New Verse Simmonds Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Verse Simmonds - All I Want ft. Jeremih [Stream]

When I woke up this morning I did not expect to hear a new song that sampled DJ Casper’s The Cha Cha Slide. Verse Simmonds had other plans, however, as producer J Hill flips the classic wedding and Bar Mitzvah song into... Read More


DJ Marley Waters - Onto You (Remix) ft. Kranium, Kreesha Turner & Verse Simmonds [Stream & Download]

Having already reached the million view mark on YouTube, DJ Marley Waters has given his Onto You single the remix treatment. For the updated version, Waters recruits Kranium, Kreesha Turner, and Verse Simmonds to each add... Read More


Verse Simmonds - Situationships [Stream]

Update: The SLASH-directed visuals for Verse Simmonds Situationships single have been added. Verse Simmonds returns to the Booth after a long hiatus with Situationships, a single that should have you feeling as good as the... Read More


Cap 1 ft. Verse Simmonds - M.O.B. [Stream & Download]

Cap 1‘s main chick has everything he could ask for in a woman: looks, loyalty, skills between the sheets—the works. Still, she’ll always be second to the 2 Chainz signee’s first love, Benjamin Franklin. On... Read More


Verse Simmonds ft. Kid Ink & Eric Bellinger - Sexy Body (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Not glimpsed on our front page since November of last year, when he lent his vocals to DJ Spinatik‘s Came From Nothin, Def Jam crooner Verse Simmonds returns to kick off his 2014 with the official remix of Sexy Body, a... Read More


DJ Spinatik ft. Gunplay, Kevin Gates & Verse Simmonds - Came From Nothin [Stream & Download]

DJ Spinatik and his clique Came From Nothin. Now that they’re moving up in the world, how could they not flex? The question’s entirely rhetorical, because flexing is exactly what they do on the Florida... Read More


GENIUS x Verse Simmonds - Fvcks With U [Stream]

I like to think I am a pretty easygoing, friendly dude—I’m happy to hang out with just about anyone—but if you don’t f**ks with laid-back hip-hop, then I won’t Fvcks With U. After all, if I can’t listen to this... Read More


Verse Simmonds ft. Young Jeezy - Fully Loaded [Stream]

I don’t know Verse Simmonds’ take on gun control, but I think it’s safe to say that he, at the very least, likes his women Fully Loaded. On his first feature since September’s Young Jeezy-assisted, Bout That... Read More


Diamond ft. Verse Simmonds - American Woman [Stream]

The Guess Who’s American Woman, famously covered by Lenny Kravitz, was an unflattering portrayal of U.S. females (or the nation’s political climate, depending on whom you ask) by a band from Winnipeg, Manitoba... Read More


Verse Simmonds ft. Young Jeezy - Bout That Life [Stream]

If I had a dollar for every rapper that boldly proclaimed that they’re Bout That Life I’d probably be smoking my very own brand of cigars with Warren Buffett and Jay-Z in The Maldives right about now. While... Read More


Verse Simmonds ft. Jarren Benton & Justin Paul - You Deserve It [Stream]

It takes quite a woman to land a ladies’ man like Verse Simmonds’. Now that the Virgin Islands rapper/singer’s found that special girl, he’s letting her know just how much she’s appreciated via... Read More


Verse Simmonds ft. Gucci Mane - Shake Dat [Stream]

In addition to being a talented vocalist, Verse Simmonds is an ardent admirer of the female form—especially when it’s in motion. On his latest promo single, SK‘s slow-winding synth grooves set the mood as... Read More


Verse Simmonds ft. Akon - Keep It 100 [Stream]

Update: Click “Listen Now” above to watch Verse’s “Keep It 100” video. With the sexual exploits Verse Simmonds has chronicled on his past Booth features, you might assume that the Virgin... Read More


Verse Simmonds ft. Snoop Dogg - Bad Mutha [Stream]

Keep It 100, the last single off Verse Simmonds’ forthcoming, DJ Drama-hosted mixtape, found the artist departing from his usual freaky R&B stylings to pursue a more club-oriented, hip-hop infused sound. On... Read More


Verse Simmonds ft. 2 Chainz x Yo Gotti x Kelly Rowland - Boo Thang (Remix) [Stream]

Boo Thang, the current single from Verse Simmonds, originally hit the Booth back in February—which is to say, it’s about damn time the record received an official remix. On this version of the cut, the Virgin... Read More


Verse Simmonds - Tears of Joy [Stream & Download]

Upon reading the title of Verse Simmonds’ latest single, Tears of Joy, you may be wondering what the Virgin Islands-bred singer’s so happy about. I’m sure there are plenty of legit reasons for him to be... Read More


Verse Simmonds - Miss Johnson [Stream & Download]

I know what you’re thinking: it’s not a stretch to imagine the sexually-preoccupied Verse Simmonds nicknaming his Johnson, but referring to it as a “Ms.?” That’s just plain weird. OK, I was probably the... Read More


Verse Simmonds ft. Ashlee Chanel - Boo Thang [Stream & Download]

Although Verse Simmonds’ last three features in the Booth have been about, respectively, cheating on his girl (I’m Just Saying), grabbing a girl’s booty (I Don’t Mind) and picking up girls at the club (Girl Like You),... Read More


Verse Simmonds ft. Stuey Rock - Girl Like You [Stream]

If Verse Simmonds has made himself scarce in the Booth since last September, when he hooked up with June Summers for I Don’t Mind, he’s got a damn good reason for his absence: he’s been ogling female... Read More


Verse Simmonds - I Don’t Mind [Stream & Download]

Considering his last two DJBooth offerings were about his patriotic fever for a fine lady’s booty (America) and not-really-apologizing to his girlfriend for grabbing other ladies’ booties (I’m Just Sayin), I had a good... Read More


Verse Simmonds - I’m Just Sayin [Stream]

Like “no offense but…”, the always popular, “I’m just sayin…” can be used to excuse even the most inflammatory statement: “No offense but, your mom’s a whore. I’m just saying.” Apparently that magical... Read More


Verse Simmonds ft. Pitbull & Darkchild - America [Stream]

UPDATE: “America” is no longer available to stream. I know what you’re thinking: “A Verse Simmonds record that isn’t about beautiful women/getting it on with beautiful women? What has this world... Read More


Verse ft. OJ Da Juiceman - Pretty Girls [Stream]

Our very own Richard once said he believes that Verse is an r&b robot whose only mission it to sing about sex, and after listening to his latest offering Pretty Girls - making its premiere right here on the Booth - I’m... Read More


Verse ft. Jim Jones, J.D., OJ The Juiceman, Juvenile, Game - Buy You A Round (Remix) [Stream]

As those familiar with his Booth history are well aware, Verse Simmonds is a pretty straightforward guy when it comes to the ladies. Whether he’s inviting you to sit on his “magic wand” or propositioning you through... Read More


Booth Favorite Verse Simmonds Drops Sex Tape Chronicles Mixtape [Download] [Feature ]

Atlanta, GA -- Virgin Islands-born, Atlanta-based singer/emcee Verse is back in the Booth with his hotly-anticipated Sex Tape Chronicles Mixtape. Featuring seven tracks previously premiered at this very site ("Pass Me the... Read More


Verse - S.E.X. [Stream]

I’m pretty sure that Verse is a robot designed for one purpose: to write R&B songs about sex. I don’t have any solid proof of this, but a glance over his Booth history provides plenty of support for my conjecture. For... Read More


Verse - Come to Me [Stream]

UPDATE: “Come To Me” is no longer available to stream. Virgin Islands-bred singer/emcee Verse may have a one-track mind, but he’s well aware that there’s no one-size-fits-all secret to... Read More


Verse - Show Me What You Got [Stream]

With his last feature, Virgin Islands bred-singer/emcee/sex guru Verse showed us one possible way to lead into a lovemaking session, but what about those (many) situations in which an Intoxicated Text simply wouldn’t be... Read More


Verse - Intoxicated Text [Stream]

In his recent trilogy of world premieres, Verse detailed his complete plan for doing the nasty: first, somebody passes him the rubbers, then he puts his work out plan into action, going front, back, and side to side.  One... Read More


Verse - Front Back Side to Side [Stream]

A song titled Front Back Side to Side could center around any number of activities—piloting a helicopter, playing Space Invaders, tying twine around a parcel for ease of transport—but those well-versed in Verse‘s... Read More


Verse - The Work Out Plan [Stream]

In a recent speech to the American Medical Association, our President expressed the need for Americans to take an active role in staying fit, trading junk food for nutritionally-sound diets and stepping away from the... Read More


Verse ft. Prynce Cyhi & Young Capone - Pass Me The Rubbas [Stream]

With the July 1st release of his Sex Tape Chronicles mixtape, Virgin Islands native, Interscope signee, and all-around Booth favorite Verse will be sharing his freaky tales with a wider audience than ever before.  To... Read More


Rock City ft. Verse - Can I Get On [Stream]

Now that their Put The F’n Album Out stage is behind them, Rock City are ready to get back to what they do best: crafting feel-good jams with plenty of Caribbean style.  In addition to Akon/Swizzy collabo I’m... Read More


Verse - Buy You A Round (Up & Down) [Stream]

Last we heard from US Virgin Islands producer/singer/rapper Verse, he was courting various major-label offers.  Though Jive was the front-runner early on, Verse ultimately decided to ink a deal with Interscope for the... Read More


Verse - Dat Girl [Stream]

As a member of the production team The JuggaNauts (along with Shama Joseph), Verse has lent his production talents to singles by Ak’Sent (Zingy), London (One 2 Many), and Rock City (Losin’ It).  The Virgin... Read More


Verse ft. Da Spokesman (of Rock City) - Winein It [Stream]

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands was put on the R&B/hip-hop map earlier this year when Konvict Muzik sensations Rock City emerged from their behind-the-scenes writing duties and released a slew of buzz singles from their... Read More