New Uno Hype Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Uno Hype - Long Kiss Of Death ft. Ace Cosgrove [Stream & Download]

Get ready to head into a dark mental state with DMV rapper Uno Hype, who delivers the Long Kiss Of Death on his latest video release. Off of White Noise, his upcoming collaborative project with producer Ghost Mcgrady, the... Read More


Hassani Kwess ft. Uno Hype - Jolly Rancher [Stream]

Bland, dull, watered-down—all adjectives that would be totally out of place in a description of Hassani Kweass‘s musical work. As the Chicago-by-way-of-D.C. rhymesayer himself puts it on the chorus of new single Jolly... Read More


Uno Hype - Plight [Stream]

Being from the DMV, I remember the days when the area was largely overlooked in discussions of major hip-hop cities. Thanks to artists like Wale, the DC area has earned a spot on the musical map, but now it’s up to the... Read More


Odd Couple & Uno Hype ft. Erick Arc Elliot & XV - 100 Feet Up [Stream & Download]

Back in June, we heard Uno Hype lend his guest stylings to Average Guy, a track off Odd Couple‘s then-forthcoming Separated at Birth EP. Evidently, the DMV rhymesayer and Chi-town beat duo enjoyed working together, as... Read More


Uno Hype ft. Hassani Kwess - Members Only [Stream & Download]

Even though Christmas is the rapidly approaching, New Years is just around the corner, which means it’s time to look back at the year that was. When looking back on 2012, Uno Hype will most definitely be smiling,... Read More


Uno Hype - R.E.M. [Stream]

First things first: contrary to what the promo pic on the left may suggest, Uno Hype‘s latest single isn’t a musical tribute to ‘90s alternative-rock giants R.E.M. (And frankly, I’m not sure whether to... Read More


Uno Hype ft. Smoke DZA - The Kickback [Stream & Download]

It’s no secret that hip-hop has been known to get pretty live at times and although Earth-rattling bass and in-your-face lyricism is always welcomed sometimes it’s the subtler songs that are the real standouts.... Read More


Uno Hype ft. Hassani Kwess - We Were Kings [Stream]

Upon first listen it’s hard to believe that Maryland rapper Uno Hype is merely 18-years-old. His lyricism is on par with that of rappers twice his age. With such a lyrical maturity it’s no surprise that... Read More


Odd Couple ft. Uno Hype, Emilio Rojas & Torae - Average Guy [Stream & Download]

Previously introduced to The DJBooth with Skyzoo collab Speak It Vivid, the Odd Couple return to our pages with Average Guy, the latest single off their forthcoming EP release. Here, the Windy City beat crew’s lush soul... Read More


The DJBooth & N.I.C.E. Entertainment Present: Uno Hype at Empire Nightclub [Feature ]

Springfield, Va.-- Fresh off the release of DJBooth-sponsored street album FXCK THE HYPE, Uno Hype is taking his show on the road. This Thursday, May 10, the DMV buzzmaker will be performing live at Springfield, Virginia's... Read More


Uno Hype - Train of Thought [Stream]

At first I assumed that the title of Uno Hype’s new release would be a nod to one of the most classic of classic albums in hip-hop history, but after watching the new video for Train of Thought I spotted nary a Talib Kweli... Read More


Uno Hype x DJ Black Diamond - FXCK THE HYPE [Album]

Maryland rhymesayer Uno Hype and DJ Black Diamond have come together with Bombay Knox and The DJBooth to bring listeners their latest street release, FXCK THE HYPE. The sequel to Hype’s 2011 debut mixtape, Ready for... Read More


Uno Hype - Cali’Hills [Stream & Download]

Uno Hype may be a Champion in Disguise, but even the winningest individuals are liable to falter in matters of the heart. On Cali’Hills, the latest single off his forthcoming, DJBooth-sponsored mixtape, Baum Beats... Read More


Uno Hype - Champion in Disguise [Stream & Download]

Judging by the feedback Uno Hype has received for his past Booth features, our readers already know the Maryland emcee is a born winner. For the few who still haven’t figured it out, though, he takes off his mask to... Read More


Uno Hype ft. Hassani Kwess - Olde English [Stream & Download]

Don’t let the title of Uno Hype‘s latest EP single for you; unlike the malt liquor that shares its name, Olde English is some top-shelf sh*t—and it almost certainly won’t leave you with a pounding... Read More


Uno Hype - Oh Well [Stream & Download]

It’s hard to not lump younger rappers into a general pot of being mindless swag rap drones before you listen to their music, but there are teenage/early 20-something artists that deserve a legitimate listen. Not able to... Read More


Uno Hype - Get Me [Stream & Download]

When you’re chasing after a big dream, it can seem like everything and everyone is against you. Just ask Uno Hype, who wonders whether “the world is tryin’ to Get Me” on the latest leak off his his... Read More


Uno Hype - Not You It’s Me (Lofticries) [Stream & Download]

Last seen searching for a Sense of Fulfillment on a reader-acclaimed album leak, Uno Hype makes his return to our pages with a newly-leaked cut off his forthcoming LP. On Not You It’s Me, a beat adapted from... Read More


Uno Hype - Sense of Fulfillment [Stream & Download]

Anyone with luck and persistence can get their 15 minutes of fame (and make a little scratch besides), but a true Sense of Fulfillment? That’s a hell of a lot harder to find. On his latest album leak and first Booth... Read More