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Ty Dolla $ign Finally Landed His Dream John Mayer Feature Because Instagram [Feature ]

For years, Ty Dolla $ign dreamed of working together with John Mayer. In fact, whenever an interviewer would ask the 32-year-old Southern California native about his collaboration bucket list, Mayer was almost at the... Read More


Ty Dolla $ign Told YG His Music Was “Weak” When He First Heard It [Feature ]

Ty Dolla $ign and YG entered the spotlight together in 2010 when the former made a guest appearance on latter's commercial debut single, "Toot It and Boot It." While Ty credits the collaboration with... Read More


Ty Dolla Sign’s ‘Beach House 3’ Is a 20-Track Search for a Hit Record [Feature ]

Ty Dolla $ign believes fame is desired by all. With soft but passionate vocals, Ty begins his sophomore album, Beach House 3, with an acoustic ballad that expands upon this thought. Ty is famous, but over the years his... Read More


Report Card: Future Goes Global, Ty Dolla Is Carefree Fun, Lecrae Sounds Like Big Sean [Feature ]

There is simply too much music and not enough hours. Attempting to cover every notable and great album is difficult enough, but reviewing every notable and great song is simply impossible. Instead of a futile attempt at... Read More


Ty Dolla $ign Proclaims “Lean Is Dead,” But Rappers Can “Do What You Want” [Feature ]

Ty Dolla $ign might not drink lean himself, but that doesn't mean he has plans to parent fellow artists who have a habit out of drinking out of a double cup. Following Lil Wayne's most recent health scare over the... Read More


Ty Dolla $ign Is Right About Mixtapes Being Dead But Wrong About Why [Feature ]

"Am I the only nigga still care about mixtapes?" asked Chance The Rapper on the aptly-titled "Mixtape," a selection from his GRAMMY-winning project, Coloring Book. The answer? Maybe.  In an interview with The... Read More


Ty Dolla $ign “Campaign” Cheat Code Album Review [Feature ]

Earlier this week, the Booth’s own Yoh penned a feature about Ty Dolla $ign’s career crossroads. Ty is an artist who’s been on the cusp of stardom for years, and who’s worked with a who’s who of... Read More


Ty Dolla $ign is Reaching a Career Crossroads [Feature ]

His voice had the soulful texture of an R&B singer, but he sang earnestly of ratchets, bitches, and Benzes in a way that was far more reminiscent of a rap artist. I was used to R&B singers collaborating with... Read More