing hipster-rapper who has almost certainly never fired a gun in her life, the original Pop the Glock falls somewhere between candy cigarettes and Easy Cheese on the authenticity scale.... Read More


True 2 Life Music - Poppin’ On TV [Stream]

Though up-and-coming hip-hop trio True 2 Life Music are new to the Booth, readers who’ve seen recently-released biopic Notorious may recognize their faces; Concise played Gutta of Junior M.A.F.I.A., while Slang Hughes... Read More