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30 Best Hip-Hop and R&B Albums of the Decade (So Far), Ranked [Feature ]

The music landscape has changed tremendously since the dawn of our current decade as the internet and streaming have altered the way we consume music and given rise to the almighty playlist, casting doubts over the... Read More


Why Vince Staples is the Most Exciting Show in Rap Right Now [Feature ]

Vince Staples doesn’t give a fuck what you do at his show. When asked by Vulture if he was nervous about the release of his latest album Big Fish Theory, he responded, “I already booked my shows for this year, so.... Read More


Young Thug vs. Genius: When Annotations Go Wrong [Feature ]

Following the release of Future and Young Thug’s often unbalanced but overall amusing crossover collaboration, Genius tweeted, “Young Thug addresses his relationship with Jerrika Karlae throughout Super... Read More


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Now eight-plus months through the calendar year, it's time for a part two in our quest to highlight the very best hip-hop and R&B albums of 2017. Following our first Best of 2017 installment, which we published... Read More


How Vince Staples Altered Our Perception of His Music By Changing His Approach [Feature ]

It’s 2 a.m. on a Saturday night. I’m speeding in my grandma’s Cadillac through a quiet neighborhood. The windows are down, the humid summer night air striking my face. Vince Staples’ “Blue... Read More


Back to November: Tyler, Vince Staples & Remembering Your Happy Place [Feature ]

In the swirling sea of political strife and societal indifference that is 2017, emotional overload can become something of a close friend. Sometimes, it’s as easy a fix as finding a happy place; a quiet day on the beach... Read More


From Vince Staples to JAY-Z, Hip-Hop Money is Breaking the Family Curse [Feature ]

Vince Staples asked his manager Corey Smyth to secure a record deal. Signing to a major label is frowned upon in an age where success can be acquired independently, where rappers are no longer required to give up their... Read More


Vince Staples Brilliantly Links Hyper-Success With Artistic Stagnation [Feature ]

For as long as I’ve been a fan of music, I’ve been infatuated with the idea of the “sell out,” an artistic villain archetype that represents the opposite of everything art is supposed to be about. Art... Read More


Vince Staples is the Modern-Day Alfred Hitchcock [Feature ]

Upon my first listen, I didn’t enjoy Vince Staples’ newest album, Big Fish Theory. It’s a menacing project that leaves you in a purgatory of sound, lost somewhere between Kanye’s Yeezus and a Paul... Read More


Vince Staples ‘Big Fish Theory’ 1 Listen Album Review [Feature ]

Vince Staples has made no attempts to please anyone in this industry. The last time his actions were motivated by adoring fans was the release of his first mixtape, Shyne Coldchain Vol 1. It was a necessary nudge, the... Read More


Vince Staples on if Eminem Was an Influence: “Hell No” [Feature ]

This Friday, Vince Staples will release Big Fish Theory, his sophomore full-length album on Def Jam. To get the word out, Staples has done a media blitz the past two weeks, including a hilarious and, at times, extremely... Read More


Chance The Rapper, The Fresh Prince & the Madness of Summertime [Feature ]

When the winds no longer howled the language of winter, relief would exhale from my chest. As a child who loathed the colder months, the first kiss of warmth from the season change was nothing short of a hug from heaven.... Read More


Vince Staples Wants His Music to Speak for Itself, Like Museum Art [Feature ]

I’m amazed Vince Staples doesn’t have his own TV show or podcast. Every time the Long Beach rapper is in front of a camera or a microphone, the things that come out of his mouth are nothing short of hilarious... Read More


Vince Staples & Joey Bada$$ Have a Song in the Chamber [Feature ]

To promote the June 23 release of his forthcoming album Big Fish Theory, Vince Staples conducted a Reddit AMA on Tuesday (June 13), fielding fan questions about his biggest inspiration (his Mama), the last time he was... Read More


Vince Staples Explains Why People Not Liking His Music is “A Win” [Feature ]

To promote his forthcoming album, Big Fish Theory—due out June 23—the always outspoken Vince Staples recently sat down for an interview with LA Weekly.  The entire full-length feature, penned by Sarah... Read More


Vince Staples on Beef In Hip-Hop: “It’s F**king Corny” [Feature ]

For as long as hip-hop has existed as both an art form and a musical genre, beef and diss records have been a flashpoint of interest and intrigue. According to the always-opinionated Vince Staples, however, "shit is... Read More


Vince Staples Justifiably Annoyed by Gangbanging Question in NPR Interview [Feature ]

Vince Staples might be the funniest rapper alive, but that doesn't mean he can't flip the switch when the moment calls for seriousness. In a new interview with NPR, Staples was asked by host Michel Martin to... Read More


Vince Staples Is Right, We Treat Musicians Like Shit… But Why? [Feature ]

As someone who writes about music, my relationship with it is steeped in paradox. Music is art, and throughout my life, it has provided both an escape from and valuable context to some of my darkest moments. I also make a... Read More


Vince Staples Fan Requests More “Gangsta Crip,” Vince Says “Gang Banging is Out” [Feature ]

Gang culture and hip-hop have a long, bloody relationship. That sounds like the beginning of a corny CNN report but it’s true. Unfortunately, for many young black men living in areas that governmental powers have... Read More


Our Theory on Vince Staples’ ‘Big Fish Theory’ Album [Feature ]

Vince Staples’ critically acclaimed debut album is an abstract vignette of moments inspired by the chaotic events of his adolescent past. The title, Summertime ‘06, tells the time and year of when the stories... Read More


Vince Staples’ New Album is Titled ‘Big Fish Theory’ [Feature ]

Vince Staples might not be interested in speaking with DJ Vlad, but the Long Beach native did recently sit down with Kyle Kramer at VICE for the March '17 issue of their print magazine. In the interview, Kramer... Read More


5 Rappers Who Are Keeping The Album Skit Alive [Feature ]

A sensory experience like music doesn’t always benefit from having a story, but many of the rap canon’s classics tend to carve out deep literary footholds. More than a handful of those tell their stories using... Read More


Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear Vince Staples’ “BagBak” [Feature ]

Since dropping his critically-acclaimed debut album Summertime ‘06 in 2015, Vince Staples has quickly risen to become one of the most valued voices in hip-hop through a consistent stream of impressively insightful... Read More


Vince Staples, Hip-Hop’s Grip on Pop Culture & The Generational Gap [Feature ]

During a generational gap debate at ComplexCon last November, the always outspoken Vince Staples shared his opinion on hip-hop's domination of modern day popular music—and culture at large: “It... Read More


Dear Rap Fans: The Mainstream Isn’t Always The Doorway to Doom [Feature ]

Social media is an excellent medium to connect, discuss and debate with our readers. Recently, DJBooth Editor-in-Chief Z took to Facebook and posed an interesting question: "If you were a DJ, what artist would you try to... Read More


Lil Yachty, Vince Staples & Hip-Hop’s Quiet ‘Straight Edge’ Revolution [Feature ]

What’s the first thought that crosses your mind when you hear that now ubiquitous “Lil Boat” ad lib bellow from your speakers? I’d bet a pair of Timbs and the CD jackets from my 50 Cent bootlegs that... Read More


10 Most Slept-On Hip-Hop and R&B Tracks of 2016 [Feature ]

I have a very poor handle on what is popular. I don’t listen to the radio, but rather discover music by stalking the Spotify playlists of a few select tastemakers who will remain unnamed. While this leads to some... Read More


Vince Staples Talks Video Games & Logic’s “Mad Aggressive” Playing Style [Feature ]

If you’ve already had the chance to play the newly released Watch Dogs 2 video game, you’ve probably noticed an appearance on the soundtrack from Vince Staples on the GTA-produced track “Little Bit of... Read More


10 Artists Missing From Spotify’s Top 25 Under 25 List [Feature ]

As Spotify continues to dominate the streaming landscape, the platform has become useful as a tool to measure an artist’s buzz and relevance, as we recently detailed with hip-hop’s limited representation... Read More


Vince Staples Says Online Critics are “People Being Sad Because Their Life Sucks” [Feature ]

Social media is both a gift and a curse. Sure, platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allow us to connect and interact with one another in ways that were previously imaginable but not possible, but not every... Read More


Vince Staples Delivers The Most Vince Staples Response to Mother’s Lyrical Rant [Feature ]

Remember that mother of four whose rant on Vince Staples’ song “Norf Norf” went viral? It’s hard to forget her emotional outburst over the song being played on her daughter’s favorite radio... Read More


Holy Sh*t You Need to Watch This Woman Lose It Over Vince Staples Lyrics [Feature ]

I’m sure by now that you’ve all seen the video of the Christian mom freaking out about the lyrics in Vince Staples’ record “Norf Norf,” but can we talk about it? In the video, the young woman... Read More


Vince Staples Took Smaller Def Jam Budget in Exchange For Creative Control [Feature ]

Vince Staples is intelligent, articulate, bold and opinionated. In other words, he's a quote machine. Over the past 12 months, Staples has admitted that he joined a gang "because I wanted to kill people,"... Read More


Vince Staples is Changing His Community with New Youth Music Program [Feature ]

Long Beach emcee Vince Staples has joined forces with Levi’s to launch a music technology program for the youth in his hometown of Long Beach, California. Vince kicked off the program by leading a songwriting... Read More


The Conceptual Genius of Vince Staples’ “Prima Donna” [Feature ]

The first bite of a slice of freshly baked, moist, chocolate cake is a blast of euphoria the moment it touches your taste buds. A sweet tooth isn’t satisfied with one bite - it's greedy, demanding, and dissatisfied... Read More


Vince Staples Says 50 Cent’s Early Music Influenced His Gang Activity [Feature ]

Following the success of his debut album Summertime ‘06, Vince Staples has used his time in the spotlight to project a much-needed balance into the hip-hop conversation. The Long Beach native, fresh off the... Read More


Vince Staples “Prima Donna” 1 Listen Album Review [Feature ]

Prima donna was once a term used to describe the lead female singer in opera companies. The position carried with it presumptuous views due to certain personality traits - prima donna’s were seen as... Read More


Listen Now: Vince Staples Releases Highly-Anticipated “Prima Donna” EP [Feature ]

As we've come to learn these past few weeks, release dates no longer matter. One day earlier than previously-announced, and following a worldwide premiere on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 program, Vince Staples has... Read More


Vince Staples Sees Major Labels as Unsung Heroes Who Care, Not Villains [Feature ]

Vince Staples is one rap artist we highly recommend you listen, watch, and read. His music, videos, and interviews are by far some of the most thought provoking in all of music. A perfect example is his recent Q&A with... Read More


The 7 Most Anticipated Hip-Hop Albums Before The End of 2016 [Feature ]

Anticipation is such a peculiar feeling when it comes to music in 2016. All this music makes me feel as if I’m in a grand buffet with endless platters of food, and even with a full plate, my eyes can’t help but... Read More


Vince Staples Announces “Prima Donna” EP, Summer is Just Beginning [Feature ]

It's been just over a year since Long Beach emcee Vince Staples burst onto hip-hop's collective radar with his debut album Summertime '06, and now as we reach the pinnacle of summertime '16 it... Read More


Blank Face: Rare Album Covers That Don’t Feature the Artist’s Face [Feature ]

The way her eyes ballooned to the size of a Major League baseball told me that she was surprised by my purchase. Not the purchase itself, it was just an album, but the album cover. One glance at the expressionless face... Read More


Vince Staples Isn’t Special, I’m Not Either [Feature ]

Regular. To be described as such is nothing short of an insult. I don’t remember when the word became something ugly, something vile, but regularity is synonymous with boring, basic and conventional. Words that... Read More


Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear Vince Staples & Clams Casino’s “All Nite” [Feature ]

The internet loves Vince Staples’ humor. The kid is hilarious. He has the best tweets, hilarious takes on the NBA and incredible interviews that are both witty and insightful. There’s a full entertainment package... Read More


With You - Ghost ft. Vince Staples [Stream]

Major Lazer co-found Switch has collected a cast of producers, including Dave Taylor, Rick Trainor, Jeff Penalva, Noah Schy and Daouda Leonard, to form With You. The collective’s first Booth feature is Ghost, a... Read More


Inside the Unflinching Reality of Vince Staples’ Videos [Feature ]

Videos have always been a medium that allows rappers to manifest their exaggerated lifestyles, where the rhymes of luxurious belongings are brought to life. Not Vince Staples. Vince doesn’t rap about the luxuries... Read More


Vince Staples Says He’s Compared to Kendrick Lamar Because “We’re Black, From the Ghetto” [Feature ]

Vince Staples is a quote machine.  On Tuesday, MTV Hip-Hop released a sit-down interview with Staples, during which MTV News contributors Nadeska Alexis and Adam Fleischer sat down with the witty west coast emcee... Read More


Vince Staples, the Most Interesting Rapper of 2015 [Feature ]

I remember when Vince Staples was just beginning to enter the blogosphere. It wasn’t that long ago when he was considered the kid from Earl’s album that poked fun at Fantasia’s illiteracy. His verse on... Read More


Vince Staples Asserts He’s Prepared to Quit Rap [Feature ]

Vince Staples' rap career is just getting started, but if a recent interview is any indication, the Long Beach MC appears to already be eyeing an exit from the rap game. In a recent feature interview with the... Read More


Vince Staples on Why He Focuses on Making Albums, Not Hit Singles [Feature ]

It’s one of the consistent conversations in hip-hop and popular music at large: the single vs. the album. As album sales continue to dip and streaming and videos spur the marketability of singles, the debate is as... Read More


Vince Staples Admits He Joined A Gang “Because I Wanted to Kill People” [Feature ]

Take anything in America that has happened with any sort of regularity over the last 50 years and you can probably find a pretty well-steeled stereotype to go along with it. It was with that in mind that Long Beach rapper... Read More


A Guide to the Funniest Rapper Alive, Vince Staples [Feature ]

Most rappers are surprisingly boring. All the charm and energy that appears on the records we adore are lost when they leave the booth or stage. Where’s the gusto? Where’s the clever? I’ve flushed toilets... Read More


The Low Key Best Songs of 2015 [Feature ]

It's September, which means the end of the year is now vaguely visible in the distance, which means that for the .0001% of the world population who write about music for a living, it's time to start... Read More


Vince Staples - Norf Norf [Stream]

We’ve talked at length about Vince Staples’ incredible music video for Señorita, and today we have another set of visuals from the Long Beach buzzmaker off of his recent Summertime ‘06 album. Produced by... Read More


Vince Staples’ “Summertime 06” Album Sold Under 5K Copies…or Not [Feature ]

As you undoubtedly know if you follow DJBooth, Vince Staples released his major label debut album last week. Entitled Summertime '06 and spanning two discs, the album was as expansive as it was well-regarded.... Read More


Vince Staples Breaks Down “Lemme Know” With Jhene Aiko | Inside the Verse [Feature ]

As Yoh recently wrote, Vince Staples new album, Summertime '06, is excellent. It's a new voice in hip-hop that we need, a voice allergic to glorification and drowning in authenticity. It's no surprise then that... Read More


Vince Staples’ “Summertime ‘06” Album Will Lift Us Up (Review) [Feature ]

The same kid that once said, “Rap ain’t never did shit for a nigga with no options, you want some positivity go listen to some Common” is dropping his Def Jam debut album next week. It’s astounding how... Read More