New Tuki Carter Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Tuki Carter ft. Smoke DZA & Aleon Craft - Weed Wax & $ [Stream]

Weed, Wax and $... these are a few of Tuki Carter‘s favorite things. They also happen to be the subjects of the ATLien’s latest promo single, a hazy street banger that finds him linking up with two fellow Booth... Read More


Famsquad ft. Tuki Carter - I Get It [Stream]

A rising rap collective that calls the Windy City home, Famsquad makes its first foray into The DJBooth with grimy promo single I Get It. Here, Keeynote‘s tense synth riffs and booming, trap-informed percussion... Read More


Tuki Carter - Yeah [Stream]

Hey Booth readers, want to hear some new music from Tuki Carter? Since you clicked this link, I’ma go ahead and assume the answer is “Hell Yeah!” Single numero uno off the Taylor Gang emcee’s next mixtape,... Read More


Tour Buses & Titty Signings: Life With Rittz on the OD Tour [Feature ]

Concert reviews are a lot like that epic party that you missed. It never sounds as good the day after, and really, unless you were there, you just don't have the same experience. Hearing about how Action Bronson scrapped with... Read More


Tuki Carter ft. Wiz Khalifa - Good [Stream]

Most artists paint a lyrical picture of pleasure. Lost in all of the cars, jewels, whips and women, however, is the plain and simple fact that most aspiring rappers have it rough. Despite a streak of hard times, though,... Read More


Tuki Carter ft. Wiz Khalifa - She Said [Stream]

While “That’s what she said!” jokes seem to have jumped the shark, a properly-placed knee slapper is still good for a few laughs. For instance, Tuki Carter goes hard on his new song… that’s what She Said! Okay, so... Read More


Tuki Carter - Stunt [Stream & Download]

After nearly four months without a feature from Tuki Carter, it’s possible that the sheer magnitude of the ATL native’s flyness may have faded from our readers’ memories. If that’s the case, then you... Read More


Tuki Carter ft. Lavi$h - Snoozing [Stream & Download]

Time to break out the Folgers, crack open the Red Bull, and chug down a 24-Hour Energy like it was a tequila shot because Atlanta spitter Tuki Carter is allowing for zero Snoozing on his latest single. Although the... Read More


Tuki Carter ft. Aleon Craft - Green Backs [Stream & Download]

Back in March, Hollyweerd‘s Tuki Carter assisted fellow Booth regular and ATL native Aleon Craft on 808 Experiment Vol. 3 inclusion My Girlfriend. Today, Craft returns the favor on promo single Green Backs. Over Odizzy... Read More


Tuki Carter - Munchies [Stream & Download]

Tuki Carter‘s got the Munchies, but it’s going to take more than a bag of Funyuns to satisfy his appetite. On the latest leak off his forthcoming solo set, the Hollyweerd emcee pays lustful tribute to a woman... Read More


Tuki Carter (of Hollyweerd) ft. Young Scolla - Welcome to My World [Stream & Download]

Tuki Carter lives on one smooth, swag-drenched planet, if new single Welcome to My World is an accurate reflection of his daily milieu. Here, Operation ADD‘s jazzy sample work sets the mood for suave braggadocio from... Read More


Tuki Carter (of Hollyweerd) - High Value [Stream & Download]

Previously featured as one-fourth of buzzmaking crew Hollyweerd, emcee Tuki Carter follows his colleague Dreamer‘s lead and steps into the solo Booth spotlight on the newly-leaked High Value. Backed by Iontastic‘s... Read More


Aleon Craft, Grip Plyaz & Tuki - “My Girlfriend” @ SMKA’s The 808 Experiment: Vol 3 Release Party [Video]

Recently, SMKA and Blast by Colt 45 held a release party for SMKA‘s The 808 Experiment: Vol. 3. A few of the artists featured on the project performed at the event, and we have the videos. Seen here are Aleon Craft,... Read More