New Foster Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Abhi The Nomad - Warheads ft. Foster [Stream]

Making his debut appearance in the Booth today is Abhi The Nomad, the 22-year-old indie up-and-comer hailing from the suburbs of Moorpark, CA. His sophomore EP, Where Are My Friends? is set to drop on August 30, and so he... Read More


Foster - King’s Highway [Album]

"The reality is that, as an aspiring artist, there is a point where you have to decide how much real life you're willing to give up." That quote belongs to Jersey City emcee Foster, formerly known as Vibes, who recently took... Read More


Foster - Destiny [Stream]

After more than a year and a half without a new record from Vibes (Our City dropped back in January of 2012), fans could be forgiven for wondering if the Jersey repper had hung up the mic. Thankfully, that’s not the... Read More


Vibes - Bay Parkway [Album]

Jersey rhymesayer Vibes has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest street release, Bay Parkway. A compilation of unreleased material recorded during the sessions for Vibes’ forthcoming... Read More


Vibes ft. KDrew - Our City [Stream & Download]

Jersey City may not be a major presence on the hip-hop map just yet, but Vibes is determined to change that. On unreleased jam Our City, a hard-hitting synth beat by Garden State native KDrew (who also steps out from behind... Read More


Vibes - Slacker [Stream & Download]

There’s never a shortage of anthems for those on their grind, but what about those who are a little lacking in the “ambition” department—who’s going to make music for the freeloaders, idlers, laggards and... Read More


Vibes - The Reckoning [Stream]

In honor of Halloween, Jersey City representer and up and coming emcee, Vibes gives us a treat with the The Reckoning, the latest cut off of his upcoming release. On Reckoning, Vibes spits over Radiohead’s famous track,... Read More


Vibes - Insomniac [Stream & Download]

When you’re an up-and-coming emcee, sleepless nights are pretty much part of the bargain. A proud Insomniac, Vibes has no problem grinding from sunup to sundown, as he explains on leak number two (after the... Read More


Vibes - Dead Presidents (‘11 Version) [Stream & Download]

You know an up-and-comer aspires to greatness when he spits over the great J-Hova‘s debut single. On the lead leak off his forthcoming, Booth-sponsored street release, Jersey up-and-comer Vibes joins forces with the... Read More


Vibes - I Guess… [Stream]

Don’t let the seemingly indifferent title of Vibes’ latest feature fool you; despite dealing with life’s uncertainties, I Guess…, is all about conviction and commitment to his art. Originally left on... Read More


Vibes - West Side [Stream & Download]

Absent from our pages since October of 2010, Booth-acclaimed up-and-comer Vibes has returned with a little something for the West Side – West Jersey City, that is. A Booth-exclusive world premiere, this newly-leaked EP... Read More


Vibes - Make It Right [Stream & Download]

Two wrongs may not make a right, but two rights do add up to a bigger right… right? The point is, while Jersey emcee Vibes doesn’t have anything to atone for where the Booth is concerned, he knows exactly how to... Read More


Vibes - Rocket Science [Stream & Download]

The 196th entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Vibes, the DMV native who earned reader approval for the Tanya Morgan-assisted Waited back in September of ‘09. On his brand new, exclusive Rocket... Read More


Vibes Spits “Rocket Science” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Vibes, the DMV native who earned reader approval for the Tanya Morgan-assisted "Waited" back in September of '09, has stepped into the Booth with the 196th entry in our Freestyle Series. On his... Read More


Emcee Vibes A Part of “The New Generation” [Download] [Feature ]

N.J. -- Vibes, the up-and-coming emcee who recently introduced himself to the Booth with Tanya Morgan collabo "Waited," is back to speak for The New Generation on his latest street album. Featuring the aforementioned,... Read More


Vibes ft. Tanya Morgan - Waited [Stream]

If you’re searching for hot rhymes and feel-good Vibes, you’ve come to the right place!  On the first official leak off his forthcoming New Generation mixtape, the Jersey native/Booth newcomer whose stage... Read More