New Tum Tum Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Tum Tum ft. Big Sant & Killa Kyleon - Let Her Ride [Stream & Download]

This past Sunday, December, 4, was the fourth anniversary of Pimp C‘s untimely death. In honor of the Southern legend, Texan emcee Tum Tum has gathered a few of his most talented colleagues to remake Front, Back, Side... Read More


Tum Tum ft. Skillz - Dallas Girls [Stream]

Not heard from nationally since the release of last year’s debut, Eat or Get Ate, rapper Tony “Tum Tum” Richardson is back on the scene. To kick off the buzz for his forthcoming sophomore project, No Struggle, No... Read More


Tum Tum - T.U.M. [Stream]

From Biggie’s Juicy to Mike Jones’ Back Then, rappers have often loved to compare their early struggle to their present success.  Dallas native Tum Tum is no exception, as is heard on his new single, T.U.M..... Read More


Tum Tum - Eat or Get Ate [Album]

Everything is bigger in Texas, including appetites. Extra-large MC Tum Tum has emerged as Dallas’ chosen representative to join Houston on the national scene with the release of his album Eat Or Get Ate (guess which side... Read Full Review


Tum Tum - Square Bizness [Stream]

Tum Tum‘s Square Bizness starts off strong, with an epic opening – is it a sample of classical music?  I can’t quite place it, but it’s haunting.  So I was somewhat disappointed when it... Read More