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20 Best Hip-Hop and R&B Albums of 2017 (So Far), Ranked (Pt. 2) [Feature ]

Now eight-plus months through the calendar year, it's time for a part two in our quest to highlight the very best hip-hop and R&B albums of 2017. Following our first Best of 2017 installment, which we published... Read More


Tyler, The Creator Has No Plans to Tour In 2017 [Feature ]

Tyler, The Creator fans jumped for joy earlier this week when the lineup was announced for the rapper's sixth annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival, but if you aren't able to attend the two-day event in Los Angeles this... Read More


Tyler, The Creator Is Lonely as Fuck [Feature ]

Flower Boy is Tyler, The Creator's coming out party—emphasis on coming out. On “Garden Shed,” Tyler, whose supposedly homophobic lyrics have got him banned from entering the UK and New Zealand (oh,... Read More


Tyler, The Creator Kept “Who Dat Boy” Beat for Himself After ScHoolboy Q Said “Ehh Nah” [Feature ]

In June, Tyler, The Creator released the A$AP Rocky-assisted "Who Dat Boy" as the lead single off his acclaimed new album, Flower Boy, but that was only made possible because, according to Tyler, ScHoolboy Q turned down the... Read More


“These Black Kids Can Be Who They Are”: On Tyler, The Creator & the Stigma of Blackness [Feature ]

What does it mean to be Black? I’ve come to accept it as both a blessing and a challenge. The people who devour Rihanna’s music and fumble through slang made popular by Black people are the same individuals... Read More


Tyler, The Creator Explains Why All His ‘Flower Boy’ Verses Are Short [Feature ]

On Monday evening (July 25), Tyler, The Creator appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, not only to perform "911" alongside Steve Lacy but also to sit down for an interview as a guest on the show. During... Read More


Tyler, The Creator Wanted Kanye West & Nicki Minaj on “I Ain’t Got Time!”, Both Declined [Feature ]

Tyler, The Creator's new album, Scum Fuck Flower Boy, which is due out this Friday, July 21, features guest appearances by A$AP Rocky, Frank Ocean, Lil Wayne and Steve Lacy, among others, but if the Odd Future... Read More


Tyler, The Creator Wrote My Coming Out Story [Feature ]

Let me begin by admitting that I once had a tough time listening to Goblin. Shortly after Scum Fuck Flower Boy leaked, though, I came to a startling realization: Tyler, The Creator has been steadily charting my coming out... Read More


Back to November: Tyler, Vince Staples & Remembering Your Happy Place [Feature ]

In the swirling sea of political strife and societal indifference that is 2017, emotional overload can become something of a close friend. Sometimes, it’s as easy a fix as finding a happy place; a quiet day on the beach... Read More


Tyler, The Creator on Not Being Recognized as a Trendsetter: “They Always Leave Me Out” [Feature ]

If you ask Tyler, The Creator to name the person or project most responsible for the formation of Odd Future and the beginning of his career in the worlds of music and fashion, he'll tell you Pharrell Williams and his... Read More


Tyler, The Creator ‘Flower Boy’ 1 Listen Album Review [Feature ]

An album leaking two weeks before its official release doesn’t happen in the age of streaming. A big project may hit the net a few days before its intended drop date, usually a result of physical copies being... Read More


Tyler, The Creator Announces New Album, ‘Scum Fuck Flower Boy’ [Feature ]

Tyler, The Creator will release his fourth full-length album, Scum Fuck Flower Boy, on Friday, July 21 via Columbia Records. SCUM FUCK FLOWER BOY: 7/21 — Tyler, The Creator... Read More


Tyler, The Creator “Who Dat Boy” Featuring A$AP Rocky 1-Watch Review [Feature ]

The point of a 1-Listen review is to provide a gut reaction, stream of consciousness, no-editing and no-rewinding take that reflect everyone's first time hearing an album or song. Opinions change and songs will grow... Read More


Tyler, The Creator Is Getting His Own VICELAND TV Show This Summer [Feature ]

The rumor is true: Tyler, The Creator is getting his very own TV show on VICELAND. Last night, the network officially announced Nuts + Bolts, premiering August 3 at 10:30 pm ET. AUGUST 3RD. @VICELAND... Read More


Fanatic or Follower: What It Means to Be a Music Fan in 2017 [Feature ]

Comfort. It's the feeling music brings when nothing else will ease the stirring soul. Music will hug when no arms are in reach, a friend who's always there when solace and serenity are needed. Life is full of... Read More


While You Were Sleeping, Frank Ocean Released “Biking” With Jay Z & Tyler, The Creator [Feature ]

Who is this man? It's been less than a month since Frank Ocean debuted "Chanel," a bold and fashionable single about being bisexual, but the once-reclusive singer/songwriter has already returned with another ear-pleasing... Read More


Frank Ocean Releases Snippet of “Biking” Featuring Tyler, The Creator & Jay Z [Feature ]

Frank Ocean has released a trailer for Blonded 003, the third episode of his program on Apple Music station Beats 1, featuring a snippet of his new single "Biking," which features Tyler, the Creator and Jay Z. The trailer,... Read More


The Art of Rapper Brand Building & Fan Manipulation [Feature ]

If this is groundbreaking news, I’m truly sorry. Reading on means taking the red pill, and peeling back the layers surrounding your relationships with the artists you love. It doesn’t matter who’s in... Read More


From Kanye to Kevin Abstract, a Personal Music Video Lineage [Feature ]

A music video can make or break your relationship with a song. Like most, I tend to attach personal memories to songs, so if an artist’s video is good enough to rival those memories of freestyling with friends in my... Read More


Pharrell Williams Pays Tyler, The Creator the Ultimate Compliment [Feature ]

Tyler, The Creator has never been bashful about showering Pharrell Williams with praise and tonight (March 12) Pharrell returned the favor.  In a heartfelt tweet, Pharrell thanked Tyler for embodying the spirit of... Read More


5 Rappers Who Are Keeping The Album Skit Alive [Feature ]

A sensory experience like music doesn’t always benefit from having a story, but many of the rap canon’s classics tend to carve out deep literary footholds. More than a handful of those tell their stories using... Read More


Tyler, The Creator, Kanye West & Never Losing Your Dinosaur [Feature ]

If you haven’t watched Step Brothers, like, 29 times, have you even watched Step Brothers? It’s hilarious, endlessly quotable and unexpectedly profound. Beyond Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly’s... Read More


A$AP Mob & Odd Future Wanted to “Set an Example” By Squashing Their Beef [Feature ]

Between touring, recording and wildin’ out in Target together, A$AP Rocky and Tyler, The Creator is the best bromance since Paul Rudd and Jason Segel. But things weren’t always cool between the pair’s... Read More


The Moment I Realized the Rappers I Grew Up With Actually Grew Up [Feature ]

Maybe it took you longer than everyone else to figure out how to barf rainbows on Snapchat. Maybe a youngster shot you a sideways look when you attempted to casually use “finna” in a sentence. Maybe you saw... Read More


Tyler, The Creator Believes “Smuckers” Will Be “Legendary” in 10 Years [Feature ]

Tyler, The Creator’s Cherry Bomb is beautifully chaotic. Hate it or love it, the album begs for further examination, an investigation into what the fuck it is and how the fuck it came to be. Courtesy of filmmakers Mikey... Read More


A$AP Rocky Heard Tyler, The Creator’s “Telephone Calls” Verse Before He Wrote His, Still Got Smoked [Feature ]

On Monday (October 31), A$AP Mob released their brand new project, Cozy Tapes Vol.1: Friends. One of the standout selections from the 12-song release is the final track, "Telephone Calls," which we highlighted last week for... Read More


Tyler, The Creator’s Verse on A$AP Mob’s “Telephone Calls” is Absolutely Fire [Feature ]

Ahead of the release of the new A$AP Mob group project Cozy Tapes Vol. 1 next Monday (October 31), the Harlem-based collective fired off a jaw-dropping new single today (October 27), entitled “Telephone Calls.”... Read More


Tyler, The Creator Says Frank Ocean’s “Blonde” Made Him a “Fanboy,” He’s Just Like Us [Feature ]

Tyler, The Creator might be an enigma—equal parts brilliant, eccentric and weird—but when a highly-anticipated new album is finally released he gets just as excited as the rest of us. In a new interview with GQ,... Read More


Can Tyler, The Creator Help Boost Viceland’s Low Ratings? [Feature ]

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Viceland, the A&E-owned cable network that launched six months ago and has experienced terribly low ratings, is working with Tyler, The Creator to develop a program "based on a... Read More


The Quiet Phenomenon That Is Tyler, The Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw [Feature ]

Tyler, The Creator has a mind that exists in a completely different universe. There’s a boundless imagination imprinted in his every venture: music, fashion, even his Golf Media application is handled with a... Read More


Tyler, The Creator: Pharrell’s “In My Mind” Helped Launch Odd Future [Feature ]

While many consider In My Mind an artistic and commercial failure for Pharrell, Tyler, The Creator has cited the album for playing a pivotal role in both his artistic and personal growth. Tyler paid... Read More


How Odd Future’s Break Up is Birthing Solo Success [Feature ]

Odd Future, a large group that appeared as a weird collective of misfits that didn’t fit the conventional idea of a rap group. They were more punks who knew a thing or two about rejection. They cursed their fathers for... Read More


That Time Tyler, the Creator Got Thrown Offstage at a Gucci Mane Show [Feature ]

Most work days begin with a phone call from Nathan, a quick session on today’s attempt to dominate the internet. When I picked up his call this morning there was mostly dead air with muffled voices from what sounded... Read More


Hodgy Beats Calls Out Tyler, Is This The End of Odd Future? [Feature ]

Tyler, The Creator hosted the fourth edition of his annual Camp Flog Gnaw Festival this past weekend, which fans hoped would serve as an Odd Future Reunion. What was supposed to be a joyous re-unification,... Read More


Directors In Arms: The Unlikely Union of A$AP Rocky & Tyler The Creator [Feature ]

[Image via Instagram] February 10, 2011. Tyler The Creator releases the self-directed music video for his single “Yonkers.” The visual is simple yet shocking, creepy yet mesmerizing and ultimately... Read More


Tyler, The Creator Says He’s Banned From U.K. Because of Song Lyrics [Feature ]

[Art via ceciltdk] Tyler can't catch a break these days. Earlier this week, The Creator was forced to call off a round of tour stops in the UK and Ireland for reasons that he initially cited as "circumstances" (or... Read More


Tyler, The Creator’s “Cherry Bomb” is Still Chaos (Take 2 Album Review) [Feature ]

Tyler The Creator isn’t your traditional rapper. In fact, his mission in life seems to be pouring lighter fluid over tradition and then lighting a match. He doesn’t make conventional rap albums and he isn’t... Read More


A$AP Rocky & Tyler, The Creator Are Co-Headlining a Fall Tour [Feature ]

Get ready, rap fans. A$AP Rocky and Tyler, The Creator have just announced that they will be co-headlining an upcoming tour together. Appropriately dubbed the "Rocky & Tyler Tour," the two will traverse the... Read More


Odd Future is “No More,” According to Tyler, The Creator [Story Updated] [Feature ]

It was all good just a week five years ago... Last night, Tyler, The Creator took to Twitter to essentially confirm what everyone's been assuming - that Odd Future is no more. although its no more, those 7... Read More


The Dysfunctional Brotherhood of Tyler & Earl [Feature ]

When you announced your engagement, I wondered what happened to the kid that I used to watch chase girls around the monkey bars in elementary school. When you devoted your free time to The Nation of Islam, I wondered what... Read More


Tyler, The Creator’s “Cherry Bomb” Album is Audio Chaos [Feature ]

He’s loud, foul mouthed, obnoxious and overwhelming childish. He’s a rebel, a visionary, a genius and passionate creative. You can call Tyler the Creator many things except a follower. That’s... Read More


Tyler, The Creator - Smuckers ft. Kanye West & Lil Wayne [Stream]

Mere minutes ago Tyler, The Creator unleashed his Cherry Bomb album and it was immediately obvious that the standout selection from the project was Smuckers, featuring these two guys you might have heard of, Kanye West and... Read More


Tyler, The Creator - Cherry Bomb [Album]

In keeping with the times, Odd Future instigator Tyler, The Creator has released his third studio album, Cherry Bomb, only a week or so after the world first knew of its existence. Notably, the project is produced entirely... Read More


Tyler, The Creator - F*****G YOUNG/PERFECT [Stream]

A few weeks back, Earl Sweatshirt surprised fans with I Don’t Like S**t, I Don’t Go Outside, an album which was announced just a week before its March release. Fast forward 16 days, and Earl’s Odd Future... Read More


Odd Present: OFWGKTA is All Grown Up & Rewriting Music’s Rules [Feature ]

I turned the television to Jimmy Fallon, influenced by a Twitter timeline full of excitement for this group that was about to hit the stage. How “odd” could a group that called themselves Odd Future be?... Read More


Tyler, The Creator - Diaper [Stream]

For babies and the parents that care for them, dirty Diapers are a staple of everyday life—yet somehow, that fertile topic has been almost completely neglected by rappers. OK, the reasons for that are actually pretty damn... Read More


Tyler, The Creator - Tamale [Stream]

Still hungry for more Odd Future-related material, after enjoying promo single Look just last week? Tyler, the Creator‘s got you covered. Last night, the crew frontman unveiled the official visuals for Tamale, a record... Read More


Tyler, The Creator, HodgyBeats, Domo Genesis & Earl Sweatshirt - Look [Stream]

With that post-Doris euphoria finally wearing off, Odd Future fans are undoubtedly fiending for another hit of grimy, offbeat Left Coast goodness. Well, Look no further; Tyler, The Creator has linked up with three of his most... Read More


Tyler, The Creator - Wolf [Album]

Nature loves a forest fire. Humans see only the destruction, but nature sees a fresh start, a chance for some of the younger trees to grow without their elders blocking their sunlight. Without the occasional forest fire the... Read Full Review


Tyler, The Creator ft. Pharrell Williams - IFHY [Stream]

Those who tune in to Odd Future’s Adult-Swim show, Loiter Squad, probably won’t bat an eye at Tyler, The Creator’s new video single, IFHY. For the rest of our readers, be warned, as this video is beyond strange.... Read More


Earl Sweatshirt ft. Tyler, The Creator - WHOA [Stream]

Few young emcees inspire more shock and awe on a bar-by-bar basis than Odd Future lyricist Earl Sweatshirt. If you’re picking up what he’s putting down, practically every other line will elicit a double-take. On... Read More


Tyler, The Creator - Domo 23 [Stream]

About the only thing you can expect from Tyler, The Creator (or anyone else in OF for that matter) is that you will never know what to expect. His latest, the first single off his new album Wolf, continues that trend. By the... Read More


Odd Future (OFWGKTA) - Rella [Stream]

By now, heads across the blogosphere are struggling in vain to summarize the video for Rella, the long-awaited lead single off Odd Future‘s second group mixtape. So I’m not even gonna try—though I will say that... Read More


Pusha T ft. Tyler, The Creator - Trouble On My Mind [Video]

You’ve seen Pusha T doing a lot of things, but you’ve never seen him roam down Fairfax Ave. in L.A. with Tyler, The Creator on a motorized wheelchair. You’ll get all that and more on his new video Trouble On... Read More


Pusha T ft. Tyler, The Creator - Trouble on My Mind [Stream]

Considering the heavy influence of Hell Hath No Fury-era Neptunes on the Odd Future frontman’s production style, it was only a matter of time before Tyler, the Creator landed on a joint with Pusha T, Chad and Pharrell.... Read More


Tyler, The Creator ft. Frank Ocean - She [Video]

Tyler, the Creator‘s never done anything typical so it should be no surprise that the video to his single She is both disturbing and sweet and disturbingly sweet. Also featuring Frank Ocean and off Tyler’s Goblin... Read More


Odd Future Invades D.C. (Exclusive Concert Pics) [Feature ]

(Hodgy Beats, in one of few moments he was actually performing on the stage. He spent most of the set performing while surfing the crowd.) One of my favorite photographers, introduced to me by one of my photography... Read More


Tyler the Creator - Goblin [Album]

The internet has spawned several music success stories, but none as big as Tyler, The Creator. It seems as though he and the Odd Future gang crawled out from under a sewer somewhere in Los Angeles right onto the stage of... Read Full Review


Tyler, The Creator ft. Frank Ocean - She [Stream]

Can we all take a moment and appreciate the fact that one of today’s most-buzzed-about artists is a 20-year-old hip-hop Svengali who spits about rape and murder in a satanic growl, while dressed like a kid who just got... Read More