New Tynisha Keli Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Tynisha Keli - Blackberry [Stream]

The cell phone is a great tool for keeping in touch with your loved ones (or, um, cheating on them, if you’re Tiger Woods), but an unhealthy obsession with those handy devices can also keep people apart. Just ask... Read More


Jay Beretta ft. Tynisha Keli - I’m Ready [Stream]

Booth newcomer Jay Beretta‘s stage name is no accident; according to his MySpace bio, the Motown rapper prides himself on the same qualities that the Italian firearm manufacturer has come to represent: precision and... Read More


Tynisha Keli - Defeated [Stream]

At 22 years of age Tynisha Keli knows that finding true love takes awhile; sometimes forever.  After thinking about a boy who she wishes loved her, the pop-sensation has learned to be careful what you wish for. ... Read More


Tynisha Keli - I Wish You Loved Me [Stream]

Growing up in poverty as a pre-teen, Tynisha Keli is determined to make it big so that her quality of life can improve once and for all.  On her first single, I Wish You Loved Me, Keli enlists plenty of proven hit makers... Read More